Happy Birthday to my HHH

We celebrated a day early because Doug usually has his men’s group on Tuesday. So Tot and I prepared a nice dinner for our love!

But first, the ever popular puppet show starring Scaredy Squirrel, Gerald and Piggie. AND NO WHITE FLUFFY THING this year! Scaredy Squirrel (now named “Bravey” teaches Piggie and Gerald about overcoming their fears!)

Tatum made him a placemat and cards, and I added some candles.

I also made him pork loin with maple mustard sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, and butternut squash. Salad and wine of course!

He seemed pretty surprised!

WE had nice conversation about our gratitude journals, and then, time for Tot’s presents. She spent time on her gift to him; A LEGO ROCKET pencil holder!

We love you so my dear HHH!!! XXOO

Armor of GOD! She is ready!

She made this because we are reminded daily of our need to be armed and ready for those spiritual attacks that come to our mind. (“We take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ!” 2 Cor 10:5)

You never know, but if you’re armed, you can resist his nasty schemes. (or big bears!)

When we are armed, we can be filled with JOY! Also we can draw pretty cool pics with our daddy!

Happiest of Thanksgiving 2021

The morning started with our devotion, prayer, and craft. The Daily Bread today was remarkable. It’s a CRIME to be ungrateful.

“Here it is: Seneca, the great philosopher of ancient Rome (4 bc–ad 65), was once accused by the empress Messalina of adultery. After the Senate sentenced Seneca to death, the emperor Claudius instead exiled him to Corsica, perhaps because he suspected the charge was false. This reprieve may have shaped Seneca’s view of thankfulness when he wrote: “homicides, tyrants, thieves, adulterers, robbers, sacrilegious men, and traitors there always will be, but worse than all these is the crime of ingratitude.”

A contemporary of Seneca’s, the apostle Paul, may have agreed. In Romans 1:21, he wrote that one of the triggers for the downward collapse of humankind was that they refused to give thanks to God. Writing to the church at Colossae, three times Paul challenged his fellow believers in Christ to gratitude. He said we should be “overflowing with thankfulness” (Colossians 2:7 ). As we let God’s peace “rule in [our] hearts,” we’re to respond with thankfulness (3:15). In fact, gratitude ought to characterize our prayers (4:2).

God’s great kindnesses to us remind us of one of life’s great realities. He not only deserves our love and worship, He also deserves our thankful hearts. Everything that’s good in life comes from Him (James 1:17)”. BY: BILL CROWDER

With all we’ve been given in Christ, gratitude should be as natural as breathing. May we respond to God’s gracious gifts by expressing our gratitude to Him.

This prompted us even better to do our craft. We worked off this sheet from Family Life.

I got a stack of notecards and we each filled out ten.

We then each shared our ten. It wasn’t hard to do these; in fact we wanted more time!
Coopy just listened with his grateful ears.

Yes, baby!
My wonderful hubby then hung them up in the dining room.

Here the all are:

After all this fun, I spent the day getting ready for Mama and Austin and our dinner.

Setting the table with gratitude rocks!

And the appetizers are all ready

My honey is now all ready! He spent the day selflessly helping Mama on her fountain!
Doesn’t he look spiffy?

We took a few pics beforehand. My HHH

Tot and Me. SMMOOCH!

Daddy! WE love you!

When A and Mom came, we had a fun game of UNO and some laughs.

We enjoyed having Austin and Mama over for our feast of turkey, gravy, cauliflower mashed, regular mashed, salad, green beans, and stuffing (mom made YUM). Oh, and my crustless sugar free apple pie for daddy!

Blessed. Grateful. Thankful. 2021 WE are so grateful especially for you, Father!

Mom and me joy…Next entry!

What are the best parts of being a mom or daughter?

Here is what I wrote.

Tot wrote:

So, Math is the hardest part? Love you, Tot. You have a bright future because you WILL master math! XXOO

Happy Birthday to my TOT! Did you say, Nnnnnnine?

We woke up to a beautiful full moon and a lovely sky. God’s creation paints such lovely pictures.

What else is a lovely creation of GOD??? the TOT! She is nnnnnnine. Yes, NNNNNINE today.

I had this sign for her when she woke up.

Thanksgiving day, nine years ago,

THIS happened.

And we bonded INSTANTLY.

Well, we made sure today would be special. Tatum had made a birthday crown so she could wear it to church.

Now, what would we do today for her BDAY? Well, Daddy joined us this morning for a workout and Einstein’s. That was a treat! She got a free sandwich for brekkie. Great start to a fun day.

We then got ready for our haircuts today. Brandy always has her doggie, Zero, at the salon, so Tot and I got to love on him.

Then we went to Sugar Bowl. ANY excuse for a hot fudge sundae, right!? I even ate one without worry of tummy issues. Holy Spirit POWER!

We love this booth. Been sitting at this same one for (me at least…45 years!)

And here we are. Joy. PURE joy!
WE like our hot fudge (and sprinkles) on the side. More control over each bite, right!?

Make a wish my love!

And it ended so quickly.

ALLLLL GONE. Till we meet again.

We’ll find another reason soon to enjoy you!

Later that night, we enjoyed presents.

And…the long awaited VTech watch.

Daddy’s card was so FUN!!!!

Later, she’d have to go to practice for WINTER WONDER, SBC’s Christmas show. Tot is Donner and SOOOOO stinking cute!

This was their first dress rehearsal!

We had a nice dinner the other night to celebrate, BTW, but we’ll do another one soon for the “official” bday. I made bbq chicken bowls the other night. I love to experiment!

Anyway, back to the birthday, Daddy took her out for her to pick something out on Tuesday. She chose a LEGO set! I’m so excited she picked this so she can CREATE!

We also went to mom’s. Mom always spoils her with cute clothes.

Such a fun day. We’ll continue the celebration through the week. Thanksgiving is around the corner to celebrate more gratitude.

For today, I’m grateful for you, Tot, and all you bring to our lives. XXOO

Happy Birthday, PVCP-style!

I couldn’t wait. I went to Fry’s to buy some frosted cookies so I could bring them to her class today for a “birthday” celebration. (she is off next week when it is her legitimate bday).

During the weekend, she made 25 bags of goodies for EACH student. I love her generosity! Let’s give gifts to others for my birthday!

We got to school bright and early!

She’s all cozy warm in her fuzzy purple! (and her cute WALK IN LOVE shoes!)

I peeked in her class, and she got to wear a bday crown today. It could fit around her waist!

They sang to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

She’s ready to had out the treats! We went outside, and the kids just couldn’t wait.

She posed her with Teagan. (towering Teagan!) Then, she handed out the cookies to ALL the students before she took one for herself.

More celebrations to come, Lovebug!

Bravery among the HAYS! Mom and Me Journal

Who knew? She picked me as her most brave person she knows.

I guess I didn’t expect she’d pick me, but I like her reasons. I share God. That is something I always strive to do, and I guess she notices. Amen.

Now, I actually picked her too. But, I added my honey. He is truly my hero as my biggest supporter. I also couldn’t ask for a more inspiring daughter. For all that I wrote here, I believe it with all my heart.

You are going to be a great mommy someday, Tot.

My family. My heroes.