Surprise, Mommy! Welcome home!

When I walked in from my trip from Madison, I was overtaken by streamers and noise makers, my sweet family, and of course little Coopy.

First, let me back up. While I was gone, Tot, Daddy, and Cooper made the best of their time together. Daddy did so much with her to make the time special. He completely outdid himself.

He made nice meals,

and Tatum created her own works of art.

Cooper played of course! Well, he didn’t always play. He did a lot of waiting.

and waiting…. Where’s the mommy?

Meanwhile, the family was plotting a surprise. Tatum even dreamed of what it would be like; this reunion of family. She was at peace and ready for the next day.

And so it was. I flew all day, and when I walked in,

the place was decorated. Balloons, cards, streamers, flowers. They even decorated the table with all of the post-it notes I hid around the house for them to find while I was gone.

More surprises. Daddy took Tatum to Hobby Lobby to find presents.

Tatum really can blow it! In a good way that is.

I felt so completely adored and appreciated. Tatum made me some pictures; she put up a cross for me; and Daddy and Tot gave me love cards.

I don’t like to be away, but this made me want to leave more often. (not really)

The beautiful thing about Doug is that he makes sure I feel completely adored. He’s teaching Tatum the idea of edification and the importance of putting others above ourselves. Also, GRATITUDE> It’s what our family is all about.

I love you, Hays. So good to be home.

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