Hay Teamwork! Lemonade Stand was sweet

From Tatum’s idea journal back in the fall, we decided to open up a business when it got warmer. It seemed like we kept putting it off, but finally this weekend, it was time. It’s soon to get too hot.

We first watched a few videos on successful business practices for our mini-entrepreneur. We also watched many Shark Tank shows to inspire.

Of course, we had our list of all the things. ALLLLLL the things to make it successful. Doug pitched in with his ideas, and oh how valuable! As a team, we all worked on it. I ventured to Fry’s to get the first needs.

Then I got to work on the baking. My Mimi Blossoms and my whipped shortbread cookies would be the sweets, and Country Time (we opted for easy vs. carpal tunnel from all the squeezing!

Then it was time do some marketing. Tatum woke up at 5am and made fliers. I told her I’d make copies, but she opted to make each one by hand.

She went around and gave them to neighbors. Overawesome. (ha!) A Tot-created word non-hyphenated. (no puns intended here)

Now, it’s time to make our big sign and get all the goodies together. My HERO HHH found this awesome credenza and table in the garage and got it all cozy for us. The set-up is perfect!! In fact, our neighbors came by asking when we were opening!

We set the prices just right. A dollar for each item and a free rock for the Homeless. (Tot’s idea)

Ok! We are ready!!!

I spend the next two hours hanging and helping.


Tatum wanted more traffic, so she pulled out the BIG DADDY!

Get your ice cold lemonade! It’s HOT! H.O.T!

On her journey yodeling the Lemonade Mantra, she happens upon some landscapers who were H.O.T!!!! She ran back to tell me she wanted to give them free lemonade and cookies. Of course! (She did this a couple of times).

Well, you reap what you sow. From more than three people, she got a 20 dollar bill and a “keep the change” response. It all comes back when you GIVE, Tot!
One guy gave her…

So, at the end of the day, she pulled in $91 (less 20 since Daddy gave us 20 one’s so we’d have change).

Two tens and a five for just two cookies. Just wow!

Then the doorbell rang. It was a landscaper. He handed her a $10 and a thank you. Again, you reap what you sow TOT! Sow kindness seeds; receive a bushel of kindness

What fun! Stay tuned for next weekend. Probably one more chance before the heat. I am so proud of our family! We all pulled it off together.


She’s small; she’s mighty, and she’s learning more things!

Last night, Tatum attended a dinner/movie birthday party for her dear friend, Hayden. (He was George Washington when she was Martha for their wax museum project)

He’s such a sweet boy!

Sadly, when she came home, she felt so sick. The party was all outdoors, and this was no bueno for her allergies. Plus, the prior evening, she felt stomach-sick, and this returned that night.

Sunday morning, we opted to stay home from church and watch it online. She resurrected this shirt from the back of her drawer.

It still fits! I love this shirt because it captures the Tot so distinctly. Yes, she is a tot, but moreover, she is becoming more mature and beautiful inside and out every day. Take for example our class: PROJECT PEACE> We are going through some ideas each day of making our home a more peaceful environment. We do role-plays, discussions, Bible reading almost daily. And…there’s “application” after which I call homework.

Here was the other day:

Yes, going with the flow. A sign of contentment. It also is a way to keep peace, to show love, and to remain humble (putting others above yourself). It’s tough for even adults. We work on this concept daily because disappointment is a fact of life.

She also continues to pour into books. Always, she is reading, singing, or acting out something with her “kids.”

She’s pure JOY to be around.

I love that you continue to not only “know” things as you mature but to grow in your heart HIS love!

Tempe Town Lake Take 2022 and Good Friday

Good Friday. Yes, it is GOOD as we realize the weight of our sin, and we realize the WEIGHT being forgiven.

We were in need of some water action, so why not rent a boat…better yet let’s go visit SWANEE from last year and see how he’s doing.

We arrived at Tempe Town Lake at 10am when they opened ……

and rented little Swanee.

