Tips for Testing!

Tatum and I prepare for her Friday test through the week. She plays teacher usually on Thursday with me so we can practice. She does such a good job reviewing the phonics with us. We sing and chant to learn them!

So I have given her TWO tips for her test and she pinkie promised she’d do them. The reason is usually if she misses one it’s because she mistook the subtraction sign for an addition one or she just missed doing a problem. Both completely avoidable.

  1. Whisper or mouth the problem to yourself. For example, if it says, 5 + 1, mouth to yourself 5 + 1. This will allow your brain to see the addition sign and make it stick in your mind. There is power in speaking it!!!
  2. ALWAYS scan your paper before you turn it in. Go through the whole thing with your finger to make sure you didn’t miss one.

There, honey. You can do it now! I’m so proud of your hard efforts.

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