I’m a Christian Now; the most important and fun workbook

Right after she raised her hand to ask Jesus into her heart at VBS this year, we received a booklet in the mail. It’s an 8-week workbook on learning about what it means to be a believer in Christ.

We’ve been having so much fun working through it. In fact, we met Mrs. Holman (Jill) (her last year Kinder teacher) yesterday for coffee. She and I are becoming friends and Tatum joined us and played while we chatted. She had to interview another believer. Tatum was so cute asking questions.

She also asked Karen Montgomery (Neil’s wife and the leader of the kids) questions about our church.

We’ve been having so much fun filling it out.

So grateful for this experience with her. I pray that your journey will continue fruitfully, my sweet girl.

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