Thanksgiving Service, North Carolina, and sleepovers

I had to miss the Friday before Thanksgiving. Her class was doing their service project by delivering food boxes to a food bank, singing to Sr. Citizens, and then having their feast. I was to be in North Carolina so she had to go alone with her class and the other parents. My little Pilgrim did a great job singing!

And helping.

As she did this, I snapped a shot of my parking space and boarded my flight.

Now, I was on my way.

Doug picked her up and made her a special Salmon dinner. They had the best time hanging out which warms my heart. I always buy her a little goodie for her overnight bag, and this time it was a bunny onesie.

The next day, I taught the teachers at the coolest K-8 school’s library. The kids have bikes at some of their desks so they can read and exercise simultaneously.

Tot was in great hands with Doug fixing his home up readying it for sale.

She did not help paint, but she did help change some lights. Doesn’t his house look so pretty?

I was ready to come home and see my two honeys and my mom and Coti.

Tatum made me some cards.

and seeing her sweet face and artful talent made it all worth it.

Thank you Honey for taking care of Tot, and thank you PVCP for making my Tatum’s Thanksgiving special.

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