First Show and Share

I offered to come into the classroom and help Mrs. Holman a couple days a week. She mentioned she could use help with the end of the day and Show and Share. With 18 kids, of course she does! I figured the first day would be the day Tot would share.

It was also voting day (for the Republican primaries). So of course, I did this first.

Then back I came to her classroom to help the class of 18 (breathe) kiddos.

I have to admit, when I arrived, I peaked in the little window to see what they were all doing. It was free play while Mrs. Holman got their folders together. Tatum was sitting on the “reading” seat and asking the kids around her, “Who wants to hear a story?”She was playing teacher. That is when I walked in, and she ran up to give me a hug.

After I helped Mrs. Holman hand out the folders for them to put in their backpacks (Tot helped me identify the kids), it was time for the Show and Share.

Tot jumped on the rocking chair and waited for the kids’ respect.

She then held her teddy and told them all that it was her special bear, it had a rattle, and she loved it.


When it was time for questions, one boy asked its name and where she got it. She said Baby One and she got if from her mommy.

Giggle giggle.

So cute and brave was she!

It was so fun being in there! I plan on going back weekly to help Mrs. Holman. It’s amazing how she does it! Lots of energy balls in there.


It isn’t all upside down. Kindergarten is off to a great start!

The other morning, Tatum couldn’t wait for me to come onto the playground and show me her new trick on the monkey bars. She and all her new girlie friends are practicing daily. This reminded me of all my work on the monkey bars at that age… (Penny drops and flying Dutchman. Crazy fun and probably super dangerous but who noticed?)

My gut impulse reaction was to say, “CAREFUL, HONEY!” But, instead, I realized…..she is learning. Let her do it and if she falls, she’ll learn from this.

Such is the lesson I learn by a gradual release into Kindergarten.

It’s not all upside down either.

No, she’s flourishing!

It was just Back to School night, and I am told that Tatum is the BIGGEST helper and encourager (HUGE SMILE in my heart!)

Well, we received a lot of info, and I love that she is being introduced to all these new learning opportunities.

Learning to read with her.. TIPS

What does a day in KINDER look like with Mrs. Holman

What is she learning?

Saxon Math everyday!

Her letters, sounds and reading are growing with the help of Spalding methods.

And a verse each week she must memorize. I’m going to do it with her.

So far: Romans 11:36 and Revelation 4:11. Theme? Glorifying God.

I just love the values, respect, and kindness she is learning and getting affirmed as well.

It (really I) may feel upside down at times, but in the end, it will be ALL RIGHT!

Thank you PVCP and Mrs. Holman!

Missing August 22nd but making the most of it

It was SIX years ago when I received the “phone call” about Tatum. She was to become my baby three months exactly from that day. Wow.!

Well, I was in North Carolina that day, and so I decided to make the best of it. Tatum stayed with Doug, so I made sure she had some new jammies. Giraffes make her feel taller.

Anyway, I decided to Uber over to the Billy Graham Library. It was about 15 minutes from my hotel. I had to be back at my hotel by noon to check out, so I only had an hour. When I arrived, my body filled with goosebumps.

This place.


I had to stop and sit on this bench and just pray to thank God for this beautiful environment. Music played softly in the background, and I felt like I was sitting with Jesus.

OK, I’m ready. Nobody is around, so I selfied it.

When I entered, I was welcomed with open arms. Seriously, the genuineness of the volunteers was beyond kind. Elsie the cow welcomed us

and shared that the tour was about to start. The cow talked, yes. She mentioned that God wants to USE US (ALL OF US) for His glory as He used a simple farm boy in Billy.

We began the tour, and I sadly had to cut away because of my lack of time. I ended up going through and just relishing the pictures and the history of this man. As an evangelist, his message was so simple. Turn from your sin, repent, and be forgiven. No flowery words. No fancy speech. JUST PASSION and LOVE.

I loved this wall

How much are we loved. Completely; no matter what color or size or where we are from. We are all loved by Him completely.

Reagan loved him. He worked with 11 presidents!! That in itself is amazing.

At the end was his Just As I Am video and this walk into the cross. Ok, this was a bit surreal and not creepy but eerie? I wanted to be holding someone’s hadn’t but alas…. I pretended I was with Jesus.

