Easter Eve!

Doug and I had a great night making plans for Tot’s next day. He’s a cutie pie!


Yes, it was to be very special. We couldn’t wait to celebrate Jesus!!!
We also had a few tricks up our sleeve for Tatum.

I didn’t want to wait to give her a new bike on her birthday because that is forever away. So, it was a bit of a selfish reason: I WANT TO RIDE WITH HER!
Doug suggested a balance bike; you add the pedals later.

Tomorrow, she shall try it out!

Good Good Friday and celebrating Mama

Mom’s birthday fell on Good Friday this year, so Tatum would be home from school that day.  She wanted to wear a new shirt, so we picked out her new doggie one.

We then wanted to surprise Mama with a coconut muffin, but we needed confetti, so we cut up one of her Paw Patrol coloring book pages. Boom!

After breakfast we all headed to the gym, and had a great workout with Mama. She did five exercises! So proud of her.

It was time for lunch, so we started at the prayer garden at Scottsdale Bible. It takes us through the path Jesus went through before his crucifixion.

We wrote down prayers also and put them on the wires. So powerful and important to do with Tatum. I always am so moved in this journey as I see the true suffering He took on for us. The cross he bore on His back is present in this garden so we could feel its weight. I wish I would have had this time to do this journey on my own because I always weep, but it was good to do it with Tatum and Mama. We love you Jesus.

Time for Mama’s present.

She wrote it all herself.


Inside the card: She added the crosses  herself.. and of course the xoxox’s. (cute!!)



She then gave Mama the picture she drew.

She made a rainbow with a family. Mama is above the rainbow and the bottom is a field of charms.


We had so much fun eating and being silly,

Later, Tatum had her skating lesson and we were all so proud of her.

It was then time to celebrate with Mama alone. She and I had planned to go to dinner. Pictures of course!

Then we went outside since it was still light out:

My mom is so beautiful. I cannot believe how she ages so well!.

Coti and Tot joined. My family. L.O.V.E!!!

Mom, this day with you was so special. This year we grew more than ever because we were dedicated to RELATIONSHIP. We also focused on our own relationships with Jesus, so that in itself made us better people. Grateful. Honored. Blessed.

I love you Mama. You’re beautiful inside and out.


Easter egg hunt 2017!

When we arrived at school, we had to give Ms. V and Coach Matt their easter basket.

Ms V. BEAMED with joy since this was all recycled materials and 100% homemade. (The toilet paper rolls were the bunnies and chicken and the box was a decorated Crayola marker box). Having some Mimi Blossoms (my famous cookies) inside did not hurt!

This year, the class only had 144 eggs to hide. Each kid brought 12 eggs and there are 12 of them!

Last year, Ms. Chris and Ms Angie’s class had over 300!

Coach Matt and Ms. V did not allow any chaotic running or any of those shenanigans. They all found 12 (and if they didn’t she made sure each kid had 12 to take home)

Tatum was ready to rip them open and find the JELLY BEANS!!!

Such fun with all the kids. Thank you Ms. V and Coach Matt!
We had fun making your easter basket for you!

My REACH group!

Every other Wednesday, I have the privilege to join some lady friends of mine  (we call ourself REACH!) as we discuss a book. It’s always written by a Christian author and contains fodder for discussion.

Well, this Wednesday, I had the ladies over at my house for salad bar.

Tatum joined us for a bit, but then she was asked to stay in her bedroom and play. She honored this request and built the best contraption!

Before this, I had given her some mazes to complete and after each completion, she’d come down and get a smiley face and high five from me. I was so proud of her!

Moreover, we had the best time laughing it up and sharing our hearts. I am so blessed by these ladies.  (Eva, Kellye, Sharon, Shannon, Tina, and Cana)


Tatum was still up after they left reading as usual. Awesome night.

When I am not looking…I hear….

her playing the piano. What music to my ears!

Today, before church, she sat down and started seeing the notes as she played. She did not look at her hands, but with poise, sang the notes.

CDE EDC…ABCBC…and so on.

I clapped and so did baby!

So proud of you, Tot!!!

Coti loves donuts

See him ready to bite it!?

Well, although it is plastic, it packs a loud squeak and is sure fun to chase and chew!