The Hay bowling roll

We had to do it. I mean shouldn’t everyone do it at least once? We took Tatum …..


Toddler Size 9 shoes, size 6 ball, and gutter bumpers, and a ramp. She took one look at that ramp and said NO WAY. She wants to do it HERSELF! GO Tot. So got all hooked up and she was ready to roll. Yes to actually roll the ball.

She gets a SPARE! Yes! Happy dance.

Now, Daddy looked quite adorable in his get up. Dress pants, white tightie shirt, and his suave bowling shoes.

The gutter bumpers helped all of us, but for sure, Daddy rolled many strikes. He has it going on!

Then I did my thing. I was not on a roll.

I had a few fancy moves, but it really didn’t translate into a high score.

The HHH (Hot Hay Husband) rocked it with breaking 100. Totally Awesome Tatum (TAT) and me (HHW..the hot wifey) tied.

Fun times with the fam. I love our adventures. Thank you, Daddy for making it possible.

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