Father’s Day 2019: Launch and flight

A start to our wonderful day was at SBC. Tatum got to pose with her Daddy! He’s our Rocket Man!

Now, I know that Tatum has always wanted to be an astronaut, but I figured I’d take the rocket for a test ride first. I must protect her from stray meteors. The truth of what is said on the signs cannot be understated. Daddy really is out of this world in that he is the most caring and intentional man in the world. What I mean is that he pays attention to all the details of our relationship and his relationship with Tatum. He never misses a beat, and if he does, he makes it right IMMEDIATELY. A Rocket Man in that he not only launches but he always lands, finishing what he starts.

So, we met mom in the cafe. They matched of course. Mama, you guys look so cute!

Then guess what? We needed more pics to celebrate the man we love so much. Tatum is now ready for the astronaut role.

We decided to use all the signs.

And can you say, that is enough pics? Not yet!!!

Sure, we look adorable in the pics, but it was 105 degrees and we were ready to literally chop someone’s head a tree and get home after this. Ha!

Ok so back at the ranch, we spent the day doing odds and ends. I spent the day chopping! No, not a tree or any body parts. Veggies. Yes, veggies…for my honey’s dinner.

BUT FIRST!!! GIFTS to celebrate our RM. Cooper wondered if he was going to get any attention.

Of course, little guy. He even posed for our first present.

Well, it was a card for Daddy that Tatum made. Apparently Copper was more interested in the camera than the card. It would have made a great chew toy, so good job, buddy, for staying paws off. Look at that cute card!!!

Now off to more cards. Cooper got Daddy a joke card because Cooper loves to laugh…see him cracking up here?

AND>… Daddy needed some new belts because he’s getting so svelte!! He’s lost a few lb’s since we got married and his pants are falling down. Since we don’t want him walking around naked…….Tatum definitely doesn’t want this to happen.

A picture: The HAY GIRLS LOVE YOU! To the BEST Dad ever.

One more gift, honey. I got both of you …..

Yes, both of you…. Daddy needed one for work (so he doesn’t have to cart his BIG ONE every day. And Tatum needed a creative coloring one). It’s…

A new Bible for you guys. I love you and LOVE the Word. Let’s all grow together in HIM! He is our foundation.

Well, remember those veggies I chopped and chopped. I made a

STIR FRY in the WOK! How fun it was to make! I was soooooo nervous about how it would taste. Let’s dig in. But first: A lesson in chopsticks. This will slow down our meal so we can talk and play Table Topics. Great plan, eh?

What a fun day to celebrate our RM, my honey, the best guy ever.

We love you to the MOON and back and beyond the galaxy.

Happy Father’s Day 2019.

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