Happy 6 month Birthday COOPY!

Yes, we are ridiculous. We celebrate everything; actually, I think we like a reason to eat ice cream with hot fudge.

So what better reason than Coopy!

First, he has been struggling to eat lately. Every meal, we have to coax him to eat even one kibble. This morning, we used whipped cream. Did it work?

He’s smiling!

Now it’s time to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to you, Cooper.



Delicioso. Did you read your card, Puppy?

Now it’s time for some veggies. We got him a squeaky mushroom because that is what you get for your dog who has donuts and ice cream squeak toys.

We played and played with him. He loves to hide under the table and wait for us to throw the toy. It’s all a game to the little guy.

We see you Coopy boy. You just tired yourself out, didn’t you?

He still tried to hide when it was time for bed, but…

he finally emerged and went right into his little house. We had the best day as a family and with you, Cooper Hay. We adore you; you have made our life more jovial! Happy Birthday sweet Coopy. XO

Playdate with Maddy

I decided to have Tatum invite one of her friends from school and make a fun haunted house craft.

First, Maddy is the other new girl in the first grade, and she is very shy. Tatum has gone out of her way to befriend her; I’m so proud of her because the other girls and boys have not done this to Maddy. Only Tatum.

Tatum waited and waited for her to come.

She finally came and we had fun making the houses.

While Maddy was over, her mom, Melody, told me that every day Maddy gets in the car and tells her mom that Tatum played with her that day. (She is the only one). Tatum’s heart is much more compassionate because she has had her own struggles with some of the girls. Tatum could relate to Maddy, and therefore Tatum has extended herself.
God gives us challenges often so we can then comfort others. WE BECOME MORE COMPASSIONATE through our own struggles.

I’m so proud of your heart, Tot.

The Scarecrow and the Crow

I was walking in the hall of Tatum’s school, and there it was. Hanging there, next to all the other kid’s work. Tatum’s story of a scarecrow. Apparently, the kids were to write a story about a scarecrow and anything they wanted. Then they were to color the picture.

First, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Tatum’s handwriting was near perfect. Now, if you know about our summer, I was working on helping her writing skills, but little did I know the payoff!

Next, the story is so adorable; yes, it may be a bit out of order in the beginning, but the idea is so fun. I love that the crow wanted to just be friends with the scary scarecrow (TOM!) and that made him happy.

I love your hard work and that you are doing your best. That is all I ever have asked. Your brain is also so creative and playful. I love you so much, Tatum.

A swing and a smile

I love my job. Being a mom that is. I get to have a front row seat in my little cutie growing older. She enjoyed a daddy daughter date night the other night at the park. The swing is still a hit with her. I remember when it was called the “weeee!!”

She had a blast with Daddy, my honey, my love. Oh the joy of watching those two become closer.

Then the next day, she becomes a big girl again in her uniform.

The WORK it takes to help her grow into a mature young lady is so worth it. It’s tiring sometimes. But, I choose to make a big deal over the little errors so the little errors don’t explode into huge errors. This means countless hours of discussion and redirection. Our relationship grows through each of these hiccups, and the payoff is her heart becoming softer and bigger.

I love you Tatum. I love you so immensely.

Practice, Repetition, Practice, Repetition: MATH IS FUN

Our brains respond to something when it is repeated over and over; it becomes second nature. Tatum has seen this happen with her phonics understanding; she’s seen it with piano and swimming. Now, it’s time to master our MATH FACTS!

She did not do so well on her first assessment; she knows her +1’s, doubles, doubles + 1, and +9’s. BUT, not in a mad minute!
So we practice. We do flash cards constantly.

And I carry them around. EVERYWHERE.

Then, I give her little practice tests. If she can get to a minute, then …..

I hope to give her a BIG prize!

Down to 1:24. We are getting there. Sweet girl, you’re doing so well!

UPDATE: she is getting there with her facts. Almost less than a minute on two sheets.

Tatum’s First School Science Project: The TONGUE

Each student was assigned a body part, and Tatum got THE TONGUE/TASTE.

Well, how appropriate because Tot does love to taste pretty much all foods.

She was to find 3 facts from a reliable source, and instead of using the internet, I had her go to the library. I’m old fashioned in that I think one should actually research instead of just sitting on one’s rear surfing the net. Too easy.

So, off to the library, and guess what we found?

Encyclopedias are the best resource, so “T” it is.

She found her three facts:

Now it was time to build her tongue out of clay. (This is what we opted for).

I had no idea how interesting the tongue could be.

I’m so proud of her hard work. She’ll be presenting this to her class later this week.

The cough saga continues; Part 2: GOD IS SO AMAZING

It’s Thursday, and we are home from school again. Yesterday she went and had a really hard time. She then was literally up all night long coughing (and so was Daddy and I).

I wanted her to catch up on her rest and try to master the cough episode which can come on at anytime without warning.

Now, Thursdays are very busy day for me, so I made sure she had her own work to do. I would have her do Math, Bible, Reading, and Spelling. Meanwhile, I would work right next to her.

Math facts practice and then time it! Working on getting it to ONE MINUTE!

Then she would practice her Bible verse (Proverbs 15:33). Reading practice for 20 minutes.

Finally Spelling practice and test.

100% and ready to have a bit of play time.

I worked for a couple of hours while she played. We also decided to take Cooper in for a haircut.

This may give us some peace and quiet. (We love you Coopy).

Well, it happened then WHILE she ate lunch. I have never seen her cough so much. She threw up all of her lunch, sweating profusely. She continued for 20 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING> I was desperate. I tried the inhaler, but she continued.


I decided to take her to the URGENT CARE, and I kid you not, sitting RIGHT AT OUR DOORSTEP, was a box. The NEBULIZER! The thing she said she wouldn’t do.

I couldn’t believe the timing. She said, NO WAY, MOMMY. I’m not doing that.

OH yes you are, girl. You are! We watched a YouTube video on how it works and started. She calmed down and agreed.

While she proceeded to breathe, she started to smile. I PRAISED GOD. The Urgent Care had a long wait, and this is what they would have done to her.

GOD KNEW that I needed to keep her home today. GOD KNEW that she was going to have an uncontrollable coughing spell. GOD KNEW that the nebulizer was coming today JUST IN TIME. GOD KNEW that Tatum would have this coughing spell and then would WANT to have the treatment (vs being belligerent had she not have that spell). JUST WOW.

She is breathing now clearly and we now have a protocol. We even named the nebulizer breathing thingy, NATHAN and gave him a seat at our kitchen table since he’ll be a part of our family for a while.

We picked up cute puppy who looks ADORABLE. A brand new haircut and a whole new attitude for all of us thanks to you, Father.

And, I’m just so grateful. Thank you for ALWAYS being with us and answering our prayers at EXACTLY the right time. You are perfect, Lord.

We are not out of the woods yet. The cough continues, but at least we are a step closer to relief.