Cooper’s second annual checkup

Oh our little snuggle bug.

Time for your shots, little guy.

How much does he weigh???

Well maybe his haircut took off a pound. OK, now be still boy.

That wasn’t so bad?

We love you Coopy-head. They say you are all healthy! Now I have to start brushing your teeth. Joyful joyful!

ABC’S of the Hays: Adoring, Baking, and Cooking. My love language lately

Well, one thing is true. We all adore each other. So much that we love to write post-its and cards to each other all the time.

I came home to this today. My HHH. **MELT**

Another thing we (at least Tot and I) love to do (and Doug gets to be the beneficiary) is to BAKE!

My HHH has a baked good tooth that I love to indulge, but with the healthy versions.
Every day, I make him a microwave mug muffin of various flavors: Chocolate, Apple, Pumpkin, Lemon…I have all types I like to spoil him with. A yogurt-cream cheese topping always accompanies.

Last week I made zucchini bread: Coconut flour and all the goodies. None of the guilt!

This week Banana bread…same deal HEALTHY and delish!

He was in heaven and I moved up a few notches in his love for me! (heehee!). The key is to keep all the ingredients gut and waistline friendly but still yummy!

I even made cauliflower gnocchi from TJ’s with tomatoes, shrimp-scampi style.

It’s been fun to cook and bake for my family, but to transform these dishes into healthy masterpieces. A tweak here and there, and you have a winner dinner! (or brekkie).

It’s the ABC’s that make the Hay’s happy (and healthy)!

My little singer and songwriter. Holy Spirit at work

Tonight, she gave us a little concert. The words to her songs are truly stream of consciousness. Inspiring, Holy Spirit filled, and heart warming. They discuss being filled with HIS love and trusting HIm.

She is singing at SBC this year in the choir, and I think it is paying off! She sounds amazing.

All of her lyrics, however, are from her own heart and mind.

Sing it Taties!

You reap what you sow; A ROCK blessing

Tatum and I like to go out to breakfast on Fridays. We have been going to Einstein’s before school to do our devotion, pray, and talk.

When we were there last week, a lovely gentleman in his 70’s approached us and was so impressed at Tatum and her reading of the Bible. He went out to his car and brought Tatum this rock. His wife makes these to inspire people.

Well, this week, remember how she gave out the verses, pictures and lollipops to her classmates?

She was a bit disappointed that they only seemed to enjoy the lollipop. I told her that God saw her generosity and that is all that matters.

So we are in Einstein’s again this Friday and who should walk in but this nice man, Bill, and his rock-inspiring wife, Carole. She was hoping Tatum was there because she had a gift for her.

LOOK AT THE PICTURE! She had NO idea we had a white dog. I told her the Holy Spirit revealed this to her!

Look at that! Tatum realized that this gift was a result of her sowing kindness and generosity.. We always get back what we give out….10 fold! (That can be good and bad, I reminded her).

Thank you, Carole, for the kind rock. You’ve inspired us!

She blessed her class with LOVE: Bible, picture, lollipops

It was a Wednesday night and all was quiet in the house. I found Tot in the art room working diligently.

She had all of our memory Bible verses out and was making pictures with a Bible verse on pieces of paper. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was making one for each kid in her class. WHAT!???
Yes! She wanted to inspire them.

She laid them out on the couch and made sure she had enough including one for Mrs. King.

I offered to buy some lollis for each one so she could tape them on.

Now, just look at these!? WOW. I had NOTHING to do with this idea. It came from her heart. She is so full of Love for the Jesus it just oozes out onto others. She inspires me. Truly.

She’ll ask Mrs. King if she can hand them out today in class.

Amen. I love you TOT!!

Comforting the Mommy and bringing us all closer: Trials lead to triumph in relationships

Oh, dearie me! I am so honored and blessed. You see, I’ve been going through some debilitating digestive issues which have been diagnosed as SIBO. It’s been pretty hard, and I have to sadly bring my family into it since they are around me all the time. I try to keep a positive attitude and hide my pain, but sometimes, I just cry. Tonight was one of those nights. Lots of pain. Lots of despair. I just want to be better, and at times, my hope meter is running low.

The Tot, yes, the little warrior princess of ours, mighty Tot, is truly a girl of PRAYER> She is always putting her hands on my tummy and rebuking Satan and asking Jesus to heal me at that moment. I love her heart!! She even said, “Mommy, I am actually grateful for your tummy issues. It has brought our family closer; it’s brought my relationship with God closer (SHE PRAYS ALL THE TIME); and it’s brought you and me closer.” This from a little 8 year old. Wisdom. Pure wisdom.

As I’m laying on my bed, my hubby and Tot are in the art room. (I had asked for a bit of privacy). Little did I know what they were doing. Upon prayer, they were making me a treasure. Daddy’s sweet little picture. OH, my hair!

And the Tot’s.

This is our normal. Just wow. The journey may be difficult, but along the way, we are all growing closer, learning to love even more deeply, and becoming closer to our Father. That is pure quality of life.

I love you Hay Family. You bless me beyond belief.