Update on our Prayer Growth Lesson and PAINTING!

A few weeks ago, Daddy did a lesson on prayer.

After watering our plants daily (with prayer) it seems as if the cups of seeds are growing. This is showing Tatum that those who pray, grow their hearts, grow in love, and grow closer to God. It sure shows; Daddy’s lesson is producing!

Tatum’s is growing the most. That is a great picture of our walk with Christ.

(Sadly the person who doesn’t know Jesus is not growing much at all).

Upon all this science fun, we were to paint our front door. You see, the HOA mentioned my door was looking a bit drab. (in other words, paint it or get fined). I decided to paint it.

Tot helped of course!

Tape up the parts which were NOT to be painted and go!


Not bad for us amateurs. I hope Daddy doesn’t hire us to do the McCormick house. (wink wink).

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