Legoland with friends: Tempe fun

My dear friends/ sisters, Cana and Eva, invited us to go to Legoland in Tempe on Monday. Cana’s son, Ethan (5), and Eva’s grandson, Andrew (4), wanted us to join them, so we couldn’t pass it up.

We got there early and were welcomed by this large Lego Octopus; Alex the Octopus apparently knew my little Octopus was coming!

Well, the gang arrived and we moved on in and built a lego person.

Then we mounted a virtual video game ride. The kids shot the bad guys.

The next part was amazing! A whole room of AZ: Cardinals, airport, Tempe, downtown..JUST WOW!

They played a while in the jungle gym and on the cow.

Hi Emmet from the movie and some other lego worker guy.

We enjoyed a ride that took us high up the harder we pedaled.

Then a 4 D movie of Ninjago.

Tot and me ready to get wet and winded.

My two girlies..Eva and Cana. Love these ladies!

We ended in the dinosaur lounge trying not to get eaten.

Thanks ranger for your help.

Time to make and decorate the donuts before we depart.

She was inspired to play Legos all day!

And guess what! She built this whole set by for herself.

She did it all by herself! Perseverance and patience.

So much fun with great friends and the perfect toy. Opportunities for imagination and creation with patience and tenacity. I love it!

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