Final day and reflection

Today was Day 12 and also the last day of 2017.

As we unveiled the 12th call for a service opportunity, I had a tinge of sadness but also a revelation. This 12 day extravaganza was really motivated by my desires. Sure, Tatum got into it because I was with her, but it was not “natural” for her to think of others the first part of the day and throughout.

But, is it any of our natural tendencies?

At times, more often than not, I was a tad frustrated that she was not more “into it” at the unveiling each morning. It was a picture of how God probably sees us when we don’t naturally go to Him or think of another above ourselves.  He must command us and model it for us because you know what? We are selfish creatures and our nature is to be of and about ourselves.

Such is a child.

Was I to expect her to dance around each morning and beg me to do the this or that for him/her/them? No, in fact, most mornings, its “I’m hungry;” “My toe hurts;” “Mommy, this is wrong or that is wrong…” However, we would do a 180, and she would willfully and obediently do as we should. Be focused above and out. I think that is what God expects of us: “If you love me, you’ll obey what I command.” (John 14:15). He commands us, and the longer we are IN HIM and ABIDE IN HIM, the more NATURAL it shall become. Others-centered. Jesus-centered.

Serving others each and every day becomes more natural as time goes on, and it it becomes part of who you are. This is my prayer for my Tot. It all starts with “Seek ye first the kingdom of God (and all these things shall be given to you.” (Matt 6:33)…It all starts with looking up.

So today, we make

Gratitude jars….


And spend time in gratitude for our family members.

We shall be more intentional each and every day to make it about HIM.



Prepping for the New Year! (and starting Day 11)

We cleaned up her room, and Tot helped by moving the furniture.

Then it was time to make some crafts.

Oh, did I forget to tell you? We picked the Day 11, and made the trip to Trader Joe’s to get flowers.

Ms. Holly, her Sunday school teacher, is the perfect choice.

Also, the craft will be a nice touch to add to our gratitude for her!

Starting with a circle, these would become beautiful stars.

Tatum decorated it.

Adding a stick….

and some ribbons, we are ready.

Now we have  a few to celebrate Happy New Year.

After we celebrated our Day 11 and wands, it was time to have some quiet time. She opted for my bed, reading, under the “fort.”

A full day of such and such and this and that. Tatum is one big ball of energy, always thinking of things to imagine and create. It’s definitely never a dull moment.

In the morning, we gave the flowers and wand to Ms. Holly! (and there was much rejoicing.

Day 10 already?

Today is Day 10. I can’t believe it’s happened so fast.

Can you tell she’s excited? Hee hee. More like tired. The Tot has been sleeping in every day which has been glorious for her mommy. (smile!!)

We went through her jammies and also knew that she could donate some new ones. We made a deal that she’d donate two pairs of jammies and some slippers.

We took them to St. Vincent’s instead of Phoenix Rescue Mission. Next time, we’ll find out how to donate the PRM.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this, and I know Tatum is too.

Speechless and Grateful

Christmas unveils the deep giving spirit within all of us. This Christmas showed me that I am incredibly blessed by my family and especially Doug.

We had a chance to celebrate sans others and really spend some time together at his house. Doug always decorates so well, and he is such a phenomenal host. I mean he has the house all decorated and the outdoors is full of lights and sprinkley sparkles.

Well, I arrived early so we could chat, and he had the grill already to start grilling. He went to town on our choices! Tenderloin, shrimp and chilean sea bass. Yes, all of it for our little tummies.

Isn’t that pretty!?

And some of my favorite wine

The dinner was ready with a nice salad and some delicata squash I broiled.

We are ready now to open some gifteroonies!

We decided to multi task and open while we eat.

He wrapped every little gift with perfection, and me? I did not. I was a bit haphazard with mine. (My little folded creation is on the top) (eek!)

We did lots of little gifts (which he wrapped each and every one), and then the big one.

It was so funny because we both got each other a concert experience at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum (SO FUN!) and he got me……are you ready for this…… A LAPTOP.

Yes, a new MacBook. Are you kidding me??

I was going to buy one next year out of my savings and now!?  My sweet guy.

I think the best part of the evening was just cooking together and laughing.  After three years, I continue to see the beauty of this man. I can’t way to see what 2018 holds. He incredibly blessed me; He is truly an angel in my life. I love you, Douglas Hay.

Day 9 Excitement

Today, we were planning to see Ferdinand. It’s a wonderful children’s book which we have read many times.

Before this, however, we had to unveil Day 9!


Well, would you look at that? Thank you and gratitude notes.

And so, after the movie, we made a list of who we would like to thank and voila.

Kelly got a Wonder Woman card

Such fun today. What will be in store for tomorrow?


Day 8 Suprises

We awoke to both feeling ourselves again after at least one of us feeling not so hot.  Yahoo!! It was time to unveil the wonderment of Day 8.

Oh boy! We get to visit the Police/Fire headquarters. It was to be a fun day.

We headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up some treats. I was unsure about making homemade goodies since there are many crazy people who may want to poison our fine officers. And…well, I was out of eggs.

Upon decorating our basket and making a card, we drove to the Police/Fire headquarters in Scottsdale.

Now, they have a nice lobby which doubles as a museum. The man up front took our basket and asked us if it was for Police or Fire? I was not particular, so I said either one.

After a quick run through the museum and a kiss to the pony,

we went back to our car.

As we got into the car, this lady from the office knocked on our window and asked if we could come back in. She told us that the Chief of Police wanted to say thank you in person. (Serioulsy!?) (I’m guessing the Police fought for received the goodies).

We went into the REAL office of Police and were welcomed by this man:

He wanted to give Tatum a backpack full of trinkets (like a light up key chain, badge, pencil, eraser, cup..) and a cool hat. He also wanted a picture with us.

We were in shock. The kindness! And Tatum was a bit speechless. Yes, no words.

The assistant came over and asked if she could take a picture for their newsletter and if we’d be OK if they could write about our generosity.

I did not want to be in the newsletter (as you can tell, I was not quite as lovely as my adorable Tot). So I scooted out of it.

They were so grateful, and yet, I was the one with all the gratitude. Finally, another office wanted Tatum to come into his office so she could see his treasure chest. This I gotta see.

She picked ONE. (I tried to convince her of the KitKat, but she opted for a Hershey’s milk chocolate).

As we walked out, they continued to express their thanks, however I was the one boiled over.

Tatum wanted a picture with the statues out front.

What a great lesson for all of us. When you give from your heart, with no expectations, it comes back to you ten fold.

We celebrated by drawing a doggie and painting it. Wouldn’t you?

We sure appreciate our law enforcement officers.

Day 7 and tummy trouble

When I came into get Tatum this morning, she told me her tummy felt “empty.” She was really complaining, and I assumed she was just hungry and just a tad grouchy. Therefore, it was not taken seriously.

I gave her her milk, and she didn’t want to go out with me to take Coti. That was odd.

Then when I got home, she had thrown her milk up all over the counter. I proceeded to make oatmeal, but then I decided not to give her any.

She then threw up again and again and again. My poor kiddo.

The day took a different turn. We had many plans, but these would not be happening. I gave her toast instead, and then she ended up throwing that up all over the place. Ugh. She felt better after this. We are now on her third change of clothes.

So, we still proceeded to find out about Day 7. Pointer stick poised and ready.

Well, a cheery picture should be for Tatum since she was the one ill.

We decided to make a horse for Ms. V. She colored in the one I made.

And then we wrote a note on the one she drew.

We are going to make the best of today. Plan B is God’s plan, right?

Thank you Jesus that she wasn’t sick for Christmas.