Tatum’s New Year’s Goals for 2020

Tatum and I sat down to paint today. She wanted to make a cross, and then fill it in with her New Year’s goals.

I did one too. We put painter’s tape down to keep out of the cross area,.

After we removed the tape, she wrote down her goals. Her’s looks like a Picasso!

Her printing has improved immensely.

I’m so excited for 2020 with our family!

She’s adored and now has TWO jobs!

When Tatum was almost three, she was hired at Trader Joe’s.

We have been going there for years now, and she continues to make friends every time we go.

Well, we also frequent Einstein’s next door. I get my coffee there, and I love the people. They apparently adore Tot (as does everyone who meets her). Every day we go there, she gives out stickers to patrons and to the staff. They now are commanded (ordered by the manager, Cindy) to make sure they give Tot a sticker every time she comes in. Cynthia, (one of the workers) gave her a Christmas present!

She also got a new name tag and is hired by Einstein’s too. She is going to be so busy!

It didn’t end there today. We had a coffee date with my dear friend, Susan, and she went off to meet people at the coffee house. Two ladies started talking to her and asked her about her new journal that Cynthia gave her.

She sat down and just started chatting away with them like she had known them forever.

They apparently wrote her a little note in her book.

They don’t even know Tatum and they identified her uniqueness, her preciousness, her charm, and her adoring personality. See, I am not biased!!!

Everywhere you go, Tatum, you spread joy and and sunshine. KEEP BEING YOU.

Happy New Year: Welcome in 2020!

We decided to hang out with Mama on New Year’s Eve; we would ring in the New Year at 8pm. HA!

First, we played a game of Scrabble. This was enough to fill my cup, (my mom’s too). Tot and Doug? They’ll get there with my favorite game.

Later, we had a nice salad dinner and Tatum enjoyed adorning herself with the table decor.

Hot fudge sundaes later which is mandatory the night before a new year.

Time to cuddle with Coopy who came with us to Mom’s house. We are trying to get Coti and Coopy to be friends.

He’s so stinkin’ cute!

More fun pics.

We are excited to have new memories and new adventures in 2020. We hope Mama continues to stay healthy too. She adores my hubby as do I.

Cooper was SOOOOO tired when we got home. All the excitement wore him out.

Good night sweet boy. 2020 here we come!

I love my FAMILY.

No cavities!

Tatum had her teeth cleaned yesterday. She is looking good! The dentist suggested she see an orthodontist next year. 8 years old! Wow, they do it differently these days.

Her x-rays show her teeth here.

I love her smile!

Time with Don and Leti

Doug has known Don and Leti for over 25 years. He used to spend time with them weekly, and for the past 9 months, he hasn’t seen them once! I know it has been hard on Doug. Moreover, I have wanted to get to know better them since they are terrific people.

They just moved out to Queen Creek, and they also got two horses! This was definitely another reason to go visit.

When we arrived, Tatum instantly noticed their jungle gym. Guess what she wanted to do??
P….L…A…Y! She viewed the horses after I pointed to them.

Do you see that big mommy hand pointing?

NOW do you see it??

Well, she just couldn’t wait to ride. But first, we had a lovely salmon lunch. GLORY BE was it delicious!
Don got Tatum already to climb aboard. But first, she enjoyed getting to know Muffin and Legit.

Then Don helped her on and away she went. Kiara helped out too since they are her horses

After only maybe 5 minutes, she was done. May I get down please?

We know one thing: Horses at our McCormick house will not be in our future.

It was such a fun time. I hope that we all can go horse-back riding as a family one day.

Don and Leti, we adore and love you. We hope to see you soon!

Hey Clay!

For Christmas, Tatum got some colored clay, and I couldn’t wait to play with her! We first decided to make a pig. Luckily, they had step by step directions.

And then we worked on the doggie.

You basically start out with making little balls and then forming them onto the clay.

And then they were friends.

As You Wish as a FAMILY!

I used to go there ALL THE TIME when I was single. It was my favorite place to lose myself in art and lose track of time.

This was our first time going as a whole family! I wondered how long Tatum would take since she usually finished quickly.

We all got started. Daddy worked on a mug. He is so diligent on his detail as well as artistic. Tatum worked on a cute little puppy. I suggested she look at some ideas before she jumped in.

She was so focused!

I worked on a tile for Tatum; it’s her mission statement and life verse. I hope it looks good after the kiln!

Doug’s turned out great!

He was inspired by Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God) and GCU. Hooray!

We had SOOOOO much fun! I can’t wait to go back. Art is so bonding.