My brave girl, GROWTH, and determination

This girl of mine…wow. I love watching her grow. She is determined, first of all, to improve her handwriting. She was holding the pencil with a fist-like grip.

A week ago: (the prayer is lovely but a bit sloppy).

Just yesterday, she held the pencil correctly and wrote with precision.

Then, her swim stroke. Another determined Tot! She wants to swim laps, and will move on from Jellyfish sooner than later. Everyday, in the pool, she practices her side-breathing. I’m so proud of her focus! She watched me swim the other day, and BOOM. That afternoon, she was doing it too. A natural! She’ll be in Octopus soon.

When I say BRAVE, I mean, her attitude is so positive!!! She had to get an appliance put in her mouth to help her break a bad habit. SHE WANTED IT!!!

She got fitted last week.

Cooper joined her to give her some support.

When she was done, she smiled and showed us.

See mommy?

Now, all day, I just felt so bad for her, but she didn’t complain once! Eating is so very hard for her, and it will be for 3 months. YET…she said, “I’m going to make it work, mommy. I don’t want to suck my fingers anymore.”

Again, she is determined!!! WOW. I love her heart, and I love her strength.

She inspires me.

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