Miracles in Ohio

It all started back in November of 2021. I listened to a podcast about this man, Isaam Nemeh.

Supposedly, he has performed 1000’s of miracles combined with science in his practice. I was fascinated since I have been struggling with gut issues for years. What did I have to lose? The Holy Spirit is so strong with him, and he truly seems to embody LOVE and POWER through God. He believes that love is the power that connects everything together. He can tell if someone is not open to being healed because of attitude or a negative spirit.

Also, he takes NO credit for anything. He says he is just a vessel through which God works. (this is Isaam and his wife Kathy).

Then I read these two books.

One day, I’m reading these books, and I say to Doug, “I want to go to Ohio. Our family…to visit this man.” He thinks I’m a bit loopy, but then he reads the books, and he says, “We’re going.” I make an appt for his next opening which is on February 25th, 2022. His wife, Kathy, is so kind on the phone, and I can’t wait. Done. I make the reservations for all of us to go to Cleveland for four days.

Now, it’s time. I’m ready for a complete miracle and healing. Isaam says the patient must be open to only LOVE. God will do the rest. In the meantime, I listen and watch anything I can on the man, and now I’m more intrigued and excited. So many miracle stories. So many.

We leave early Thursday morning.

And dressed for the COOOOOOLD temperatures in Ohio. Board and ready for our straight 3.5 hour flight to Cleveland.

We get our rental, grab a Mcdonald’s cone, and head to our hotel at the Hyatt Westlake.

And BRRRRRR it’s about 20 degrees promising to snow tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the big day. When we wake up, the place is covered in snow!! How glorious!

We’ll wake up, eat, work out and see Dr. Nemeh. It’s only 9 minutes away. (on our way from the hotel).

We look for his building, and there is NO sign….nothing. His office is very discreet. People come from all over to see him and he has no need to advertise. I love this about him. SOOOO humble. We arrive and Kathy immediately welcomes us! I start to cry with absolute joy. She takes our picture…

and we notice all around the office are gifts from grateful patients. It’s overwhelming!

Dr. Nemeh walks out quietly, humbly.

He has me hold a grounding device and sees my numbers on the screen. My fingers don’t respond nor my toes as well as they should. He says my nervous system is broken. Perhaps and accident? Yes, my rollover 20 years ago.

It affected my whole body. He begins to electrically stimulate me with needles and vibration.

Then red light. BTW< green light shrink tumors. Then he works on my back and notices my smooshed vertebrae and my “d” shaped spine. He slowly straightens it as Doug’s eyes pop out of his head. WOW. He works on it for a while and moving it, lighting it, vibrating it…and oh PRAYING.

OH, and guess what the TOT is doing? She’s romping in the snow outside. And guess where Kathy is? She goes on an errand to buy a treat for the TOT.

I am relaxed. I feel warm. He prays Holy Spirit to release me. To give me strength. To heal me. I’m completely at HIS will. Amazing. Tatum and Daddy watch, and then he prays over Tatum’s allergies. I feel like a miracle has overtaken my body.

I feel different

At peace

Relaxed. Joyful.

Later, we give Dr. Nemeh a gift. WE are all weepy and filled with gratitude. Something amazing happened.

Tot gets…. A 1/2 a dozen cookies!!

We are so grateful.

Later, we meet a girl (who flew in from North Carolina with her mom) whose scoliosis was healed. She is returning to have it checked. She is beaming with miraculous joy. I am determined to have my mom come with me in the summer.

The next morning, (we see the happy geese)….

and…Kathy calls me and says, “Stephanie, receive the gift and own the healing. Call is every few weeks for prayer over Skype.” I WILL! I also will do the red light therapy to continue to heal. Science and faith. Now, I need to BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD. Thank you!!!

We shop for Daddy the next day. Tot is enjoying the dressing room and helping Daddy with his jean-changing.

Those look great, Daddy! My hot hubby.

We enjoy the day of shopping, eating (ice cream with no side effects!!), and being a family.

Chick Fil A for dinner back at the room. I love eating in our room and enjoying our gratitudes for the day.

The next morning we get up early and wake to this text:

So thankful for them.

We have to head out early to catch our flight and this gorgeous crescent moon also greets us.

When we get home, we are exhausted. However, we still meet as a family. Our PACT only grows.

VOW to grow in OUR relationship as a family and with God. I also will be beginning PROJECT PEACE with Tatum (March project)> Stay tuned on this.

Thank you, Dr. Nemeh, Kathy, Doug, and Tatum. My team. My tribe. I’ll never forget this February 2022 weekend.

