And what did the tooth fairy bring???

She fell asleep and awaited the big exchange. The tooth for a ______ . What would it be??

Ok, really, what would it be!?

I had to do some quick thinking, and guess what? The tooth fairy came through, and Tatum had to let me know at early o’clock.

A $2 bill.

She didn’t realize how cool this was until she told EVERYBODY in her path. They all remarked, “WOW! A $2 bill? Do they even make those? How cool, Tatum.” Aaaaaahhhh, confirmation that I needed.

Now, what will she bring for 19 more teeth???

First tooth says goodbye!

Remember that wiggly tooth on June 2nd?

Welllllllll, it’s been wiggly for about 3 weeks. The bottom tooth joined the fun to wiggle too. This one was much more amenable to falling out, I think.

She has been asking, “When will it come out, Mommy?” How am I supposed to know? So, I just say, “Probably tomorrow!”

So, today, Friday, she was determined to get that bottom tooth out. We made a plan. Let’s tie one end of the tooth with some yarn and the other end to Coti’s foot. Then, when he takes off running…….BYE BYE TOOTH! Good plan, eh? You see, I am too much of a scaredy cat to inflict pain, so I wanted nothing to do with the removal process. Coti needed to do it.

Not so much. It wouldn’t stay on. So we tried the doorknob effect.

Again, no go.

So, I went to make dinner and I told her we’d try again tomorrow.

That was not good enough for Tatum. She is one determined, tenacious little Tot.
While I made dinner, she continued to wiggle it. And wiggle it. And wiggle it. And wiggle it.

Apparently she was playing with Coti, and then she bumped into Coti and Coti bumped into her, and then……

the tooth just POPPED out!

Glory BE!!! She did it! Well, with the help of little Snuggle bug.

So, now, we must insert it into the tooth pillow,

thanks to my honey Dougy, and wait for the tooth fairy to come.

Just so she can see it better, here are some close ups.


And there is much rejoicing. Or there will be tomorrow.

P.S. (This was not expected so I need some fast thinking to discuss cash with this here fairy).







Future so bright!

I couldn’t resist. I saw these at Kid to Kid, and I had to get them.

We be cool together now.

At the pool….

And in the car.

These shades definitely helped this morning. We both were a bit under the weather, but when we put on our cool shades, POOF!…somehow we felt better. I think it’s probably our attitudes about a hope and a future. It’s just so darn bright, we have to wear shades.

Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you: Plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you a hope and a future.”

Quail Love

We are obsessed with them! Well, you see, every morning, the mommy and daddy quail enter our patio with their little babies following. They are growing now. This is the same family from a few weeks ago.

Now look at them!

I love how they move all the other birds out of the way for their babies to get their food!

So, today when Tot and I were driving to camp, we see this house. They not only love quail, they love the Lord. See their door frame.

“Love the Lord with all your soul, strength and mind.”

Quail make me happy and think of family with lots of love.

Incredible Tuesday!

The Incredibles came out last week. Well, Incredibles TWO!

The first one came out 14 years ago, and FINALLY the sequel returned. We went last week to see it, and ever since, Tatum and I have been doing everything Incredible. We especially like Jack Jack, the baby. His powers were revealed in the second one. I won’t spoil it, but it is heeeeeelarious. Let’s just say it involves him spontaneously combusting. He gives fits a new name.

So, we drew him.

With the help of and the McDonald’s figure.

I did my best too.

She’s got it down!!!

After we finished, we made a card for the teachers at PFT. It was our Incredible Tuesday, which meant we do a Random Act of Kindness.

We made them a card.

What do they need????

We’ll find out and buy it for them.

Supplies are always needed and in low supply.

It was Incredible, as always, with my Tot.

Congratulations on MCM, Babe!!

When Doug told me he wanted to go to school to be a chaplain, I was excited for him. He wanted to ramp up his learning of the Bible, but also he wanted to learn more about Jesus and be around bright Godly men. Men Coaching Men (MCM) was the perfect avenue for this.

He has been going to Tuesday nights at SBC for about two years, and the chaplaincy would meet on Saturday mornings. He was dedicated to doing it.

Darien Bennet would be his mentor and teacher.

Well, June 23rd, 2018, he would graduate with flying colors.

They asked him three questions in front of us, and he answered from his heart. The Holy Spirit was definitely present with him as He always is when Doug talks. He spoke boldly and humbly to his peers about the Gospel of Jesus and the Love He has for all of us.

HIs Fitbit showed his heart rate during the time he spoke. You think he was feeling the “burn” during his talk????

He didn’t show it if he was!!

Darien and his team then prayed over the men of his class. What bright lights these men are.

The journey is just beginning for my man. Now, as Darien says, he will walk worthy of his calling. What will that be? God will guide him and lead him in the ministry assigned to Douglas Hay.

Tatum is so proud of him too.

Your calling will be revealed as you walk your walk. We love you, Honey!!!

Following the Yellow Brick Road to Theater Camp 2018

How else do you prepare for camp? New socks of course.

She set out a new pair for each day of camp. Srsly.


This year, I signed her up for Wizard of Oz and Beetlemania at Phoenix Theater. Last year, she went to Disney and Mickey Mouse.

Ok, so of course she was nervous going the first day, but when I picked her up, I got THE REPORT.

Yes, she loves to dance. She also made friends with everyone. The teachers were so impressed with her. Surprised? NOPE!


We got her parts:

Scene 1, 5th line: I rode a tornado

Perfect for Tot. Then she was up first for Scene 3.

She would have the first line!

“I never want to leave Oz.”

She practiced her songs all week. Follow the Yellow Brick Road and Somewhere over the Rainbow.


It was now time to perform on Friday. She had truly practiced this time!

She walked out poised and ready!

Now…. the moment. Her line!

Then they sang and danced!

And the finish!

Her teachers, Jesus and Osiris, were so encouraging. Thank you!

Mama and I are proud of you Tot!

See you for Beetlemania in two weeks.