Swimming with the…..rhymes with cat!?

No, not a rat nor a gnat. We had my honey guess what was in the pool yesterday.

Yes, it was a normal day. Tatum and I get in the pool around 3:30 pm every day for a short swim. I’m paddling along and I see a black blob. I take a closer look, and it is not a leaf nor a rock. Nor a mouse or a rat. Nope.

It has wings. WHAT!? This winged little critter happens to be a bbbb….at. Tatum immediately hops out of the pool and tells me to get out now. I tell her he is dead, and she reaches for my phone to gather evidence.

Oh, my. He is creepy.

Let’s get a closer look.

Doug NEVER guess a bat, so thankfully he found him in the skimmer basket all shrivelly. EWWW>>

Glad we don’t have to become the bat cave. Who’da thunk?

Coopy’s Bravery: 3rd year of shots

It was time for his annual Vet visit. We have been going to North Phoenix Vet Care since he was a pup! He loves it there. Well, he always leaves a little package in the lobby. (if you know what I mean! Ha!)

Ok, so he has gained ONE pound! Yay! Now, I know that he is a bit scruffy right now since he is due for a grooming, but also he is now eating. We switched food to Costco brand and he LOVE it. Praise Jesus.

10.3 lbs!

She just ADORED him! He was so brave and cute. Didn’t even flinch for his shot and…

for his drops in the mouth. (Bordatella)

Thank you, Dr! I get to get my teeth cleaned next year!

And now, just rub my tummy, Mommy! Such a blessed and loved little guy.

Idea Night August 2022

We still do this! However, the idea generators may be a bit tired! We are still implementing old ideas and adding a few new ones here and there. I love when they give me food ideas.

So, mine are pretty generic. I really am excited about planning a HAY retreat with service in mind.

Work in progress.

Tot really loves to give me food ideas! Also, anything FAMILY.

She changed lasagna to casserole. Any casserole. Does she even know what this is? Heehee

Ok, Doug always has great ideas for family and bonding.

Till September. Keep an eye out for implementation!

Gratitude for Sharks?

No, not the swimmy kind. The sucking kind! HA!
Yes, my wonderful honey bought me a new toy to aid in my effectiveness to keep a lovely home. A NEW……

Lift-away! Ah…if only it did that for everything!
Coopy is checking it out. Now, see all the dust bunnies in there? Apparently I hadn’t cleaned the office in a while because this is the remnants of ONE room. Eek!

Thank you, Sharky!
The beauty of this baby is that Tatum can use it. It’s light, maneuverable, and FUN to use!
This is her on Saturday:

And for her next magic trick

She ended up doing the whole house.

No more fear of Sharks.


Meet Brady, the Bronco; our newest addition! PATIENCE PAYS

I fell in love with the new Broncos maybe 18 months ago. They were so uniquely cute and so different from the Broncos of the past; I decided that I would abandon my Honda loyalty and start shopping for a Bronco when my Honda hit about 75,000 miles. Also, I had to have enough cash since I don’t believe in car payments!
Fast forward to July 1st, 2022. I tried to find one online. NO LUCK. They were TOOOO popular! I then went to Sanderson Ford, and they had ZERO stock. They had a few sold on the lot I could see, but I couldn’t drive one.

Then, Austin from the dealership told me they had a few on order. The Sports come in 3 levels and the second level starts where there is leather. So, Outback was my choice! He also said they only had 3 colors to choose from. OH….also, I ALWAYS buy used cars, but apparently the used are MORE than the new ones! What!!???

So, I chose to wait for the ones the dealership had ordered. Cactus Grey (a new color) would be the one I would choose (the other ones were brown and Area 51 which is a grey/blue).

He said the cars would arrive end of July. Welllllll, I didn’t get it until August 26th! Austin came out and drove it to me! The easiest transaction ever!

It only had about 48 miles on it!

I told Tatum I had a surprise when I picked her up. I waited in the parking lot and then when she got out, she looked for our red Ram. Oh, my!! It’s our car!!

So pretty! We named him BRADY.

She took a few pics of the inside.

We took Brady out for a drive to Trader Joe’s Saturday morning.

Here it is in its new home…our garage!

Oh, Brady! You are a perfect addition.

I just have to kiss your cute lil behind.

Off we go!

Tot is in love with the cutie pie too.

We are so grateful for our new Brady. Patience paid off!

10-Year Anniversary of the day that changed my life: PHONE CALL

Yep. Today. August 22nd, 2022. Ten years ago today, I got a phone call from Dr. David Kaufman asking me if I’d like to meet this woman who was 6-months pregnant. She’d have a baby on November 22nd, 2012. I would soon find out that GOD chose ME to be the FOREVER Mommy to the Tot. Me! I wanted to celebrate her with a nice dinner.

Guess what though? She had to stay home from school today, so I got her another Squishamellow. And she played school. She LOVES to play this as I did too!

She also loves to play family; better yet, she is ALWAYS pretending she has siblings. She wishes I could have about 5 more babies!

Well, back to the celebration. She tried to eat my fancy dinner, but alas..it was a tough day for her.

And her favorite part besides the newest addition to our family, was this cute card.

You continue to rock my world, my girl. I’m SOOOOOO grateful and count each day as the PRESENT. AMEN!

Girl’s Night and Pandas!

I told her to wear black and white.

She drew some little notes to see what the surprise would be for our night.


It has to do with ……Pandas?

First on her feet:

A fun fancy dinner.

And a movie!

Fun night of time with Tot…oh and this little guy.

Who is addicted to the screen.

I love girl’s night!