Enjoying our break before 2021

A bike ride, a game or two, drawing, a laugh and a song. This describes our fun during our break before we all return to work. The rest of the time what do you think we did?

Organize our home, ready the condo for renting, sort, toss, and more organizing.

We had to get in some fun, however.


We ventured out in our neighborhood which is glorious; look at where we live now! The lake is right in our backyard. WHO KNEW!?

A little drawing also we enjoyed…. (here’s what I made with our new watercolor markers).

A New Year’s craft. We filled it with pasta as the rattle (we want to move “pasta” 2020!) HA!!

You’ll see these in action on New Year’s Eve!

We played games. Here’s a sample from WordSmart. The letters were J and G and a living creature. Tot chose Jaguar. Or her rendition.

Battleship! She sank all of mine pretty quickly.

And New Year’s EVE celebration.

Are we ready!!??

Shake Rattle and….

Rock and ROLL!

YESSSSS. We are ready for 2021. Coopy is wired and ready to go.

Tatum writes a song: her timing is perfect

Tuesday morning, I left early to go to the gym; I wanted to get home quickly so I could pick up Tot and take her on some errands. Little did I know she was busy working on something. I ended up going to IKEA without her so she could finish her little project.

She loves to draw when she is idle. We have been reading Dogman books again since we are BIG fans (and they make us crack up!). So she worked on drawing Petey and a monster, and then she wanted to write a song. Instead of using a separate paper, she figured she write directly on the picture.

Well, fast forward into the afternoon (when I discovered what she had been doing). Honestly, I was a bit of a grouch all day because I felt behind on my tasks and as a result, I felt like I had not filled my bucket with any type of relationship with Doug or Tot. EMPTY. I also had not spent any time with the Lord that day.

When Doug and I were in our separate areas working, she felt is was time. It was time to unveil her song. NOW!? I have STUFF to do. Sheesh. (shame on me) Tatum could read that I needed a boost. She called Daddy and I into the living room, grabbed her guitar and had us read the lyrics as she sang. (She had ALREADY memorized it).

Tearing up, I realized I have a girl who can read people. She can tell when we need to stop and be. Stop and Be with Jesus.

I’m going to type up these lyrics. They go from left to right and onto the back.

Tatum Hay, you fill my heart with Joy. Let’s have a celebration, yes, let’s have a party celebration. Lord, thank you for this angel.

Happy Birthday Jesus 2020

Good morning! It’s Christmas, and the day promises to be filled with joy, family, and delicious food. Jesus, we are so grateful this is your day. The tree exploded! So much giving will be going on today.

Cooper, are you ready? Cooper is always ready for excitement. He gets all the feels from attention.

I decided to make all the brekkie early so we could enjoy being together before Mama came. We also wanted to get some Circle K coffee. A real treat, right!?

Santa pancakes were the plan this morning, and per tradition, Tot would get to open a sock gift before breakfast.

You like Mama and Tot?

Ok, Mama looks so beautiful. I can only hope I’m that gorgeous at 83!

We decided not to wait for Austin, and get started. Tatum opened her sock gift.

Little Olive would keep Coopy company while we enjoy the gifts.

What is to come?

Tatum opened us up with a small box. Inside, she had made these little cardboard pieces which each had a special meaning. It may be a video game, a phone, or a tablet. What will you catch? She threw them individually in the air, and if you catch it, it would be yours forever. I caught a plethora of them; yeah me! She really livened the morning. (I know she put this altogether through the week).

Let’s start with Daddy from Tot.

To inspire the Daddy! Hint hint. He loves to grill so now he can!

Tot next.

My new little chef.

Mama, Tot loves you!

And Tot, I love you. This is our family jumping into life!

Mama has great taste.

Tot, a little pic for your bathroom. Remember to stay humble and kind.

Mama got me the BEST puzzle ever. WORDS!

Tatum spoiled me with an awesome card and bag she made.

Thank you for the ornament, you beautiful sweet thing.

Honey for your to keep your Bible verses!

And for Mama…to keep organized and an ornament from Tot.

more surprises for Tot…go to the garage. Every kid should have a treasure trunk!

And then…. TADA!

