Going on the SIXTH day of the SICKIES!

Today, Tatum is home again. Still small fever and sore throat. NO energy or appetite, and if you knew my girl, you’d know this is NOT like her.

We are on the sixth day as today is Friday and this started on Sunday. She had to miss the field trip to the Puppet Theater.

So, she decided she wanted to make her room into a school. This is the sign she made for the door.


Now, she made some little signs for her wall. She thought of all of these herself. You can tell the emotion in each picture she made.

As you can see, the mommy is sad. Tatum is standing next to her.

Tatum and her baby. (her little comfort)

Tatum is sick (sadddddd face)

Sick and SIX.

We decided to liven up the room a bit and create the alphabet. Each letter has something on it to signify that letter! Tot worked hard on this. (and I helped her but not much; I just drew the letters and she decorated most of them)

I am praying tomorrow she’ll feel almost all better because Coti is missing his sister.


The sickness saga continues….

Deep down, I knew there was more wrong with Tatum than a virus. The Lord told me to make an appointment for the doctor for the next morning. Tatum and I prayed voraciously for wisdom from the doctor. My Reach group also texted me a pertinent prayer. While I was reading it, the doctor walked in. Talk about timing on an answered prayer.

She had wise and clarifying news; exactly what we prayed for!!! Tatum had polyps on her tonsils and the start of a serious ear infection.

She felt horrible this morning. SHAKING AND SHIVERING. Miserable.

The doctor told us although the strep was negative, she had every symptom of strep. SO we got antibiotics!!!!

Instantly, I knew this was an answer to prayer and GOD. Plus, in two days, her insurance runs out for this free clinic, so I’m so grateful this happened now.

She took naps, rested, and relaxed today.

She also built some Legos with the patience of Job. Wow.

Later in the day, she did have the shivers, but that Advil really helps. Thank you, Jesus!!
Coti and Tatum rested together, and I think we are on the mend.

She has missed four days of school. Prayerfully, she’ll return on Friday.

I have enjoyed all this time with her, and I think it’s been beneficial for her to gain compassion for what it’s like to be really sick. I also have seen her FIGHT for her health. I love this girl so deeply that it hurts. Thank you Jesus for your work on ME and Tatum. The blood you shed has been poured out on us today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.




The emotional roller coaster of sickness

Sunday was the first day of the dreaded fever. It was almost 104 when we got home from church. How is this possible? She has been so healthy at least for a couple of weeks! In a matter of a day, it was downhill.

Now it is Tuesday night, and she continues to have a fever. I think she’s getting better, and then boom… she is back to where we started.

I took her to the doctor on Monday to rule out strep. Just a virus is what I hear. Well give me something! But they just say time will heal. All Monday I trusted she’d be back on Tuesday. Monday night, fever up to 101.5 so no go to school on Tuesday. Now, this was a problem because I had to be at GCU to observe a classroom at 1:00 on Tuesday. Guess who tagged along with me promising to be quiet as a mouse? Doesn’t she look cute with her backpack? Baby got to join of course.

And she was. She didn’t even whisper to me. The class was even unaware of her attendance.

She colored and colored some more.
Her lunch did not interest her which was very uncharacteristic. This is when I knew she’s not out of the red.

The walk to and fro the class was quite far, so I knew it might take a toll on her as she trudged with  her little backpack weighing as much as she. She enjoyed seeing the campus with all the students skateboarding to class. She also sadly noticed the lack of attention that students pay in the classroom. It opened up a conversation about how to engage a class on the teacher’s part and how this was disrespectful on the students’ part; it also inspired a new article for me. So that was good!

When we got home her temperature was virtually normal, but she felt sick so I said we had to rest. This whole thing has gone up and down and up and down. I get my hopes up that she is better and then boom…nope.

So tonight, I was positive she’d return to school tomorrow, but her temperature was back up to 102. I truly got scared because she seemed more sick than before.

I think we will have to go back to doctor tomorrow. Meanwhile, she misses school, my work piles up, and …..well, I get to spend time with her which I wouldn’t trade for anything. This wasn’t what I had in mind, but she loves being with me, even when I’m working. I couldn’t ask for anything more except a healthy child. Lord, please heal my little Tot. Please give me wisdom on what to do.

I love you Tatum Knight.




Happy Birthday Dinner, Tatum!

It’s time, my sweet girl!! We are going to celebrate you one day after your birthday due to it being Thanksgiving on your birthday. Doug is coming to take us all out! We get to get all fancied up. Mom always loves getting dressed up with Tot.