A day with the TOT!

This girl:

Is full of spunk! Her imagination takes her to the most fun places as she enters the books she currently reads. Karen Kingsbury books she loves:

The characters become her siblings. Same with the Boxcar series! She just loves to be in the book.

Cooper finds her enthralling!

This particular day, President’s Day, we celebrated by drawing, baking, and playing.

Drawing FOR someone of course. In this case, a gumdrop picture for Daddy because he is sweet like sugar!

We also enjoyed going out a bit to buy some groceries. Tatum and I marveled at the flowers around our fountain that Daddy planted this weekend. Colorfully delightful!

The day was so nice to have her home; she gets to see Daddy hard at work which she decided to enter into THIS environment as well.

Yes sir, I’ll get on that right away!

Maybe while she’s in there she could make his desk more organized?

Nope. Duty calls. It’ll have to wait!
In the meantime, she decided to mimic the Daddy with her iPad time tonight while I made dinner.

Tatum, will you set the table please?

Yes, Mommy, after I finish this memo.

And so, the day with the Tot was imaginative, restful and delightful.

Ready for dinner with my family now. I love you, Hay family!

Three years of HAY bliss

Happy Anniversary to the Hay Family! Three years ago today, we became ONE! Tot included and I’d say my mom and Austin too because you really are combining two families. But, truly, how wonderful! To celebrate, I wanted to have a separate date with Doug on another night, and have dinner for our family on the actual anniversary.

Mom came over around 5, and we played Exploding Minions to lighten the mood. There’s nothing like trying not to explode with diffusing cards! (we love to steal them from each other!)

Ok time to eat!

Pork roast, rosemary fingerling potatoes and salad. Simple yet delicious.

During dinner we remembered some wonderful memories from our first three years.

I love that we have the love and protection not only from our Heavenly Father, but also now our earthly Daddy!

It was perfect timing because the next weekend we had a marriage seminar and Doug and I got to reflect on each other and appreciation. Just wow. It’s so important to focus on the good. (as shown!)

This is mine for Doug:

And his for me…(he ran out of time to finish)

Ha! He sure does see so much in me that I didn’t even realize. Cool under pressure…planning SO MUCHto bring our family closer.. I think the best compliment is that I live out my faith daily. Gosh. Honey, I’m so blessed by you. I love you, my sweet HHH. And my Hay family.

Feb Idea Night + Valentine’s Day Monday!

The same night! OH the pressure! I love spoiling my family on IDEA night, but this coupled with Valentine’s Day made the pressure (completely self-inflicted, mind you!) doubled!

But, not to worry. I had it all planned out. Little did I know Tatum would stay home today from school. I headed to school early that day so I could pick up her work. The best part was that I got to see her face when she opened her lunch.


Oh, the fun I have.

We also could “POST-IT” to Daddy all day. Tatum loves to drop a note or two on his desk, and I love to surprise him with treats. Today, I made him so peanut butter protein cookies in a little heart. He, of course, is Mr. Secret as he goes in and out to the store all day…+ Love Post-its.

I got to work on the dinner. Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Crema and salad with Cilantro Lime Vinegarette.

Setting the table was fun!

Daddy’s gifts at the end screamed beauty and hard preparation. He always makes gifts look so welcoming.

Tatum wrapped up some gifts for us. She had so much fun making a gift for all of us..even Coopy!

She also sent a Cinquain and letter to Mama. She received it today and will open it up when she comes over Wednesday for dinner.

Ok..back to dinner!

We posed for pics! Daddy, you spoil your girls.

Tatum opened her gifts before dinner. It’s so fun to celebrate LOVE! We do always, but especially on the 14th.

Daddy’s gifts to her show how much he cherishes her. It’s a good role model for what a man should do to a girl…cherish and adore.

The card sang to her when she opened! Then, the LOVEBUG!

Oh, how perfect for her.
I think she was most excited about these!:

She loves her pencils. He also got her a car to paint because we love to craft!

So much fun.

I got her some fun goodies too. Dog cards are ALWAYS winners, and she loves books, bracelets (to make) and pretty plants. (oh, and CHOCOLATE, right!?)

Doug and I do “together” gifts, but for V day, it’s important for him to role model the guy’s part! (wink!)

(Cooper is wanting to read it!)

I will open my goodies after dinner. Now, for the IDEA part of the night.

First, they LOVED LOVED the dinner! YAY! I had a salad instead of the taco part, but I did partake of the shrimp and crema. SO GOOD!
We each presented our ideas. Tatum and Daddy always have such great ones!
Doug usually had house ideas…oh and FOOD of course! I love his suggestions.

