I haven’t been called that really ever. Not until my wedding day. Austin called me mom, and he said he’d like to get used to that. Well, so would I!

Just last night, Doug was talking to him on the phone about his job. Austin’s shoes get very wet while he works at the restaurant. That would make anyone dissatisfied, right?

I remembered when I used to work in that business, I loved my Doc Martens.

They were also “cool” shoes (and still are). I piped in and told him I’d order a pair for him. He needed boots to protect his feet and ankles. No problem. He needed them. Period.

It made his day, and he even called me……


Dear Austin, you have a bright future. Stay true to who you are and how God made you. He designed you for greatness and for a distinct purpose.

We love you.

Making it homey for my honeys in the HAY House

It’ s getting there! We are living in the condo until the remodel of our new home is ready, so I have been working diligently to make it homey for my honeys. I sure love the floor and paint that we have done to the condo. My honey has fixed the lights and ceiling fans also. He’s working so hard making it all work. (he has his honey-do list to pick away at. He’s so good to us!)

It’s so fun to make it into our home until we move into our permanent space.

Tatum seems to be enjoying her room as she teaches her kiddos.

She says her kids are not “focused” so she needs to write their names on the board. Hmmmmm. I wonder where she got that idea?

Her room sure is cute! I tried to make it feel cozy with my pictures on the wall.

We are still drawing-art and crafting. We will get back into it as we get settled. Meanwhile she wanted to draw a Nintendo. Better to draw it than to have her nose in it pushing buttons and zombie’ing out. Like the video game she drew?

I’m having a blast making dinner and serving my family. My honey goes to Costco and buys in bulk and I divide up the “bulk” into portions. It’s good teamwork.

However, some nights call for takeout. Our Saturday date night morphed into a HAY family night with a movie and Chick-fil-A. I can’t think of a better night (except for of course the wine bar and sitting on my love’s lap).

Sleep has been a bit of a challenge because we are all on a new routine. However we are praying for HIS spirit to calm our minds and to allow these new routines to go smoothly. It’s working but is still a work in progress. Tatum captured all of our morning faces yesterday. My babe’s coffee routine has not changed. He creates coffee magic with his cappuccino contraption and whipper-upper. At least we know that he could become a Barista if Honeywell didn’t work out.

Awake and ready to tackle the day. Hay is happening!

God’s precious timing

The order of things. They seem to be confusing at the time. In fact, the way I would have had a relationship begin and journey through was completely different than what has occurred.

My sole concern for the past 6 years has been being the best mommy for Tatum. Now, I can only imagine if I was swept away in love with Doug 4 years ago. I would have had a hard time keeping myself away from Doug and I think my motherhood would have suffered. I also think Doug and I would not be together today.

But GOD… BUT GOD! But God had a different plan. He saved my heart and my excitement for after we would be married. Isn’t that so like God? We had to trust in the process and God’s plan. I knew from the first night I met Doug that he would be my husband. I knew that with my head, and my head never wavered! But, I wanted to FEEEEEEEL it in my heart. My heart was in love with him, but not the kind of love that you dream about…that Hollywood, butterfly love. If that would have happened in the beginning, I’m sure it would have sabotaged US or at least the quality of our foundation. However, we have spent the past 4 years building a STRONG friendship.

Getting married has solidified my feelings and have given me those butterflies! God is so good. He knew what he was doing. And the serendipity? Tatum gets the best daddy in the whole world PLUS she gets modeled a purely loving picture of family and parents.

It never gets old. He has spoiled me with letters and cards for four years.

He even wrote me the sweetest letter last night. (I covered a few lines: *WINK*)

We now get to really flirt with texts

And of course, how could I not stop staring at my rings??

The rings just symbolize a circle that has no end.

I love you Mr. Hay. Tatum, you have a wonderful new daddy, and God, you have perfect timing of ALL things.


She couldn’t stop saying it. No more “Dougy,” Baby!

We brought mom and Tot a few gifts from our stay.

I couldn’t wait to see Tatum (and my mom of course). Seeing her after this last evening was different because now we are a true family; it’s real now.

We opened gifts (wow, how blessed we were), and then we decided to bless our home.

Daddy read a prayer of blessing for a new home,

we lit a candle, and then went from room to room praying over our home. We wanted Jesus to be covering the whole place. We focused on being GRATEFUL which is signified above the sink in the kitchen.

We had takeout our first night since we had no food!
But it was so fun to eat as a family.

The next day Tot and I would load up on groceries. She had the day off due to it being President’s Day. (our grocery bill was twice what it used to be, but it’s worth it! I get to serve my family now).

I have never experienced FAMILY like this; Tatum finally gets to experience it too. My heart is full. Completely full. I know there will be “stuff” that happens, but we have such a strong foundation from God and from time together in the last 4 years.

I can’t wait to be your wife, be Tatum’s mommy with a daddy, and to serve my family with love.

Wedding night with my Rocket Man!

Disclaimer: This post will be extremely abridged. *wink*

We had to drop off my car at the condo. It looked like I was the Runaway Bride.

I also wanted to get the literally 100 pins in my hair.

Next stop: The Phoenician. Now, Doug did not get the reservation till a bit late, and PLUS it was Valentine’s weekend. The suite we got was triple diple the price, but oh my. We were in for a treat.

I can’t explain it, but I felt completely different today; It was as if I was with a brand new man, but I have this incredible friendship with him already. I’m with the LOVE of my life. We couldn’t wait to start our journey. I’m just beaming……

No, we are ….

When we were in the lobby, God had a present for us; we ran into an acquaintance of ours from church. She and her husband sit behind us at church. Well, we told her we were planning on going to Napa for our official honeymoon, and she mentioned they own a B an B in Napa. She will take care of us! Now, how is that not a gift from God? A little message saying, “You two, I have you in the palm of My hands.”

