Disappointment is part of life; So hard to not fix!

I could have. Yep. I could have swept in and fixed the whole thing in one shot. But, I decided to let her experience a bit of life today.

Let me back up. We were having a great day! After the gym and Einstein’s, she wanted to go to Target. Baby came with us today because he just got a new binky. (He has been MIA in the daytime because now he’s just a “nighttime teddy.” Yikes! …another sign of her maturity). I sewed him a little binky to cover his bitten, worn nose, and now he can come with us in his car seat.

Ok, back to the story. So she wanted some new glasses (with clear lenses that look “real”). She won’t let me say they are fake. Nope, they are real, so I acknowledge this to people and I say, yes, they are really on her face. They are not imagined. This way, I’m not fibbing. Target has some for about $5, and she wanted to use her allowance. She had $4 in her spend envelope and she’d pay me $2 from next week’s allowance. Perfect.

We picked some cute heart glasses out. Well, she did. I liked a different pair, but she is buying them! She does look ADORable in them.

When we got home, she played with them for a while and then I heard crying; A lot of crying in her bedroom. Apparently she was putting them away, they dropped, and she stepped on them. She showed me:

I held her tight and had loads of compassion for her. I told her stories of glasses I had saved money for and then stepped on them; mine were more than $100, but still. It’s a lot of sadness to lose or break something you just got. It’s what we call A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

Do you know how badly I wanted to go back to Target and just buy her a new pair!? It would have been SO EASY to fix it and help her stop crying. But that would have been the worst thing I could have done. This teaches her such a strong lesson.

She noted how sad she was that she’d have to save all over again to buy a new pair. I agreed. She also noted how unfair it all was. I agreed. It really is, but I told Tot, this is part of life. It’s so hard, but she is learning such valuable lessons. She even told me she learned to be more careful. She said she also learned to not buy something so quickly without thinking about it first.

Well, I love this. We got home from some errands, and she decided to try to mend them.

She said, “Mommy, this will be perfect until I can save for a new pair.” Now that is what I call making the BEST of a situation and also a sure sign of maturity.

Every day I’m knocked over by her heart and her growth. Tatum, I’m so proud of you.


Tatum’s First First Grade assignment

Now, when I first saw this, I did a happy dance. We have almost every book in this list and own these author’s sets too. So hooray!

We decided to just pull out a bunch of choices, and then we would decide on which she would do.

Corduroy was one.

Yes, she made her own ending for each book. Baby became Corduroy and Tatum became Lisa.

Then she read I Lost my Tooth by Mo Willems.

Tatum found the missing tooth.

And finally, she read We are in a Book by Mo Willems. I woke up to her getting it all ready for later.

New ending: A little snake wants to play in the book now.

Wow! She finished it all. I’m so proud of her hard work.

Love the art and the running rainbow theme. (OH, there is Coopy; he was a big help too)

Here’s my cover and the whole book; Cooper wants to see!

Any excuse for hot fudge; Happy 4 Months Cooper!

Yep. We had to do it. We celebrated his 4-month birthday on Sunday. He was born on March 25th, 2019, so actually, Thursday was his b-day. But we wanted Mama to come over and join the fun, so we did it right after church.

Tatum and I got him a card and a new toy.

And we gave him some hugs before church. We told him we’d be home soon. Lotsa hugs for our four-legged cutie!

Mama came after church and we took some necessary pics of course. My honey looked so handsome and Mama looked beautiful. She thinks he looks pretty fine.

Ok, back to Coopy. He loves MAMA!!

So much lovin’ goin’ on.

Mama got him a cute little squeak dog.

He immediately took it to his little cove under his place.

Then it was time for his card and…

HOT FUDGE. Yes, I think he’s ready for the sweet treat. I know we were!
We put a little whipped cream on a spoon (not chocolate since that would be a NO-NO for him), and we probably ruined him for life. Dog food will not have the same appeal I fear.

More, Mama!

Ok, our turn to lick the bowls. (And we did BTW).

One more toy for the cutie pie.

A squeaky ninja which is hopefully indestructible.

All I know is that it was pure joy spending time with my favorite people and animal. FAMILY: Hot fudge, fellowship, and fun. Perfect.

I love you all and COOPER, you bring us so much joy.

We haven’t forgotten you Coti! He and his giraffe send his love.

Thank you, Coti and family!

I’m a Christian Now; the most important and fun workbook

Right after she raised her hand to ask Jesus into her heart at VBS this year, we received a booklet in the mail. It’s an 8-week workbook on learning about what it means to be a believer in Christ.

We’ve been having so much fun working through it. In fact, we met Mrs. Holman (Jill) (her last year Kinder teacher) yesterday for coffee. She and I are becoming friends and Tatum joined us and played while we chatted. She had to interview another believer. Tatum was so cute asking questions.

She also asked Karen Montgomery (Neil’s wife and the leader of the kids) questions about our church.

We’ve been having so much fun filling it out.

So grateful for this experience with her. I pray that your journey will continue fruitfully, my sweet girl.

As You Wish with her BESTIE: Charlotte

We finally got together with her best friend from school. We are on a countdown to 1st grade, so we met mid-summer to paint. I made something ( a surprise for someone special) and Tot made a tile.

Charlotte made an owl, and I got to write “Spotty Blue” on its chest.

It was so fun to see her mom and the new baby Cicily.

We’ll see you soon dear girl!

The Hay bowling roll

We had to do it. I mean shouldn’t everyone do it at least once? We took Tatum …..


Toddler Size 9 shoes, size 6 ball, and gutter bumpers, and a ramp. She took one look at that ramp and said NO WAY. She wants to do it HERSELF! GO Tot. So got all hooked up and she was ready to roll. Yes to actually roll the ball.

She gets a SPARE! Yes! Happy dance.

Now, Daddy looked quite adorable in his get up. Dress pants, white tightie shirt, and his suave bowling shoes.

The gutter bumpers helped all of us, but for sure, Daddy rolled many strikes. He has it going on!

Then I did my thing. I was not on a roll.

I had a few fancy moves, but it really didn’t translate into a high score.

The HHH (Hot Hay Husband) rocked it with breaking 100. Totally Awesome Tatum (TAT) and me (HHW..the hot wifey) tied.

Fun times with the fam. I love our adventures. Thank you, Daddy for making it possible.