Our first dinner party with Grandmama!

AAAHHHH. Our first Saturday being married and as a family. The Hay family wanted to treat Mama to a special dinner. This meant Tot and I would have much work to get ready for our special evening.

Daddy had to go to his Chandler home to get it ready for the movers and just generally pack and clean. So, that meant we could do our usual routine. We all got to go the the gym together which was so fun. Then, Tot and I were on our own.

Of course, we had to make a craft. We opted for painting and adding some Bible verses to our masterpieces.

Tot made a donut and added Prov. 16:24, and I made cross with our family’s Bible verse: 1 These 5:15:

Then we cleaned, prepped and prepared the food. Tot played hard, dressed up, and got her hair all ponytailed, and then this happened. She slept for both of us because I needed a snooze myself.

House is ready with candles and music.

We can’t wait to have Mama come and spoil her. She looked so pretty! It is so great to now get to rain love on her since she showed me so much love as I lived with her.

Daddy kept coming in to watch me prep. Is it done yet? Pork is fussy that way.

I opted for shrimp cocktail to begin, then pork roast, sweet and rosemary potatoes, and a large salad bar.

What do you think? Tot? She was starving.

Ok, Family, dig in. I hope you like it. They ate it all with NO leftovers. That warmed my heart.

My honey made us cappuccinos to top it off. Deliciously coconut creamy smoothness. Oh, of course my cookies. (HI baby.)

What fun. We laughed hysterically to Snorta, a fun board game, and winded down with a nice chat. (my mom and I get a little looloo when we play games since we both want to win!)

My mom had a great time and I loved entertaining and spoiling everyone.

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