Memorial Day at the Hay’s 2022

It’s Memorial Day, and we will be starting school tomorrow in the Hay House! But first….

Daddy put up the flag. Look it how beautifully lit up it is.

And of course, Tatum was all patriotic too.

We love our country….truly. And we patiently await the day when our current President is out of office. (sadly). We appreciate the freedoms we have and what our patriots died for. Amen.

Remembering our trip and seeing GOD’S VAST LOVE

Every Sunday, we have a Hay Happens meeting. This time, we did an art project.

My idea was to compare the Grand Canyon to how our family can grow and express love.

Tatum saw it as God’s love is so deep like our family’s love.

Doug’s was amazing as well.

Perseverance. Steadfastness. Our family is on ths journey.

Now, me…I saw our family couched in his VAST love for us. Eph 3:18 is the root to our family. (and a root of the Grand Canyon’s design!)

His LOVE for us is the root, and from this sprouts all we are and do.

What a fun way to remember our trip. I love you HAY family.

Hays go to GOD’S creation: The Grand Canyon!

Coopy, I know you want to come.

We are all packed and ready to head on our adventure.

The 3. 5 hour drive was nothing for Tatum. She had plenty of books, music, and STAR WARS (thank you, Daddy) to keep her busy.

I also bought her a Travel Journal to accompany us. She can document all the excitement as we learn about God’s Creation from the Grand Canyon experience.

But first…ice cream! McDonald’s ice cream is our fav. We love to comparison shop and see what each place charges. Here in Scottsdale, it’s about 59 cents to a dollar. At the G.C, it is the most expensive we would ever encounter. $2.79!!! And it’s so teensy weensy! Still, it’s delicioso!

When we arrived at our hotel, we immediately sought out the workout room and the pool.

On our descend to the pool, this was our view!

Tatum has the world in her hands, but she gives all the credit to our CREATOR!

Tot wrote in her journal later, and we all shared our gratitudes. Tomorrow, we shall see the footprint of God!

We woke up early, worked out, and headed to Starbucks for a treat. The line was out looooong, but it was fun just to not be in a rush.

Now, thanks to Tatum, we had a FREE pass to get in! Since she is in her 4th grade year (next year), the government has a program for 4th graders, a Jr. Parks Ranger program. She gets 2 adults with her to join in FREE ACCESS to any park in the country for this year. That is so cool that the year we decided to go to GC, she happens to be this age. (SO GOD!)

It’s not too busy today! We came the few days before the Memorial Day weekend because we wanted to avoid the crowds.

We headed to the Visitor Center first, and watched an 8-minute video about the history.

The video was very interesting, yet, it gave no reference to the original creation! It did say the land had moved and that there was a big flood. HOWEVER, FROM WHERE? WHO? HOW!? From our amazing Father. Our Creator.

We made sure Tatum understood that piece. OK…off to see the VIEW!
She is ready and going!

We are headed over to the rim.

Approaching the rim, my heart is racing, and I am goosebumped all over. I’m overtaken with awe.

More views.

Let’s head to the lookout!

We decided to drive to the next area, the Bright Angel Trail, and travel down. But first, more AWESOME views. VAST. WIDE. DEEP.

My honey.

WE used our Nikon for these pics.

Just magnificent.

Ok, off to the trail! It’s about 1.5 miles down, so we would go just a bit since we knew going back it would be all uphill!

But first, Tatum met a friend or two.

And this little guy had no fear.

Ok, on with the hike!
On the way down, a few beautiful rock formations.

Let’s keep going!

Just breathtaking!
We are getting tired, however, and it’s hot; we weren’t trying to break any hiking records, so we decided to head back up. But first, Tot took this pic of my honey and me.

We stopped to use the restroom at El Tovar, a beautiful hotel.

And visit the gift shop. Always a must.

We decided to go to the IMAX, and again, we just made it in GOD’S timing! Perfect.

So cool. GC is one of the 7 wonders, and the only one in the USA!

Ahhh…now our ice cream treat, swimming and decompress.

But first, elk, all around us! More of God’s creation.

