Did Phil see his shadow? Let’s celebrate in puddles

Well, it is the question every year. Will Punxsutawney Phil predict an early spring?

Inquiring minds want to know! Tatum, of course, wants LESS winter, so she said absolutely not….he’ll not even peak at his shadow if Tatum has a say.

We decided to draw him because that is just the way we roll.

And isn’t he so cute? Phil did not see his shadow, and Tatum is rejoicing. Does she realize we are in ARIZONA where we WANT more winter????? She seems to be enjoying the rain.

What more would YOU want to do in the rain but jump in the puddles?

This is how she celebrated. I had to pull her away from the mud because it started to get way to fun and she was getting way too dirty! Oh, well…you might as well enjoy it while it’s here.

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