And more to a special Mama day

Part 2 to Happy Birthday Mama  (see Part 1)
Lunch at Nordies! Why do we love it there?

Well, the food of course, silly.

Yes, I said silly.


But we especially love the distractions getting to the cafe.. i.e. clothes, clothes, clothes, trinkets, and clocks??? Yes, this little gem will now go on Tatum’s dresser to remind her in Batgirl style WHAT TIME IT IS! Can I get an AMEN!?

Thanks, Mama for celebrating your birthday with you! We love you.

Fonics is phun

Isn’t it so great when you find out you have been doing something wrong for a while only to find out there is a correct way?

Well, her school has just completed the “Y” letter and she came home to tell me she has been saying “yellow” wrong! (Like I didn’t know). I acted surprised. “Really!?”

“Yes, mom, it’s ‘Y’ellow; not ‘L’ellow.”

“OOOOOOH, yes, Tatum!”

Then last night, she found out it’s not “‘F’ree but ‘Th’ree.” She practiced the “TH” sound all night and the morning. (I was spying on her while she was in her room.)


“TH”ank you Tatum for making everything so fun; especially learning.

Wednesday is Wonderful

And it was! After I picked up Tot from school, we headed to Trader Joe’s to get some dinner to take to Sarah and her new baby Maximus. Sarah wanted it delivered between 1 and 2, so this was perfect. We had such a fun time seeing this bundle of 6lb energy. Well, he was sleeping, but it was still a treat to see Sarah so healthy and happy.

We had time to kill before dance class, so we headed to the library.

Tatum picked out some books.

Just a couple……

Ok, we’ll read ’em! She laughed and laughed, and I reminded her to keep her “forte” voice for outside.


OK, what’s next?


After dance class, we headed home and enjoyed our Coti time. He had so much fun, he did not want to leave her room.


So he didn’t. Goodnight TOT!

(note: she always goes to bed with a pile of books. Coti gets to listen tonight!)

Wonderful Wednesday.

Beautiful Inside and Out: Mama

She had no clue!

Tatum and I planned on surprising mama at her Bible Study with a cake, songs, and our presence!

First, I talked to Pat to make sure we could drop by, and then the secret was on! I had to really work on Tatum not spilling the beans.

We got the cake…”Beautiful Inside and Out” was my theme for her.


Then I wrote a poem to read to her

Beautiful Inside and Out

Her outer self glows with glamour

It radiates with little help from a palette

And one might wonder what is her secret?

Her outer self shines with a smile

It permeates her whole being

And one might wonder what is her secret?

Her outer self glistens with delight

It travels through her mind and body

And one might wonder what is her secret?

Her secret?

Love, Joy, Peace

Patience, Kindness, Goodness,

Faithfulness, Gentleness


Self Control


She is beautiful

Inside and Out

She was so surprised!

Tatum sang her Happy Birthday and some Jesus songs. PERFECTLY.


More is to come since her birthday is next week, but we wanted to get a head start. Mama, you are beautiful inside and out.

Love you.


Where’s Coti?

So, Coti never made it to bed last night. Apparently, mama could not find him when she was ready to go to bed. She had fallen asleep and so had Coti but not in his usual spot.

At 3:15 am, mom woke up ready to go to her bed. She couldn’t find Coti anywhere. THEN, she went into Tatum’s room and turned on the light.

Voila! Coti and Tatum completely zonked out.

I guess he needed a little Tot time.

Watching the Tot master!

It’s wonderful being Tatum’s mom for a zillion reasons. One of them is getting to watch her master a skill.

First, she just loves going to Sportball. I stand at the window and just ooh and aah.

Her little hands can really maneuver that ball!

This day it was St. Patrick’s day, so they took a photo and wore their hats/beards

Note: Tot is the only girl amongst 13 boys



Then we go to Open Gym at Scottsdale Gymnastics, and I continue to be amazed. She saw another little girl working those bars, and she was determined to do a flip. After about 10 tries, she did it! Then she did the same with hanging by her legs. I took a ton of videos just watching her persist with tenacity. Then, she’d go around and find mommies to watch. “Watch this!” I’d tell Tatum that they had to watch their own kids, but she didn’t care. She needed an audience!

When it’s all over, we celebrate with her pouncing on top of ……


I’m so proud of her tenacity and her will to learn. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Scottsdale Bible

We are enjoying our time at SBC so far.

We like to meet at the coffee shop before church and enjoy some conversation.

Then, we await the music to start at church so we can sing!

Tatum then goes into the kiddo room and learns about Jesus. Under the table?

I’m pretty sure Jesus is there too! We are grateful for Scottsdale Bible Church. I look forward to volunteering in the kids room with her in a couple of weeks.