Tot is sporting a beard.

WE discussed our gratitudes and enjoyed our family. THE BEST EVER.

We headed home the next morning nice and early and saw all the traffic COMING! We timed it just right. Thank you, God for your provision, love, and beauty.

Ending 3rd, generosity, and portfolio

Bittersweet. We will miss Mrs. King and all the kids. Tatum will miss Noah too…wink wink.

The 3rd through 5th graders sang some great songs about being the hands and feet of Jesus, and to just be a part of change with ONE SMALL STEP. Such a great message.

Mrs. King then gave awards. Every year, they get assigned a character trait. She actually received the same one as last year:
Mrs. King: This lovely Tatum every day would ENCOURAGE me with a sweet encouraging note and often brought me gifts. She always shared her supplies (because she feels everything really belongs to God so should be shared). SO she received:

She also was given her portfolio of all of her work.

It was so much fun to see her celebrated in all her LOVE for others.

She then headed back to the classroom to help out.

She will miss all of her friends, but I am so glad I get to have the kiddo home with me. (lots of playdates we will plan!)

Summertime, here we come!

LOVE DAY and of course, COOPY!

9 years ago TODAY, Tatum officially (by the state at least) became my official daughter. She has been with me since 3 months before her entry into this world, really, but we celebrate May 23rd anyway.

I had to go to a blood test early in the AM, so I took my “baby” with me. She has her baby, and she is mine (my little lovebug whose hand I can hold).

Tot is so generous. She knew I needed more water, so she ran inside, grabbed my water bottle and filled it. Then, she asked me if I liked her hat?

The test was so smooth…no pin cushioning today! Thank you dear little one.

She wore her love shoes today, but of course with her own special flair.

I took her to get a bagel sandwich before school since she was so helpful this morning.

I surprised her at school by picking her up early. We headed over to my favorite ice cream place! Been going there for 50 years!

Guess who was waiting when we arrived? Well you can just see. We all ordered the same thing, except Daddy had rocky road since his such a rock-solid guy!

Oh, it ended too fast!

Mama, thank you for joining us!

Tot and I went swimming after, and then met up at the island for a bit more LOVE celebration.

But first she had this to come home to in her bathroom. We love to communicate through LOVE notes. (Daddy too!)

More love shoes, sweet girl.

From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, I adore you.

Best gift, blessing ever. Tatum Hay.

A near second place of blessings is this little guy. We got him three years ago today.

COOPY, we love you.

9 and 1/2. Yes, we celebrate everything.

She is fun to surprise. And, being AAAAAALMOST double digits, it was appropriate to make a BIG deal of the Tot. We always need reasons to share the love, so why not!?

Tatum LOVES containers. All kinds. Boxes, bottles, cans…cups. IF we can get her to drink water, then yay! So Daddy had this in his mind. BUT FIRST. We need to sing to her. No, I mean the hamburger needs to belt out a tune. HUH?

Tot. Oh, Daddy…what is this?

Sing it, Daddy! Ok, we really have reached the bottom when we need a hamburger to serenade us.

Oh sheesh.

Now to the big moment. The unveiling. Hopefully it’s not a singing hot dog.

Oh, water will taste so delightful in this bright and shiny thing.

Mommy’s turn.

ALL TRUE, beautiful.

Mama even celebrated with a puzzle for Tatum. She loves to hang with her Grandmama.

May you continue to walk in HIS ways. But continue to be your crazy, goofy, adorable self. WE LOVE YOU!

Part 2: My HHH celebrates me *Blush*

What a treat. I got to spend a night with my honey at our home. I opted not to go to dinner so we could hang out at home.

He made me feel so special. I suggested we go get Coconut’s takeout, and this was perfect. Our marriage continues to grow like this banana plant producing new scrumptious-super leaves weekly.

When we got back his silly side came out with this cute card.

Bam…that bar must of hurt!

Now let’s eat and chat. You make me feel so young!

When we picked up Tatum from Mom’s she was so happy. We just hugged it out on the couch with the little Coopy-head. Aah…my family. What more could I want?