Spring Break Day 1

It is off to a brilliant start. Sadly, Tot had the flu all weekend leading up to our fun week. She spent Sunday a bit down in the dumps, but she did have the energy to organize her art cart. Daddy brought her some more supplies and she had to find room in this monstrous supplied wheelie.

Monday morning arrived, and she had preceded me in awakening. She was working on a surprise for Daddy and me.

She was feeling a bit better, so I made her a cute breakfast. It’s all about the aesthetics, right?

Then it was time for a few errands. One was to Sprouts for some new recipes. Yikes. I always am nervous to try out new things. My family is so patient, but so far so good.

When we got home, we worked on a flower craft. Tatum was ready to paint.

She was a helper in getting supplies ready.

First we watercolored randomness on paper.

Then it was time to cut out flowers.

The background was an old book cover cut out in strips.

They turned out pretty cool!

She wanted to then “cook” so we set up paints on the floor. Our new floor is very forgiving, so I had no worries. Plus, she is so responsible. She made me few pies. I’m so lucky!

We have a week to have some fun. Stay tuned for adventures.

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