The Trump Train in AZ

Doug was driving on the 101 when I received his phone call.
Honey, you have to see all of these cars with Trump flags. There are miles of them!

He was with Tatum for their Daddy/Daughter ice cream date when he then saw a truck fixing their flags.

Later on that night, we found out there was roughly 80 miles of cars caravanning for Trumpl

You won’t see that for Joe Biden. Never. not. in. a. million. years.

We only pray for November 3rd. GO TRUMP!

He stands for our country. He stands for LIFE. He stands for religious liberty. He stands for the people. ALL people.

I love this explanation of the differences between Republican and then the LEFT (the rest). How can you NOT be for freedom and for empowering the human being?

This truck says it all. We have our rights from GOD. Not from the government.


Thank you Scottsdale Police and Chief Rodbell

We’ve been visiting the Scottsdale Police since 2016.

They have always welcomed us with open arms, especially the Chief of Police (Alan Rodbell). We wanted to visit them in the summer, but we were locked down due to the quarantine from C-virus.

When we arrived, this sign was in the front.

Well, we decided to head over there on her day of this October since we heard Chief Rodbell was retiring in December. We couldn’t bring him cookies, but we did make him a card.

We did not let that stop us. We knocked on the door, and they let us in. About seven of them came out to greet Tatum and me. We told him thank you for all he has done for Scottsdale and for the police. We will miss him.

He then gave me his private email and phone for when he is retired. Wow. He wants us to come visit us on his horse farm.

Later on in Facebook, I see this from the Scottsdale Police:

We are so grateful for the men in blue. They matter and so do you, Chief.

So proud of you, Tot, and your efforts 1st Quarter 2nd grade

Report cards came home this week.

Now, of course we are proud of her grades, but we zeroed in on her character and the E’s for obedience and respect. We know she is doing a great job in class. Lucky it was conference week, so we met with Mrs. Phillips for her conference on Thursday.

Mrs. Phillips does adore Tatum, but now we see why.

Everything she wrote about Tatum’s heart and personality, I have known all along. I see all of these leadership qualities, but also the beauty of her heart. She has a deep wisdom that Mrs. P sees as well. Wow. I’m so grateful for her. She also is apparently grateful for us as her parents.

Tatum, I’m so grateful for you!

We spent the next day, Friday, her day off, going to Target and another surprise. She wanted to spend her allowance, so Target here we come!

Then I picked up Mama, and we headed to Sugar Bowl.

We sat down and then waited.

(had to wear our masks walking in).

Then, guess who showed up?

Oh, this made it even better.

Hot fudge is a close second.

What fun we had. We are so proud of your efforts, but we especially are proud of your heart and your heart for the Lord. Thank you, Mrs. Phillips for all you do for her.

Keep it visible and visual: Our white board teaches

I’m a big believer in having things visible; especially things we want to not only remember but stress.

For example, every day, I put out our white board with a plan for the day. It’s a visual reminder for what we will do that day, and honestly, a way for me to make sure Tatum accomplishes her tasks without nagging. All I say is, “Tatum did you check the board? or Tatum, what did I miss?”

Tatum added her own drawing. I love her artwork!

We also do teaching on the white board on Sundays. This last week, we taught how we want our family culture to include:




We will live this way in all areas of our life!

We also discussed how we can be an essential oil and be diffused in a room; we can be a sweet smelling element that invades to whole space!

(oh, the joy of my teaching years come in handy).

May we fill a room as a flower creates such joy.

Tatum, I know that you already do this, and God has such big plans for you.

PVCP picnic 2020

We sure look cute in our PVCP garb.

Tatum couldn’t wait to go this year and play.

She wielded her sword and ready for some fun.

We love you, PVCP!!

Noah’s Ark and Art class with Mrs. Guy

Tatum is taking an after school art class with Mrs. Guy (who retired last year).

Each week, they create a different art inspired by the Bible and Creation.

I love what she is bringing home.

So proud of your efforts, Tot!