Goodbye, you frustrating contraption, you!

FINALLY! It’s out of her. This contraption was needed. (she loved her fingers too much) And now we are having it removed after the 3-month wearing.

Do you think she is excited?

Dr. V had glued that thing in so tightly, she had a hard time removing. But then….


OH that smile! Oh that cute face. She is beaming! She also has ZERO desire to suck her fingers.

I love you, TOT! You never complained once. It paid off, my sweet girl.


It’s official: My honey is obsessed with Cooper. He takes probably 10 pictures a day: Oh, look at him here; look at him do this; look at him do that; look at him just looking; look at him being cute. I mean really! heehee

Yes, he even takes a picture of Cooper when I’m in a back-side position. (or maybe he really did want to take a picture of my back side!)??

It used to be Tot and me he was obsessed with picture-wise. It is all now about Cooper. (and I love it!)

This weekend, we figured we’d go out and leave the other little cutie pie with Cooper thanks to Bianca watching them. It was time for us to have some fun. (My honey sure does look the part!) Tatum joined the picture as Coopy watched from afar.

My honey still is in total love with us, but I LOVE that he adores the little guy.

I adore my honey, and OF COURSE, my Tot and little Coopy-head. XOXOX

Not your usual little girl and I’m so grateful

You have to understand little girls to appreciate this amazing child. I am a girl (HA!), and I’ve been playing with little girls since I was one (HA!) and I have taught many little girls.

Tatum’s imagination and use of things that are really not considered toys amazes me.

Most little girls at Tatum’s age are playing with Barbie dolls, American Girl or some other EXPENSIVE doll situation. Believe me, my mom had to save her pennies to buy me the latest doll. AND, this new American Doll phenomenon forces adults to take out second mortgages in their homes. They rope you in with buying the doll, and then EVERY accessory is another mortgage payment. It’s a racket! BUT, I get it….very fun for little gals.

Ok, so what am I saying here? Tatum still loves to play with any stuffed animal. She still loves to imagine with them being her students or kids. But, Tatum makes her own dolls! She makes her own fun with what she makes up! This is the latest……

With her own allowance, she purchased 12 plastic frames. Then we went through her baby pictures and we ordered 19 or so pics so she could fill the frames.

I wasn’t sure what she’d do with them, but I was fine with the pic idea.

Now, do you know what she does with these pics? Well, she carries one or two around as if they were her child. For example, she said that the one that looks like a boy since she wasn’t wearing girlie clothes, this child is “LUCAS.” And so on. She names each one.

This morning, she had them all set up and talked to all of them as unit/class.

They are all her kids and she’s teaching them. (how to be kind; how to make friends; how to solve conflict).

Tatum, I love your heart. I love your imagination, and most importantly, I love how you make a seemingly simple thing become a treasured toy.

Tatum truly is grateful for what she has, and she DOESN’T WANT TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE> She NEVER says to me, “Such and so has this doll and so I want one..” NOPE.

Tatum, you keep being YOU. Keep being the unique, kind, special, and brilliant girl you are.

I LOVE YOU and am SO honored to be your mommy.

Laboring on Labor Day!

We don’t completely become lifeless; nope. It’s still fun to draw with my girl.

My honey painted ceilings in our McCormick home, so he was using his right side of the brain too.
Tatum and I decided to break open a new drawing journal.

I drew a pink nail polish bottle…

And Tatum worked on a more purply one.

She is improving so very much!

And Cooper?
He’s getting better at ripping off body parts of his various toys. It’s his artistic flair. This giraffe sadly has lost all of his limbs. Say goodbye to his head.

What a fun day! We all came together for a great dinner which Daddy grilled for us. (shrimp kabobs: YUM!)

I love you all! XO

New Look, Cute Look, Oh, Look, and Are you looking at me?

Often Cooper will just look at us. What? What did I do??

Yes, we see you. We were just wondering where you were little guy. Peek a boo!

Well, between this guy and this girl, we are pretty doomed!

Now, it’s me who is surrounded by cute. My honey got a new look. A new hip haircut.

It really suits him, don’t you think, Coopy?

Coopy??? Focus.

We do have fun, all of us. Yes, there is lots of cute going on, but really what we all treasure is our foundation. Our rock. Our faith. It’s really what matters. Sure, there’s some adorableness present, but it would not be there if Jesus wasn’t in our hearts.. The “LOOK” would be a “YUK” if our hearts were in the wrong place. I do believe what makes one attractive is behavior and motives. A smile, a new haircut, a trim physique and perfectly soft white fur doesn’t hurt either! HA! But seriously, I’m so proud of WHO my family is.

The OH! LOOK! came just yesterday when Tatum and I were walking Cooper. What a reminder of HIS power and LOVE for us! It looked like a glimpse of heaven and a new earth. Someday when there is no more sadness; no more tears, and no more pain.

Oh, your Kingdom Come!