A new addition to our family! Getting prepared

Sadly, when I moved out of my mom’s house, I had to leave Coti. He was my 40th birthday present, and I’ve enjoyed him for 9 years. I will miss him, but I get to see him often. With that said, I knew us Hays would adopt a puppy of our own. In fact, for my 50th, this is what I wanted. I want it not only for ME but for Tot and Doug to enjoy as a family!

So……. we went to pick one out on Sunday, May 5th. Emma (the mommy Coton) had a 5-puppy litter on March 25th. They’d be ready to go on May 20th which is perfect timing for Tot being out of school.

We immediately fell in love with this little guy. Why??? Well, so you know, he was born 5th out of the 5. This teeny little guy is the smallest of all (3 boys and 2 girls). When I picked him up (he had a little coloring on his ears which I thought was unique), he and I had the strongest eye contact and connection. It was LOVE!

Then, he snuggled up to Tatum and didn’t want to leave her!

Daddy held him and guess what? They both were in love. (I could tell)

When Emma (the mommy) came in to feed the litter, he waited patiently for his siblings to have some milk and then went in. (there he is at the end right)

Tatum and I came back to visit in a couple of days. He came right out of the crate to greet us while the rest stayed in. HE KNEW!

More snuggling.

We can’t wait to bring you home little one.

I think we have a name, but that will be revealed later. In the meantime, we are getting ready! Lot’s to learn so we can all be on the same page with training.

We will welcome you in 2 weeks! Thank you, Jesus for bringing us the perfect puppy for us. We know this is from YOU!

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