Let’s do presents.

Doug surprised both of us….

with an AWESOME card to color and  matching shirts since we are his Supergirls!

You like?

I like.

Mama surprised Tot with a new nightie and one to match Bella.

Then, I got her a fun game. (we love to play games)

And for a whole year,  she has asked for….

I think I need to learn too.

Now she can sing with it.

So excited to perform now.

Bracelet maker which will go to use tomorrow for gifts for friends.

More legos.. (can you ever have too many?)

Ok. we have plenty to keep us busy.

Now off to dinner after we smile. My honey and my other honey.


We return to Flemings because the steak is so good! And we discovered they have a children’s menu. Can I get an AMEN to that!?

Mama loves her blue cheese salad.

And the steak rocks.

Tatum was so much more mature this year. She was patient, waiting for her food and she enjoyed every minute.

What do you think she started doing the second we got home??
You guessed it:

What a delightful time with my family. Mama and Doug, thank you for treating us to such a fun time. We are blessed.



Six Years ago Happy Thanksgiving!

It was SIX years ago that my life changed forever. Thanksgiving Day it was when Tatum Knight was born, and now this year, her birthday lands on Thanksgiving. It was an extra special day. Since we will spend today being grateful with family, we will celebrate tomorrow her birthday with presents. However, a few had to be given today!

I wanted to give her a warm jacket this year, since it is pretty darn cold in the mornings here. She now is quite cozy!

Later that morning, she got some more Legos, and do you know what!? She built this helicopter all by herself (with just a few helps from me). Wow!

She did not give up or get frustrated.

Tenacity and persistence paid off.

Later, it was time to head to my honey’s house. He had been working ALL day on the turkey and sides. What a blessing to his chef talents. I wanted us to get all fancied up!

Mom and Tot match as she likes it!

Mom looked so pretty, and after being so sick with shingles, we are so grateful she is feeling better). I love you Mom!!! (Tot took this!!)

We got to Doug’s and got some nice pics in front of his newly painted home. It won’t be his for long!!! Our new home closes in one week!

Well, the food was just amazing. Look at this spread! The turkey that Doug made was perfect, the ham smoked by Craig was delightful…all of it!!

After eating, (and yummy PIE…)

it was time to have some FUN in the name of Tatum. All of us became 12 again…especially Craig (Doug’s younger brother)

Did someone say SILLY STRING!?

Our inner childs all came out, and we turned Doug’s backyard into a silly string paradise or war zone…however you want to look at it.

David’s (Doug’s older bro) kids (Grace and Kelsie) played in the fun too, and this gave Tatum such JOY!!!

What fun. Seriously, so much gratefulness for today at Doug’s and for my sweet girl. We all had such a great time talking, playing, and celebrating family. Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Tatum!

I love you Doug, Tot, and Mama! Family is everything when founded upon Jesus ‘ love.

Thanksgiving Service, North Carolina, and sleepovers

I had to miss the Friday before Thanksgiving. Her class was doing their service project by delivering food boxes to a food bank, singing to Sr. Citizens, and then having their feast. I was to be in North Carolina so she had to go alone with her class and the other parents. My little Pilgrim did a great job singing!

And helping.

As she did this, I snapped a shot of my parking space and boarded my flight.

Now, I was on my way.

Doug picked her up and made her a special Salmon dinner. They had the best time hanging out which warms my heart. I always buy her a little goodie for her overnight bag, and this time it was a bunny onesie.

The next day, I taught the teachers at the coolest K-8 school’s library. The kids have bikes at some of their desks so they can read and exercise simultaneously.

Tot was in great hands with Doug fixing his home up readying it for sale.

She did not help paint, but she did help change some lights. Doesn’t his house look so pretty?

I was ready to come home and see my two honeys and my mom and Coti.

Tatum made me some cards.

and seeing her sweet face and artful talent made it all worth it.

Thank you Honey for taking care of Tot, and thank you PVCP for making my Tatum’s Thanksgiving special.

Marv and Pat

Mom’s dear friends and Bible study leaders are Marv and Pat. They are wonderful!

For Marv’s birthday, Tatum made a Koala and they hung it on their frig. Then she also made Marv a Veteran’s Day appreciation sign, and guess where it went.

On the frig….

Now, they have 6 grandchildren, but Tatum’s love occupies their frig’s face. I like that.