Fried Piano

Well, as you know, Tuesdays are our “fun” day, and this day, we decided to make fries! Wouldn’t you on your fun day?

Draw the carton…

And then make the fries.

Glue, cut, glue and VOILA!


She was so happy that she sang me a song. And folks, she’s getting good. I mean rhythmically, she’s got the groove.

One would think we’d be all fried up by then, but we had our first piano lesson scheduled with my dear friend Cana. She has a cool last name too, and it starts with K and rhymes with light. (and it is the same is mine) haha

She has a great little curriculum for Tot to follow. She focused on the black keys today, the fingers of 1-5, and posture. We played a few lilts of 2’s and 3’s with quarter and half notes. After 30 minutes, she was ready to eat her fries.

And we were all fried.

I do love Tuesdays for that reason. Fully fried and fun.


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