All aboard!

We’re ready to pedal and see the lake. It’s a beautiful day out too.

Daddy’s pedaling his heart out, and Tatum is enjoying the steering action.

Of course, I’m pedaling too! Taties looks so cute back there hanging out.

We so enjoyed the duckies popping their heads out of the water. As we headed back, this little crane greeted us.

It was just a glorious hour-long ride,

and we were ready to eat after this!
We headed to The Daily Jam for brekkie and chat after.

This Good Friday would be a special day.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! 2022

We went to church on Saturday so we could go out early Sunday morning to enjoy nature. It did not disappoint!

We decided to head down to our “ocean” and loop around. A beautiful 65 degrees too.

Daddy tried to keep up with Tot and me (teehee), but he did stop to smile with the Tot!

When we got home, I got the brunch ready for Austin and Mama, AND we prepared the egg hunt.

First, we wanted to finish out our Easter blocks and celebrate the resurrection! New life; nee hopes; new foci! I like to think of this day as new beginnings. Tatum wants fewer “hiccups” and more peace. Love that.

Thank you for your sacrifice and our freedom, Jesus. We owe you our lives.

To completely switch gears, we had our Easter egg hunt.

She found them all, but there is still one mystery egg!

Austin and Mama arrived, and boy did she look pretty and he looked so handsome.

Just the daddy and A.

My handsome boys.

And of course my Mama!

I wanted an A pic too!

I heated the quiche and laid out the food. I made a sweet-potato crusted quiche with coconut flour lemon pound cake and strawberries. (with whipped cream OF COURSE)

I think Cooper is waiting for you to share your whipped cream! Austin, where’s you food under all that!?

I think they are all excited to eat!

I absolutely LOVE to spoil my family with food. And this Easter, it meant so much to me to have all of us together. NEW BEGINNINGS.

The girls:

Oh Austin. Austin, we are continuing to pray for you to come back HOME to Jesus. you definitely have grown in wisdom just from making mistakes and learning.

Coopy sure loves you too.

Now, it’s time for the mystery gift. Mama gave Tatum some Easter money toward this gift Tot wanted, so I surprised her with it! I made her a riddle to find it.

Where could it be???
Yes! The “cold walls” of the mini-frig!

And VOILA! The analog watch she wanted. She is still trying to learn about the clock and how it works. So….she asked for this.

What a wonderful glorious Easter with my HAY clan (and my lovely mom).

This day truly embodies so many new HOPES! I love Easter for all that it is. I think of the freedom that we have in Christ and the POWER he gives us to overcome. Thank you for YOUR love, Father and sending HIM to us. His firstfruit resurrection also gives us a guarantee to eternal live secure with you, DADDY! AMEN.

Holy Saturday

We await. We await.

We also went to church on Saturday to allow for the 2-time a year attendees to have room!

It still was packed at the 4pm service!
I’m so glad to see so many worshippers.

The TOT and Daddy.

Tatum took our pic.


I love you Tot.

April IDEAS!! 2022

How much I LOVE these nights. It requires us to come up with some fun ideas for not only family, but for general betterment of ALL lives.

So, what did I serve?
Usually some type of fish like our fav: SALMON! Buttery parmesan garlic palmini noodles to accompany. (Tot had cuc’s with ranch since she is sans salad due to her expander. (Lettuce gets stuck!)

Let’s see…what did she have to say…

Always, we think of ways to have fun as a family. They also share food ideas for me.

Tatum is all about contests!

Doug is ALWAYS creative

WE definitely need some more laughter. A JOKE. night! Stand up comedians…yes we can all do this one night. New games? We need these. I write all of these down to make them happen.

And mine…

And….. Tot and my summer. I have some ideas about cooking classes, yoga classes etc.

This summer we will do some service projects as well. Foster care? Food bank?

I LOVE to implement as well as plan. So, stay tuned! Bless you, Hays. You are so full of great ideas. XXOO