What is it!!!???? (Coopy had to know)

I had to try out first! HA~! She will be practicing indoors for a while. It is so fun!!

The Hays Treasure Box: GRATITUDE HOLDER for the year.

The fun had to stop while we caught our breath. Austin and Mama would join for dinner. I took a little walk along our lake to just pray and be for a bit. BEAUTIFUL!!!

We got the dinner all ready, and Mama came bearing lovely gifts.

And she worked so hard on this clock for Doug. Making HAY!

At dinner, I read some fun information about the symbols of Christmas. (About the candy cane, Christmas colors, St. Nick, the wise men). All point to Jesus. May we celebrate HIM.

So we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Just then, Austin came bearing gifts for us. He was gracious and loving. SO wonderful to see him so giving and happy!

He spoiled Tot!

Truly, he was proud that this year he could buy us gifts. We pray for him daily! We love you so, Austin!

What a wonderful Christmas this year. Thank you, Jesus, for your birth today.

Christmas Eve: McCormick style 2020

It’s our first Christmas married AND in our new home!


The day started out with Tatum making a mile of dominos to wind throughout the home.

Now one wrong move….

Ok, so this day is made for excitement, so we are primed and ready. Wrap the presents, get the meal ready for Mama and Austin, and church!
We are ready to celebrate the birth of our King.

Jesus is better. This has been the theme of the messages at church later. This is a constant reminder to us. My family helps me stay focused on HIM.

HIs birth is the reminder of new to come. In our new home, we are going to make NEW memories, with our reminder: JESUS IS BETTER than all of it. May we stay grateful and humble.

I love you family.

We got home and Mama joined us for appetizers.

She looks so beautiful! Especially in our new kitchen.

Dinner was getting ready, and I must say, making it in our kitchen was a joy.

Turkey, gravy, potatoes and salad.

Austin brought his friend Brennan to join us.

Making room at our table is so fun! I hope to have a bigger table very soon.

Thanks for the help Mama and Tot!

We enjoyed a joyful conversation, delicious food, and family.

After dinner, Mama and Cooper had a little love fest.

We are ready for your birthday, Jesus. May we all sleep soundly for tomorrow is going to be lovely.

The Abridged 12 Days of Christmas: 2020-style

The Abridged 12 days of Christmas 2020-Style (Covid friendly)

We made it a little different this year. Since we moved into our home, and we had some restrictions, we figured to abridge our 12 days and make the best of it. The key is to focus on the giving aspect of Christmas and the GRATITUDE for Jesus! Emmanuel: Christ with us.

Day 1: Make goodies for all of our neighbors (McCormick!!)

Day 2: Make a card for someone who is feeling sick or blue (or had surgery!) (Marvin!)

“This is so sweet…thank you, Tatum. 
Marv loved it. He sends hugs and thank you. He’s feeling a little stronger today. All your prayers are helping. 
Love you, Pat. 
Tell Mama, hi. “

Day  3: Deliver a treat to someone who lives alone (Bob-cookies)

(To happen on Saturday!)

Day 4: Purchase a computer through the Digital Divide for SBC (A child receives a computer during the home-schooling Covid situation)

Day  5: Donate MANY boxes to St. Vincents (through the move, we have much!)

(To come as we unload, unpack and unwind!)

Day 6: Create a gratitude box for our family to use through 2021: When you think of something you’re grateful for about that family member, write it down and put it in the box or any memories we want to save.

TO COME! I cannot wait for this.

We love to give back. Thank you Father for all you have given us.

A Waiting, Wondering and Wishing Coopy

Sometimes he just waits for one of us to come home. Daddy says when I leave, he stares at the door.

Daddy even puts him on his place next to his desk. He still stares at the door.

Sometimes he wonders what to do. Or he’ll hide under the tree next to his new horsey friend.

And then he’ll wait some more and wonder: Where is she?

Oh, I’ll just wait underneath the tree.

Feels good here.

Sometimes, he just wishes….Drop some. Drop some!

And then he just gets so sleepy.

Thank goodness if he hears a noise, he awakens.

But really, he just looks cute. Our little waiting, wondering, wishful little guy. We love you.