Red little balls of love

Tomatoes are delicious when they are teeny and sweet, but do you know what is better?

Fresh tomatoes from your own garden!!! Thanks to Doug!

We picked the first two tonight….

And Tatum and I each had one in our salads.

Now, the only problem? I could have had about 20 more. Delicious!

We’re up to 40!!

I cannot believe it, but we are up to knowing 40 Bible verses by heart. Today, we added verses to our craft we worked on yesterday. Our new verse today had to do with our tongues and the power we have by our words. Proverbs 18:21.

Painting first…

then the fun part…making confetti

Then we added the verses after gluing.

She made the heart (and we added Psalm 73:26). God is the strength of my heart!!!

And, I did a donut! The sweetness of our words should be like a donut, eh?

Now, we put them up to add to our assortment on the wall.


Seeing even better

Tatum insists she needs to see better. Now, baby is getting in on the action.

She has two friends, Doug, and me who all wear glasses, and we are all pretty cool, so of course she wants to be cool too. Baby, you will always be cool because you’re my little bumby’s kid. And that alone makes you amazing.

But then there’s Cotikins. He always likes to see by just peeking out from his little hiding spot under the bed.

We see you now, Coti!!!

The joy of our eyes.

Fancied up with Doug, Mama and Tot

We tend to celebrate birthdays for a month (or two) in Mama’s case.

Doug treated us to a nice dinner. But more importantly, we got to fancy up!


My big sweetie..

And of course, my little sweetie.

It’s fun to just squeeze her.

Thank you honey for the lovely time.

210 lbs vs 30 lbs

7 Tatum’s! That is what Louie is to her. Louie is my friend Mike’s mastiff. That means HUGE DOG. He reminds us of a cute dog we read about in our books: Henry and Mudge.

We had nice eye contact while Tatum hid.

Then she realized he wanted to meet her and give her a drool bath.

He then went inside as she held on to me.

Well, doggie, it was nice to see you. Maybe I should stick to statues.

Thanks Mike Lippman for the tour! We sure loved him.

Taking a bite out of mommy

Tot and I were walking Coti on Sunday when out of the garage of our neighbor’s house ran an UNleashed golden retriever. He charged right for Coti. I screamed for someone to rescue this dog and tried to lift Coti up. Meanwhile, the leashless dog took a bite out of me. Finally his 9-year old owner got him.

Well, Tatum was screaming and crying the whole time. She yelled, “BAD DOG!! Don’t hurt my mommy!!!” We (well, I limped) walked home and all I could think was is Coti OK? Thank goodness Tot didn’t get bitten. 

My leg was in a bit of pain,

but Coti was OK.

Tatum made me the sweetest picture of Paw Patrol dogs. Wow, what a coloring job.  We really do love doggies; just not ones that want to hurt Snuggle bug.

My mother made me report it, so the animal control people gave me a case number.

The dog will now be on a leash!

I’m not angry at all. I’m just grateful that nobody got very hurt; especially Tot or Coti.


New eyes to see

Sometimes, we get stuck in our own ways. We tend to have blind spots where we need a bit of a nudge.

Getting new glasses was a bit symbolic this week. I decided to get progressives since it’s a nuisance taking my reading glasses on and off when I need to see far.

Well, with these spectacles, I have also a newfound appreciation for my love. That is Douglas Hay. He truly is God’s gift to me.

Along with this cutie pie.

With these new eyes, I can truly SEE.

Thank you, GOD. I am blessed to have my loves.