Get that tooth out of me!!!

Remember on July 3, 2016 ?

When it went BACKWARDS back then ,and I had to be revived from a heart attack, this tooth has been crooked and stubborn.

This tooth has been a problem ever since. NOW….

it became loose in early June, and since then, it has been bothersome and obstinate. So, Tatum ASKED to go to the dentist to get this thing OUT!!!

Dr. B was her dentist today, and he decided it was time also.

There it is in red:

She was given some laughing gas (upon me signing about 5 consent forms!?) Should I be worrying? I wasn’t laughing, and BTW, neither was Tot. She was still as a statue. Thank goodness for the movie Robots which played overhead.

Then they numbed her with bubble gum tooth gel.

I’m having flashbacks of my surgery and feeling sick to my stomach watching Tot go through this. Again, she is statuesque. (Srsly, she’s amazing)

And now…….the longest needle I’ve ever seen is going into her gums. I hope there’s a pillow on the ground, because I’m about to faint.

Just get on with it and get the tooth out.

Praise Jesus. It’s out, and my gauzy Tot is still frozen.

I’m so proud of her.  She must lay there to soak up the bloody evidence. All this for a measly tooth.



Two down, 18 to go!

We went home and she put it under her pillow.  What will the fairy bring this time?


(Apparently the dentist’s 10-year old son was in there also, and Dr. B said his son was not even 1/2 as brave as Tot. )


I’m going to read this every day

This is what she said to me.

Tonight, I decided it was time. Now, I bought these books about two years ago. I figured I’d introduce her to what it means to be a Christ follower later; when she was mature enough to understand. Of course we talk about Jesus everyday and we talk about the Holy Spirit in her heart. It’s a common language around here.

Also, she prays daily about forgiveness and her feelings if she has guilt. She knows that God forgives her and drops it in the ocean. She also knows we are ALL sinners. She knows that Jesus died for her. BUT, has she ever heard the WHOLE story? Does she get why it is so hard to be kind, obedient, or well-behaved?

These books go through them pretty well and provides the big picture, filling in the blanks.

It also complements her little Adventure Bible which we read nightly. I’m trying to just give her deep roots of memory verses and APPLICATION of what it means. They mean nothing if we don’t live it out and BE the people of Jesus.

So, I weeped the whole time as we read these. I was 24 when I was introduced to Jesus. Why didn’t anyone pull me aside at 5? She may stray, but she has the truth and she’ll never forget the day SHE PRAYED for HIM to be her Savior.

July 27th, 2018. A special day.

She  wanted to read Psalms all night long. And so we did. I love you Jesus.

Thank you for giving me YOU and giving me the gift of being a mom to this girl.

She makes my heart smile

I have a surprise for you mommy.

She came into my room and dropped this off after quiet time.

The front of the card.

Then you open it for the rest of the LO…

More opening to…


MM….wait for it!

I love playing with you.” (And I wrote I love being with you.)


Y! Love Tatum.

Thank you sweet girl.

And now…for the unveiling

The watch came! Remember, this was her reward for her patience. She bought this with HER allowance!

The doorbell rang and she ran like a gazelle down the stairs.

Is it here????

YES! A car. On her wrist. Now, the band is a tire tread. Come on! How cute can you get?

I think she was hoping it got “charged” and could do tricks, but it does tell time. Oh, and it has a stop watch. Oh…the good old days when watches were just that.

She is proud to wear it knowing she earned it.



Come in Coti…Can you hear me now?


He is going to respond now.


Coti is definitely trying to tell her that his nap has been hijacked by her incessant questions.

Now, go back to sleep, Snuggle Bug.

Incredible Kid

She really is.

Today, she showed responsibility. She did things without asking like picking things up in her room.
She was kind to people at the stores; Now, she usually is, but today, she would just approach patrons with a question or a compliment. Again without prompting from me.

She also was so obedient. First time asked. DONE.

She also made cards for her teachers from camp.


I had to give it to her because it is what she is.


You be YOU!



It pays to wait

Remember the saying, “Patience is a virtue?” It’s also the third fruit of the spirit.

We could all work on this a bit, eh?

What about “delayed gratification?” It’s a tough concept to understand; even for mature folks!

Anyhoo, three weeks ago, Tatum suggested she wanted a new watch. I told her she could get one with her allowance for about $10 if she wanted one like her Paw Patrol one. She agreed. However, she only had $5 in her “Spend” envelope. She did not want to use her “Save” or “Give” money. I told her if she could wait two weeks, she’d have enough money to buy the watch.

Well, guess what Sunday was? THE DAY OF $10 in her “Spend” envelope! She put off the buying of anything until today.

We searched on Amazon for the perfect watch. Upon picking one out, she ordered it with me and now she has to wait until Thursday for it’s arrival.

It pays to wait.

So proud of you, Tot!