Enter heaven….

The suite was SO SWEET! Like 1300 square feet of spectacular views.

As the evening progressed, we got comfy!

I put on a few little goodies for my honey.

We then had a toast!

Would it be a party without an injury? I tried to move the stool and it went over my toe.

So my rocket man took over.

My toe might have been throbbing, but my heart was pounding with excitement.
The evening progressed perfectly, and I’ll leave it at that.

Relaxed and peaceful, we walked around the hotel in the morning. We needed to find a pair of flippies I could put on since I couldn’t wear my shoes. I figured we should go to the spa and get some of their free flippies for when you get a pedi. This way we wouldn’t be spending $50 on rubber shoes.

Now that is a happy foot….

and a very happy couple.

We wish we could stay longer, but a staycation in a few months will be just perfect.

My dear sweet man, I love you more than I could ever have imagined. I see why you save the good stuff for marriage. Our relationship is on a whole new level and we are connected on a completely deeper tier. Without that four years of foundational friendship, I don’t think this day would have been so special and sweet.

Tatum and Mom, we have some presents for you. See you soon!

Marrying my Rocket Man: From Ringing to Launching.

First, let me say that the pictures in this blog are not our official fancy ones. Therefore, there are not many of my sweet man or us. We shall proceed regardless.

In the dressing room, we snapped a few pics. My mom and Tatum looked like angels straight from heaven. OOOOOH LALA! Tatum couldn’t take her eyes off Grandmama.

It was time for the FIRST LOOK. My heart was beating out of my chest as I readied to approach my love. Bobby, my dear friend who officiated the wedding with Neil, snapped a pic of me approaching. If you could see my excitement, you’d be blinded by the glow in my heart.

Austin was snapping a million pics as well. The anticipation.

When he saw me, he was speechless and tearing up. I wanted to just squeeze him so tightly. We had to rush and get many pics before the wedding would begin. Also, it was faaaareeeezing! Here are some that Doug took.

I couldn’t wait to get started!

Doesn’t Austin look handsome?

Tatum would begin. My Girl plays and I wondered if the guests could hear my heart pounding?

Then mom and I would start to U2’s All I Want Is You.. I was overwhelmed with love, joy and excitement.

Here I come my sweetie.

Neil and Bobby would pray for us and we would discuss John 15, Eph 5:21 and 1 Peter 4:10. Tot would read Gal 5:22-23 (by heart!) to talk about the Fruits of The Spirit that come out of two abiding in Christ and serving each other .

I read my vows to Doug and he read his to me.

Communion and signing the marriage license.

It was a short and beautiful ceremony. He made me feel like a queen and the luckiest, blessed girl in the world.

Oh Happy Day would be our processional…and wasn’t it!!!!

After we’d finish pics (which will be in a later blog) reception time!

When we got to the reception, I had a surprise waiting for my sweetie. A slide show and video.

We all would launch our “rockets” after the video.

His toast to me was the most beautiful words I have ever heard. The love we shared was not only shared with each other, but modeled for others.

From Launching now to Soaring!

Cake (which my dear friend Eva made), fun (Austin and Tot dancing), and friends (here is Sharon and me).

The day could only get better.

I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the friends and family who came. I’ll be adding pics later when I get more in.

Baby, it’s you and me now!!!

Getting Ready for my Rocket MAN: Pre-wedding

The day before a wedding has to be a relaxing day, right? Tatum had a half day, and I had to finish getting moved over to the condo while packing to sleep at my mom’s, the honeymoon night, and packing up Tatum. Blessedly, my dear friend Sharon and her husband Andy would take Tatum on Friday night so mom and I could hang out and I could get a good night sleep. This was such a great idea!

Meanwhile, we had to get Tot’s haircut and Brandy would blow out my hair for the next morning. The work it takes to be a bride. Oh the joy!

My mom had flowers all over the kitchen since she was creating the bouquets for herself, Tot and me, and corsages for Austin, Doug, Craig and Darlene (his mom). Wow. I can’t believe how beautiful these roses are! Thank you mom for my GORGEOUS flowers!!!

I slept so soundly and peacefully after a relaxing dinner of Wildflower, Sauvignon Blanc and quality conversation. There was such anticipation for the morning, but everything was done, so all I could do would be to sleep!

When I woke up on Saturday, I was so rested and ready to go! I was to be at the church at 7:30 to meet Brandy to do my hair and makeup.

It was such a surreal morning. The weather was crisp and cool and CLEAR! (it had been raining all week, so this was a blessing).

My love then texted me

Oh, it is close…3 hours from now. I headed to Einstein’s to get my coffee and they were surprised I had no Tot. They had a valentine for her waiting. Wasn’t that so kind?

When I arrived at the church to unload the car, it was so quiet and peaceful; I was all alone awaiting this stellar morning.

I hung my dress and waited for Brandy. My mom and Tot would show up later to get coiffed.

Here is Brandy with her loads of beauty bags. I was so grateful for her help.

While my hair sat (yes, the curls need to hang out in the clips to “set”), my mom got her’s done. WOW. She looked like she walked out of Vogue.

The work we go to to look pretty. I’m sure it took Doug about 10 minutes to get ready. He still would look amazing!

Brandy worked on my hair and makeup. I am not into a lot of makeup, but she mentioned I should just look like me but more glamourous.

Look at these curls!

DK, our photographer arrived, and we were almost ready for the FIRST LOOK!
Tatum arrived, and we got her all dressed. Brandy even did her hair too.

Time to put on the dress. OK, we are almost there! Countdown to Rocket launch. Stay tuned!