Happy Birthday to our special guy; We love you, HHH and Daddy!!!

He had no idea.

I had it all planned for a couple months. Tot would stay over at Mama’s house, and Doug and I would have the house to ourselves for one night. Cooper was the only maybe hiccup in the plan, but he was fine with it! (ha!)

After dropping her off, I got home and surprised him with a card in the frig with two champagne flutes.

We tried to take a picture with a timer and well…this is where a sitter would have come in handy! Cooper of course got in on it.

After some fun, we played with Coopy for a while. Doug got him to drop the ball and play. Genius. (we have been working on this for a while so yeah honey!)

We tired him out which was the goal so we could have some fun without him interfering (wink wink).

In the morning, he tried to capture Doug’s glasses, and we figured he looked pretty snazzy in them. What do you think?

I went to pick up Tatum from Mom’s and they were in the kitchen building a gumdrop tree. They had a blast!

We were SOOOO grateful that she agreed to watch Tot.

Later that day, Tatum couldn’t wait to give Doug his presents. She had made him some cards.

The piece de resistance was this wallet. She had saved up for a while to buy it. A beautiful new wallet.

So much love for this amazing guy all around.

Honey, you are loved so very much. Cooper, Tot, Mama, and your HHW. We are so grateful for you and all you ARE; All you do for us; YOU MAKE ME SMILE AND MAKE ME A BETTER PERSON.

It just keeps getting better! XXOO

Happy Birthday Tatum from Johnathan, Dolly, and Thomas

What?? I lovely box filled my mailbox this morning. It came a few days after Tot’s birthday which is always a blessing because you don’t expect any more gifts, and then VOILA! Another one arrives!

Tatum frantically tore/ripped/unwrapped the beautiful wrappings, and inside there were so many surprises!

They went to town at The Children’s Place.

Wow! How fun!
They have such nice taste, and Tot loved them all.

She sat down to immediately write a thank you note.

Thank you, Scharf Family!

We love you.

Our McCormick home UPDATE! (Interior)

We purchased our McCormick home many months back (November 2018), and we have been remodeling it since April of 2019. It has come so far in just a few months! Here is a pic of the living room BEFORE the demolition. (I have already written about these in previous posts, but this is a reminder!)

And the old kitchen…

Things started to take shape! Thankful for Monty!

Well, just take a peak at the kitchen now. Doug has done such an AMAZING job with this. Look at those cool lights and the island. The wet bar is such a fun addition and makes him excited to make a cappuccino.

We also took out the wall and put in doors.

Stay tuned for more as it comes along. Just so exciting!

Thanksgiving with the Hay’s 2019

It was going to be a “Great”fully filled day. We headed to Craig’s house for a lovely dinner. Austin, Tatum and Doug went to visit Darlene, his mom, first. I later showed up with mom.

It was so special because Tatum and Austin rarely spend time together. Also, Darlene hasn’t seen Austin in a while either. It was a win all over.

Later, at Craig’s, mom and I showed. We had to celebrate with pics!

Doesn’t she look lovely? I’m truly grateful for my mom. Tot and I now!

Then Grandmama!

Daddy joined the fun….

A little silly pic or two.

Mama, come on over here.

Austin and Tot. Brother and Sister!

We had a lovely dinner with family, and later, Tatum received some lovely gifts from Craig and Terri and Scott and Teresa. (for her birthday)

Tatum gave Scott some attention and appreciated him!

I left a little early to take my mom home, so I gave everyone and especially Austin a big hug. I miss seeing him. We pray for him ALL THE TIME.

Tatum stayed up late and made forts. She fell asleep very quickly after!

Coopy was delighted to have us all home.

What a blessing the whole day was. I love every day to be filled with GRATITUDE!

She’s BAAAAACK! Shining bright as usual

She’s alive and back to her old Tatum self! Halleluia!
Today did not disappoint. We missed two days of her vacation since she had the stomach bug pretty bad. Saltines, squeezies, bubble water, and chicken soup get old reeeeeeally fast.

So, we headed to Trader Joe’s as usual, and she just wanted to help! People seem to be irresponsible with returning the carts, so she helped. Insisted, in fact.

I can do it, Mommy!

She gathered more than two at a time and…..

Pushed she did…with all of her might!

Her persistence is infectious. They just love her at Trader Joe’s. She’ll have a job there no problem in a few years.

Later, at Einstein’s she showed off the pin Daddy gave her yesterday.

We came home and worked on her clay grocery store present from her birthday. I love to buy her crafty gifts so we can do them together.

We made waffles and cereal. Perfect for breakfast. We’ll make more tomorrow.

It was so good to have her back.

Later, Cooper helped us!

Voila! Delicious food with my girl.

I love spending the day with her, even through the ups and downs. She keeps me on my toes, and we definitely work things out along the way. This is what I love about our relationship.

She has such a bright future as a leader in some way; I have no idea, but I do know God has big plans to use her life for HIs Glory. Matthew 5:16 is her life verse.

I was inspired today about the next drawing I will make. It is truly about what I see about Tatum and this verse: LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!
Stay tuned!
I love you, Tot.

You tire us out, sweet girl!

My Honey looking well at Honeywell

I had an appt. today with a gastroenterologist to schedule a colonoscopy, so I brought Tatum. But first, we had to go visit my honey since we were right near his work.

Now, Tatum has had the stomach bug for two days, and she was not enthused about going anywhere, but alas, visiting Daddy would be a treat.

It is a bit like Fort Knox to get in, so we just hung in the lobby. Here we go into the building:

And then we waited for Daddy to come down, so we sat and waited. She was a good sport as she felt like someone punched her in the tummy.

Sadly, CNN was playing in the lobby which gave me a stomach bug. Now we both felt sick. Ha!
Here he comes and doesn’t he look so handsome?

He gave her a 100 year pin which made her so happy! Well, as happy as you can be with her woooooziness.

Oh, Tot. We pray you feel better tomorrow! We love you, Daddy!

God In Me

Yes, this little sweet girl made this crown. She wrote, “God in Me” to remind herself that HE is ALIVE in her ALWAYS. I love her heart and her desire to do right by HIM.