Halloween 2018

Halloween Eve, Tatum insisted on staying up and making a card for everyone in her class.

E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Did I mention there are 19 kiddos in her class?

Yes mommy. All of them.

Plus Mrs. Holman and Mrs. Gould.

So I gave her some spelling help.

She got through 5 kids and figured she’d wake up early to finish.

Did she??????

The cards did not get finished, but she did give the ones she did to Mrs. Holman and Gould so no kids would get left out.

The day was pretty normal, but the COUGH returned, so we knew we would just visit a few homes, gather some chocolate of course, and head home.

Little Red Riding Hood did not wander off and did not meet a wolf. We just met two dogs and one dog dressed as an owl. Much more safe.

Skittles ended the evening along with much more coughing.




You’re joining us on our date!

She couldn’t wait! Tonight, mama couldn’t watch Tot during our date, so she joined us. This meant she would get all dressed up.

Don’t I look spiffy, Coti?


We looked at some model homes with honey.

This mirror was exquisite. Stay tuned for more pics on our upcoming new home!!!


Thankful Tree!

We had so much fun making these trees. The fruit on the tree are the things we are grateful for.

Here is mine!

And here is Taties:

Purtying up

One of the great things about Sundays is we get to get gussied up.

Today, Coti wanted to join us.


Doug took these pics. Her flamboyance and joy shine through.

First Conference with Mrs. Holman in KA!

Tatum is small but mighty. This was what Mrs. Holman shared with me immediately. She is a JOY to have in the class.


Her strengths are that she is thoughtful, strong, confident and truthful. She is self-controlled also. Loves to learn, great listener and is respectful to everyone.

Of course, there are areas she would need to improve. She is a leader, and the kids playing with her. This means she is a big responsibility to role model obedience. There are times when she can tow the line. I love what Mrs. Holman says that she should look as if she is doing it for the Lord. She is leading others to the High Road not LOWER.

I am going to make that BIG O in her bedroom like Mrs. Holman suggested. When we are in the O circle, we are obeying and we are in God’s protection and happiness. Adults are happy,, and she is happy. When you are outside the O, there is sadness all around but especially with yourself.

One of Tatum’s strengths is her STRONG conscience. She is ultra-aware of her behavior, and Mrs. Holman says she is more aware than any other.  I love this about Tot…She gets it!! She often punishes herself because she knows what she did was not a positive thing.

I see so much growth in Tatum academically too. She excels in her work, but could always work on being neater. I want her to take pride in her own BEST, and know she is working for the Lord and not man (Col 3:23).

I’m so proud of you, Tot. I love you to pieces, and I only see your road being more bright, albeit hard, but with God, you’ll be able to weather all the storms and reap the blessings.


You are “boo”tiful! Halloween bags for others

Tatum and I love to make things for others. It also is a way for us to engage in arts and crafts but with a purpose.

We wanted to make little haunted houses out of paper bags, so we got to coloring, cutting and pasting.

Then, we added a bag of cookies to each one.

We made one for Mrs. Holman, Mrs. Chadwick (front desk), Mrs. Gould (asst to Holman), Mrs. Temple (PVCP headmaster), and Mama! They say, “You are “boo”tiful!


Thanks for making it fun, Taties!