I had to get going, but I ended up going in the prayer room for some silent time. Then, of course the bookstore. I had to buy a few goodies for my favorite people.

This day has always been my favorite because it brings me back to a TURNING point in my life. The day my life completely changed and would never be the same becoming a mommy. It is likened to the day my life has never been the same since I met Jesus. Billy Graham inspires us all to remember that day, embrace it, and SHARE IT.

I missed you this day, Tot, but I celebrated you, Doug, my mom, and my life since I met Jesus. It only gets better.

Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.

He restores my soul.

He leads me in paths of righteousness

for his name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff,

they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies;

you anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

all the days of my life,

and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD


We say (well, I say it) every day). Do you know why? Because I do feel like that sheep sometimes because HE has to MAKE me lie down and rest. It’s not natural for me. But, my cup overflows with blessings because I CHOOSE to focus on the blessings, have gratitude, and look at everything as that which works for good.

I love you, Jesus.


This was the first thing that came into my mind this morning. Well, it could also be that I heard that song on the radio by for King and Country.

You see, this morning, Tatum woke up with the stomach flu and a fever. That meant no church. But, you know what happened instead? We laid on my bed and read my first BLOG book from her first six months. The entries are hilarious if I do say so myself. I think I was so delirious from lack of sleep that I was not in my sane mind. (Or maybe that was my sane mind and now I’m insane? Oh well).

The theme of most of these blogs was digestion. Yes, digestion. Was it going to be a smooth process or would it end in gas, bloating, wailing and screaming? (Ironically this is my problem now) OR, would it end with a nice little giggle and nap. The latter never happened. So, Tot and I reminisced (for some reason she doesn’t remember (!?!?))

So why did I wake with JOY? Because this past 5.789 years has been gloriously amazing. They always say (They = EVERYONE except those with little desire to parent) it whizzes by, and it sure does. That first year felt like forever because I was so exhausted, she cried incessantly, and I was sadly working full time. But now, she just started Kindergarten, and I savor every minute with her since it’s a bit less now.  (I’m first to pick her up HEEHEE).

What is to come is very exciting because she continues to blossom as her personality becomes more vivacious, kind, and playful. Her class seems to be a great fit for her as she comes home everyday telling me she played with everyone (not to mention she is learning a bunch). These are some things she remembers:

Mrs Holman is awesome, bumping her head on the monkey bars (I got to pick her up early), learning more math, and not having any homework (yet). Oh, and going to the library! (but not getting a book yet (sad face)).

We still draw when we can (and paint!)


Tot, we are going to have a new home soon, and you’ll have a new daddy WHO ADORES YOU. All of us will just continue to grow in love. JOY. This is the word of the day.


First day of Kindergarten. It’s joyfully and frightfully here!

Wow. I remember I used to say, “Oh, she’s got two more years before Kindergarten!” It was eons away. Now, here it is. It feels like she’s leaving for college. I am so used to having my little bumby around me most of the day, so now I must get used to getting her to school by 8 and picking her up around 3. It’s time to MAXIMIZE our time together. Man….it’s so hard for some reason. It’s a good thing that I not only LOVE my kid but that I LIKE her to bits.

She had her clothes laid out two days ago! (She usually reads in her chair to relax)

We went shopping for her first day outfit. She even tried it on so she’d be completely prepared.

We woke up early (I did my devotions),  and she then jumped out of bed, and got dressed.

We prayed this morning for:
A smooth morning for Mrs. Holman.

For new friends and for Tatum to be an encourager, servant, and lover of people

For Mommy to find joy in this new season

She’s ready to go have breakfast!

I had her lunch all made last night, and oh was it fun to tuck in some little surprises plus a love note. These Yumboxes

make it so easy!

We got to school, and I went into drop her off with Mrs. Holman.

Tatum was so excited.

I, of course, needed a bit more power from HIM to withstand this. I am so happy for her, but geez….it’s hard!
So, they had a coffee/get together for parents in the gymnasium. I met some more new moms, connected with ones I knew, and got boosted up with love.

I’m so very grateful for this school, Paradise Valley Christian Prep. There’s so much love, nurturing, and joy in this place.

I think we are going to make it. Ephesians 6 all day (putting on HIS armor) and Psalm 23 to know we have our Shepherd present to comfort us.

I love you Tatum Tot. You are covered in love and His protection. Amen!