Grip, Focus and Stance. And have FUN!

Golf is all about fun, right? Well, it does take some basic skills in order for it to be fun. I have a love/hate relationship with this mind-racking sport. I thought I’d introduce Tatum to it formally with a lesson since it can appear easy! I think she realizes appearance is deceiving. It is H.A.R.D
So, PGA Golf store and Tim gave her a formal lesson. Grip first.

Got it! Now, how do we stand?

That looks about right! I want to wack the ball now please!

Patience, my dear. It will be worth the focus. Oh, and don’t look at the screen! FOCUS on that ball! Check the arm…is it straight?

Ok, now that my brain is filled with these rules, let me hit!

and it goes……26 yards!

WOW! Now, I’ll practice with her. I have a buddy to help me since she seems to be natural. Here are her tips:


Undivided attention

Now crush it!

That is the fun, girl! I love you and can’t wait to play with you.

Cooper’s second vet visit: Eye aye aye!

He’s up a whole lb and 1/2. Good ‘ol boy!

He got his second booster for Parvo. Only one more left.

This time he had a little under eye yeast infection. It smelled so I knew it was infected. The vet recommended to shave the area and then treat it with an antibiotic orally.

Cute little guy! He was so brave.

And pooped!

Tatum’s Delights is NOW OPEN!

She is very excited about her new restaurant. The summer is turning out to be very busy with this new business. It’s buzzing! Cooper is the first customer.

He has resurrected from under the table because of the delicious smells! What do you think of your meal Cooper?

He thinks we need to have a GRAND OPENING!
Tatum gets all ready.

Making change…making smoothies! So busy!
How does it taste?

She must make a menu! I help her out.

Now we need to laminate and VOILA! She is ready for business.

The customers are pouring in!

I hope they love it as much as Cooper and I do. Stay tuned!

Guess who is an OCTOPUS now?

Today, she had one more skill to master; the pre-butterfly move. She practiced all week. I asked Chris to peek at her and see if she got it. He watched and said, “She nailed it.” DONE! She is finished with Jellyfish and onto Octopus!

Hooray! I’m sooooo excited for you and proud of you, Tatum; you earned it!

14 ft; 800 lbs. It’s MIKE!

We go to the aquarium quite often since we have a membership. They are featuring some LARGE creature right now. Can you guess?

Yep, it’s MIKE! The very hungry looking crocodile.

See him? He is waiting to get ya! Well, I know I would not volunteer to feed him a trout or chicken.

We then came upon a temporary-located crocodile here at OdySea.

Tatum said it looked like he had blood on his mouth.

Could be!?
Either way, I’m glad that we have a thick glass between us.
I do wonder why they never blink; it’s a bit creepy to have a large animal staring at you.

Till we meet again, OdySea!

We love you, Mama!!! Surgery love

Today, Mom was supposed to go in for a bit of surgery to remove a lymphoma from her neck.

Tot made her a flying Dumbo to help her spirit SOAR!

Then she recorded a love note on her watch to play for Mama.

It was a prayer and well love wishes. WE LOVE YOU!
Stay tuned for follow-up.