Win Win Playdates

It always is when I get to hang out with my dear friend, and her kids are Tot’s friends.

Today, we got to hang out with Shannon’s kids, Vivian and Riley. They put on a show for us! (Vivi and Tot her did their duo act)

The best part? We got our girl time in too. Thank you Shannon for a lovely chat, funny laughs, and bonding time.

I love her brain

Tatum is always planning. I did not know this the other day when she just casually picked up a coloring sheet from her school. No big deal, right?
Well, it was because in the back of her mind she planned on creating a ring from it. She strategically picked a super hero and a dog, and carefully cut it out. Then, she glued it in a circle around her finger and made a design for the top.

This is the norm in our house. If she sees something that she wants, instead of saying, “Will you buy that for me?”, she’ll make a copy of it.

The other day, she needed a shield to help her stop sucking her fingers (another post for another day AYE!), so instead of asking me for one, she made one. Proactively. On her own volition.

I love her brain. I love her creative mind, and I tell her all of the time.

The Great Skate

After her lesson with Grant today, Tatum said, “Mommy, I’m ready for my own skates.” We then headed over to Dave (who helped me with the purchase of my skates). She had to try some on, ya know!
So he fitted her teensy tinsy foot and whammo. She made it known that they fit!

He then asked me if he could post this picture on the Ice Den Facebook (also Phoenix Coyotes Hockey) page. It’s already gotten a few shares. I wonder why!? John Travolta, you ain’t seen nothing!

Now, the next step is how do they take to the ice? Can she keep this pose?
The Great Skate continues!

Stormy Sunday and Coti comfort with kindness

Pouring. Storming. God was changing many light bulbs tonight!

What did this mean? Tatum and Coti were scared. Actually, Coti was scared and Tatum needed an excuse to come out and hang with Mama and me. So….the storm pounding on her window was the perfect opportunity. Also, we were watching the Next Food Network Star (my favorite show), so I think she wanted to check it out with us.

I had just bought Tatum a “My Pillow” so she decided to bring it out to the chair.

Coti shared it with her.

Then, it happened.

Coti took over.

And Tatum? She snuggled next to me on the couch and we watched who would beat Bobby Flay.  She got to watch them duke it out over shrimp and grits, filet and duck with red eye sauce. Go figure.

And me? I got the opportunity to soak in more Tatum Tot. And today, especially, I needed it.

Our verse today: “Let no [unkind] word come from your mouth but only words used to build up.” (Eph 4:29 Tatum version). It was a day to remember this as we will practice using ONLY words to edify not to “rip” down (as Tot would put it).

Good night Stormy Sunday and a full day.



Kisses (and yet one more fabulous post by Doug)

On Thursday’s after I arrive to hang out with Tatum, I send Steph a picture of Tot with a smile and also so she knows that I arrived and all is good. Steph usually does the same and sends us a picture too.

Love you two!!!

In the last month or two, when I show Tatum the picture of her mommy, she gets a big smile, puckers her little lips and kisses her (I mean my phone!) and says I love you mommy. This is very adorable and I wish I could snap a picture of this, but my phone is busy being kissed! I’m definitely not showing Coti this because I don’t need him licking my phone screen!

Hi Mommy, I love you!


BatGirl says good night. We both love you very much!

My Mommy Talks with Me (yet another most amazing Doug post!)

When I arrived this Thursday, Tatum was sitting on the floor in her bedroom with a pile of socks. Usually, she greets me at the front door and is excited. Today started off a little somber as I understood that she had kind of a rough day at her summer camp. So I ask what are you doing? She said I’m organizing my socks. She held up some different sox and described them to me.   She showed me how she pairs them up and slips one inside the other. I’m thinking – wow! My 19yr old son hasn’t quite mastered this skill yet? Anyway, Tatum tells me she’s going to “Ruffle” me if I keep teasing her – – cute!   …and so we start going about our evening together.

In life, every once in a great while, some little thing can happen that will make you pause. A momentary window opens to see inside – an unobstructed view.   A gift from God. This would be such a moment. Mind you, I’ve been taking care of Tatum on Thursday evenings for almost a year and an half so Steph can go to GCU and teach her classes on campus, so I am fortunate to experience some of these moments with Tatum.

Tatum walks back over to the socks still on the floor and says to me, my mommy just told me to pick up the socks and she started to put them away. I say, what do you mean that your mommy just told you to put the socks away. She said, my mommy talks to me in my brain and she told me to finish and pick up the socks. She talks to me all of the time even when she’s not here. I say, what does she say? Oh, when she’s away, she says to me, Tatum, I’m coming home now!  …I’m coming home now! …I’m coming home now! I say, what else does she say? My mommy tells me: Always to your best and don’t give up! Do you best and don’t give up! In the morning when I’m alone after I wake up, She tells me, Tatum, don’t wake me up before 7! Tatum tells me again: yeah, my mommy talks with me all of the time in my brain.

As parents we wonder how we’re doing and if they hear what we are teaching them. Heck, we wouldn’t be good parents without this introspection. My dear Steph, from my vantage point, you are an incredible Mom! Take heart, she hears EVERYTHING you teach her.

We both love you!


Fairy Tale Camp and Coti

Tatum has been practicing for her last hoorah at theater camp.

Coti has been taking it all in, and it has made him so sleepy! He loves to rest on Tot’s bed

She was in this camp for Disney back in June, and now she is going back this week for Fairy Tales.

Every morning she gets ready to go with a song and practice. But today, this particular day, she wanted to get Coti involved, and did he ever!

Tomorrow is her big performance, but whatever happens, I think today was the big day with Coti!