Cooper’s antics on his new place and bed

Cooper has started his puppy training. So far, he is learning front sit, heel and sit on the left side and come. He’s really doing great!!!

We also got him a new “place” that will allow him to go somewhere when we eat or he needs a break. We taught him to go there when we say “PLACE,” so now he goes there and waits for his treat. Where is it you people??? I am waiting!

He will play on it for hours.

He also got a new bed from MY PILLOW. It’s his new favorite happy place.

And now with his new donut which is bigger than his whole head.

And when it’s time to go to bed, he just looks at me like, “I’m not moving!”

And when he is in bed, he loves to hide and peek his little head out.

OH the cuteness overload!!!
Stay tuned for more training joys!

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