Rocket Launch 2020! The first in years!

Space exploration is alive and well! On Saturday, May 30th, SpaceX (Elon Musk’s company) sent two NASA astronauts up in space on the Falcon 9 which was scheduled to meet with the International Space Station on Sunday morning. Since 2011, it was the first launch for NASA.

It was so amazing to watch the rocket launch, break off into space and then for the part to land back on Earth (in Ireland!)

Doug’s company, Honeywell, was responsible for some of the parts. I know my honey’s job is mostly working on the Space Station and keeping those astronauts alive! They’ll be there for about 3 months. Pretty cool!!!

Tatum, Daddy, and I all watched. AND COOPY of course.

10.. 9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1!

Our little Love Monster has a new trick

Tatum drew this in Art today (Art is part of our summer day).

Well, this just made me laugh and think of Coopy! He truly is our little love monster because he thinks he’s a big scary dog when he hears something outside, yet he is truly just a HUGE lovebug.

He has a new trick now: As you know, he scoots under the table with said ball that is thrown to him. He thinks he’s so sneaky!

Now, he shoots it out to us and we hit it back. With his snout, he shoots it back, and we literally rally back and forth.

Little love monster bug, you make us laugh hysterically!

Happy Memorial Day and first day of summer fun!

Tatum and I decided we would begin our summer fun on Monday, Memorial Day. It means the mornings are filled with a bit of academics then some art and fun.

Here’s the plan:

We started out the day with a red white and blue muffin to go with the devotion and prayer time.

While I’m making my muffin, Tatum gives me a love note. She loves to surprise me!!

I make some sort of variation of a coconut muffin daily. Today, it would be raspberry muffin with blueberry topping. (and sprinkles of course!)

She loves it!

Cooper is giving me that look. Mommy, what do you have for me?? He is very patriotic today with his bowtie.

So we get started with our new Gratitude Journals. We have been doing some sort of gratitude for a year now. We went back to our first ones and started anew. I wrote in her journal:

She wrote in mine too. Another surprise!

I used my crrrrrazeeee pen for the first day. This keeps me humble since I kinda feel like this every day.

Tot’s first entry:

definitely grateful for food….I love the self-control issue.

After prayers, we opened up our “summer box.”

What are we starting with? First get the new pencils out because you can never have too many mechanical pencils according to Tatum. (we have like 100 already).

First stop: MATH. Songs, math facts, and Khan. Thank you Apple for the new pencil. It makes math so fun.

Then, BrainQuest! I think this is our third year. We are always one grade level up, so we are working on 3rd grade.

She begged me to do 4 lessons.

After the fun lessons, we were ready to draw. Of course we made a ribbon to celebrate our flag and freedom.

Mama texted us a Happy Memorial Day from Coti!

Later, Tatum and Daddy spent some time together and went to the pool. Tatum patiently waited for Daddy to change into his suit.

We played Throw the Burrito after this, and Tot and Daddy had a duel. Yes, we throw things at each other out of love. One, two, three…


That arm!! Go Daddy! Tot is ready too!

We ended the day like usual. Coopy gets a little walk with Daddy. He hides on the comfy couch not wanting to go.

Daddy coaxes him with a little kiss, and they’re off. My heart melts every night.

The day was so fun and special. We are ready for a great, fun-filled summer.

Intentional Summering with Writing and Bible

This morning, I woke up to a completed setup for our morning. WOW. She surprised me!

Now, we are ready!

We created a calendar so we had things to look forward to! Tatum filled in each day with our daily schedule, and then we put in our vacations so we can anticipate!

M, W, F: Math (Khan Academy, Math facts (involving jelly beans of course), BrainQuest, Art, Reading

T, Th: Writing (more on this), Bible chat (involving our memory verses practice), Art, Piano, Reading.

As a past English teacher, my DREAM is to teach my kiddo to write …and I mean write stories, ideas…..anything that involves put her heart, mind, thoughts on paper.

So I bought this book with some notebooks to take notes. Our goal: WRITE SOME STORIES!

I am writing with her in my own book. We are starting with writing our own fairy tale, so we take notes on the tools we use to write one.

Fairy tales contain many things like a setting long ago in a made-up land.

We will continue this later!

For our Bible chat, we are going through a couple of books by Lee Strobel. I want her to be confident in her faith in Jesus, so that means she needs to be armed with her WHY she is a Christian. Is it just blind faith? NO!!

We’ll go through both books.

We also have over 100 verses we go through each week.

These are just part of our fun summer, academically. I am adding in lots of play and creativity. Many of the camps she would attend have been canceled, so we must have some other ideas to keep engaged and excited. I believe in unstructured play as much as possible, so this is definitely happening.

More to come! Stay tuned.

Making my birthday special

Part 2! Yes, we celebrated on Sunday even though my birthday was on Tuesday. Everyone was a bit more healthy, so we postponed it. Daddy and Tatum got everything all ready for me.

Then it was time…

Then, I got showered with craft gifts for Tatum and I to do this summer.

Daddy even got Tot a card that he made for her love day. And he said he couldn’t draw……HA!

Doug spoils me every day. He gives me love notes, cards, and hugs. We are going to do some of our own celebrating this summer after the quarantine.

I’m so grateful for my family.

I love you so much!!!

Celebrating Tatum and Coopy’s love day

I woke up to this announcement from President Trump.

Essential. I love that he believes that assembling together to worship God is essential.

That started my day out just right! It was also Tatum’s love day (May 23), and the day we got Coopy last year. All around an exciting day.

Tatum and I started with a bit of drawing. She wanted to draw me a pencil to inspire me!

It did.

I got some work done on writing that I always need to finish.

Later that day, we watched church and I gave her some new shoes. Perfect for chillin’ out to watch the sermon. (we are definitely ready to go back to church!)

We then gave Cooper some attention and of course some whipped cream. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t care. We love to spoil him! We love you, Boy.

Tatum, we adore you. The best day was your birth-day but the second best was your love day.

I love making every day special for you.

We are going to have a great summer!!!

Happy as a Seagull with a French Fry on Tot’s 7 1/2 Birthday

My honey gave me this card on our date on Wed. night. We were so happy to be out!

It inspired Tatum and me to draw it on her 1/2 birthday.

Look at Tatum’s rendition (on the iPad Procreate)

Her’s is so fun and delightful.

Mine is more like the card, but it sure was fun to draw!

Later, we had to go finish her testing for Dr. Sandstrom. She had to get 5 vials of blood.

I told her she was a rockstar.

The day progressed and she was in for a few surprises to celebrate 7.5 years on this earth.

She got a “virtual pet” so she had a buddy when we have to go on our errands.

Like Trader Joe’s.

She named her turtle Tom. She changes her pet every few hours. It beeps incessantly for reminders.

Daddy got her this cool rocket for them to do together. That will be a BLAST! heehee

Then I got her a Mad Libs book. Remember these!!? We broke it in.

More will come tomorrow for her Love day. She is sure loved!