Happy Memorial Day 2021

Sunday morning started the weekend, and as always, we did our greeting. Vera Beck, one of our dear greeting friends, wanted a picture with the Tot. Look how cute they look!

Monday, the fire kept burning in Tot as she drew a wonderful picture to commemorate the day.

I drew one too, but I did not flower mine up as much as she did. Her’s is remarkable and so heartfelt.

We had to check on Daddy at one point as he worked on our kitchen. I LOVE LOVE his passion for creative work outside. I couldn’t find my outside shoes, so I wore Tot’s. She then, of course had to follow me, so she sported the Daddy’s lovely footwear. Not sure if it is still considered footwear, but it did take over her body.

Later that night, we shared our gratitude journals, and Tot had much to say.

This is the eve to our CO vacation. We are ready to experience our beautiful country and a fine plane ride tomorrow.

Thank you to all who fought for our country and our freedom.

She meant Cement!

It bonds and holds FOREVER! No wonder Doug is enamored by his…..

The angels singing….

His cement mixer. It’s a mainstay in our backyard; the permanence of it is just like HIS love for us. It’s permanent. Everlasting.

Well, this mixer comes in handy when you want to make an outdoor kitchen. This was one of his creative ideas at our idea dinner.

And now it comes to fruition.

Guess who helped him out?

The TOT!

My honeys are working so hard out there. Doug’s creativity is fun to watch unfold.

Then the most important part.

Wait for it…

The cement, she meant, will be forever a part of our lives. It is a symbolic idea of the permanence of HIS love, the permanence of the HAY family and our love for each other.

Tatum made it so.

Thank you Hay family. Thank you HHH for making this a reality!

Dr. Ruiz: We appreciate you

It was a special day of testing, and Tatum would be with me the whole day. Dr. Ruiz, our dear friend who is also our Dr., came over to give me the breath test to test me for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth).

First, Tot and I would go for a walk to our “ocean” to see the duckies. This always cheers me up!

Hi Tot!

I got a few love notes too!

He arrived at 8:30 am, and we started immediately since it would be a three hour test (and I was fasting).

After nine bags, we finished. And guess what I did? ATE FOOD!

Daddy, Tot, and of course Coopy….

They all loved on me all day. I am so grateful for Dr. Ruiz too. He is committed to my healing. (Thank you, Jesus, for sending him to me and for my family. You always provide).

What they say about her as “Camper of the Week”: SHE SHINES

What others say about you is so important. Why? Because it’s how we are perceived when we are in public. Do we shine as a light? Or do we bring others’ down? Do we stink up the room or do we add a delicious smell?

When Tatum was Camper of the Week,

her classmates wrote letters to her and about her. What did they say? Those sweet little 2nd graders.


She read every word. She realized that she has some great friends who truly love her.

I see all of this in you, my sweet girl! I LOVE YOU and so do so many.


“Let your light shine before others so they may see your good works and give glory to God your Father in heaven.” (Matt 5:16)

The LAST day. Kindness overflowing

Now, with the last day of school, you think she’d be thinking of school. NOPE.

Doug and I were still in bed around 6am, and we heard some movement in the kitchen. We weren’t really sure what was going on, but no bother… we ignored it.

Then, as we got ready around 6:15am, Tot came in and said to come into the kitchen with our eyes closed.

I was expecting her fake food to be out from her pretend kitchen. NOPE! She had prepared her own breakfast: Toast and yogurt,

and she got out our muffins with all the fixings. Water, note, and my devotion.

Daddy too!

This is a big deal! She hasn’t been able to reach much, so her doing this is a game changer. She is taking control and wanting to help. I LOVE her heart so much!

TOT!!! You are GENEROUS!
She wore her red, white and, blue earrings for the last day to celebrate our country as well.

She’ll be out soon. I can’t wait for summer to begin!!!

The end of the year festivities and awards: 2nd grade

International luncheon launched the last week of 2nd grade.

She first had to write an essay about being Polish.

Her great grandfather is Polish, so she dressed up as a Polish gal, and I brought polish sausage to enjoy.

All the kids brought in food from their nationality. It was a feast!

Then, the next day, it was the awards ceremony took place. They sang “My Country Tis of Thee” to begin. MELT

Then it was time to present Tatum with her character trait and any award.

Her humility was inspiring. She was surprised and happy about being GENEROUS! She had the trait of generosity. She always shares what she has in the class and is giving of her time. I’ll take that! I love her heart and so does her school.

She also won the TOP reader award with the most books read and the top AR score. Also, 100% on all of her Bible verse memorization.

Oh, Mrs. Phillips! We are going to miss you!

And you silly girls! Isabelle, Teagan, Sophia, and Maddy.

On their way now to the pool party at Diego’s. It couldn’t have gotten any better! Well, except that they had pizza and Gatorade.

The last day is Wednesday. How did this happen so fast?
We love you PVCP.

Celebrating Tatum’s love day 2021


Eight years ago today:

Tot, you became officially MY Tot although I was with you since you were in the womb.

I remember that day, you didn’t feel so well, and I got to comfort you. THE JOY!

Now, it’s even more fun to love on you. If that is possible? I always say to BE YOU, and that you are. YOU are so special in every way, my little Tot.

The honor is mine! And, you get a second love day in July being a HAY!

So, you got a bit spoiled today with some new earrings, a book, and a barbie. But, the gifts are just a celebration of you!

And a few more lovie pics.

Lovebug, you make me smile completely. Sleep with angels tonight.

And Coopy will too. By the way, we got this little guy TWO years ago today.