Looking forward to our garden who the fence.

Also, he can look forward to Tuna melts, green chile casserole, pasta (hearts of palm) with mushroom and sausage….

We will eat outside in the front patio. We will go to 3 D golf. Love it!

Tot had similar suggestions. Strawberry bread, cherry pie, French fries (but HEALTHY versions of each)

pool party, movie night….all very good ideas!
Then, mine. I want to gift more! I want to vacation more! Our bucket list is extensive for the year!

Upon our IDEAS, my honey loved on my with the gifts.

I had 3 cards!

Where does he get these!
Then card two. I don’t get what he says, but I’ll take it!

And, it was SEVEN years ago today that we had our first date. ….so he commemorated with a wine with a key. (just like our first date!)

He’s so chivalrous.

I gave him his card too! Oh, I didn’t spoil him as much, but I did cook and bake to his heart’s content.

Oh, and Coopy got a card.

What a blessed day! Two more days until our 3 year anniversary!

TobyMac Take two: The Mulligan concert

Two years ago, (February 7th, 2020..right before the pandemic lockdown), we saw him live. Tatum has been wishing she could have a “do over” (a mulligan if you will) of that experience since she wasn’t as “pleasant” as she could have been. Well, it was the time for him to return in all his glory, and I hopped on the Ticketmaster site the second the concert open. Heartbeat racing; palms sweating; seats disappearing, I finally landed on some seats by the stage. (I wasn’t sure how good they were, but judging the price, I figured they were pretty perfect).

We shall see!
The evening arrived, and per our usual, we packed a tailgate and enjoyed our dinner a la Mercedes interior.

And then got in line to check in.


Enter the building. Walk down. Down…down…and more down. WHAT!!? We are here??!

(This behind us is the front of the T. I’m in heaven! Terrain is singing right now…she’s back up for Toby, but she has a magnificent voice). We are on the side of the long T.

First act up is Cochrane and Co. I love his voice and his lyrics.


Everyone is worshiping together as one. We are truly a family at this concert. Old, young, black, white, brown…you name it…we are a family. So incredible.

Then, David Crowder came up. His music spans the spectrum from hard rock to gospel. Delightfully deep.

Good God Almighty. Such a powerful song.

Humbly we come to you, Lord. On our knees.

After the openers, a pastor, Eric, came up and drew this amazing painting in a few minutes. (upside down…then turned it up and…WOW).

We ended up listening to his message and Tatum wanted to sponsor another child from Food For the Hungry. We are going to pick a young boy from Uganda named Dennis. Stay tuned about this.

9: 01. Here we go! Toby starts with Help is on the Way. And…I’m smiling from ear to ear with how close we are. I grab a chair for Tot so she can see too.

“And we’re holding on to the promises that He’s rolling up sleeves again….”…” It may be midnight or mid day. It’s never early; it’s never late. You can stand by on what He claims….”

She is pretty happy this time around.

I’m literally looking right up at him. TOBY!!!

His music has such incredible depth, yet it is lively. He goes into Love Broke Through.

MOVE! (Keep walking…just keep moving on…don’t let the ….get you down!)

They did an acapella of “21” years to sing about his son. He ended up praying for our city which was so powerful.

His heart for others….is absolutely contagious.

He edifies his band and his surroundings.

Till the Day I Die…(It’s your name I’ll glorify!)

He got so close to us…the boy right next to us got to sing!

Last time I bought a shirt with this on it, but this time we picked up another one for Tot.

I cannot even begin to describe the amazing rush we had at this concert. It was liking being in a worship service for four hours, but with the mighty power of thousands of people on the same page…loving Jesus and celebrating HIS power and LOVE.

Edge of my seat….let’s live like this! What do I GET to do today!?

Thank you Toby for SPEAKING LIFE!
Let’s speak Love, Life..into each other.

Till next time.

We will never forget this evening. Thank you, Hay family, for celebrating it with me. We need more Jesus…all of us. This world! AMEN.

We added a memory rock to our collection.

Play date at our home! Cookie decorating friends

Ruby and Sophia came over for some fun with Tot.

I made sugar cookies for the girls PLUS some frosting in a bag.

Of course they are going to enjoy the frosting first…and did I mention SPRINKLES?!

Sophia was having a blast making one for her sister, Stella.

The joy of making something and then partaking!

What fun! I’m so grateful for these friends of Tatum’s. They are edifying friends. Builder upper friends.