The joy of hiding

Every morning, I take Coti around the block, and Tatum waits for me in the kitchen. She usually brings down some random occupiers like Lego guys, a soccer ball, a microphone, or a load of books. When I return, she is nowhere to be found!

Or is she? Two teeny tiny feet give her away every time, and she continues to keep me guessing.

The next morning, 


HI mom.

Doug caught on to the hiding game, and this time Baby got to be the hider.

Baby! How in the frito did you get up there!? Peek a boo!!!!

There is no telling the shenanigans this Tot or Baby will get into!

Finger lickin’ FREE!?

I don’t often take pictures of Tatum when she is like this:

But, this is the classic Tot look. Fingers in mouth and baby’s nose rubbing her nose.  It’s her happy place. And honestly, those fingers are inserted into her mouth more often than not.

It has been ADORable  cute for a long time, and it still is, but not only is it inhibiting her ability to have manners at times (she inserts her fingers in her mouth when appearing to be shy) and it is also ruining her teeth.

Actually, today, the dentist said that it is going to hurt her new teeth as they grow in because they’ll grow out, and she won’t be able to bite down straight. EEK! Dr. “Vee” looked her straight in the eye and shared this with her as Tatum started to slightly blubber. Dr. Vee said she would give her a prize if in 6-months she’s finger lickin’ free.

This brought on the ideas….I told her I’d give her until Friday to decide what would be a new toy she’d like to have if she could stop.

We conversed about it in the car… (note the “coffee” cup. It’s an empty cup of nothing. A mommy-alike gaff)

Then she showed me her pretend binky.

Well, maybe. Then maybe if she could just try putting baby to her nose and putting her knuckles at her lips. She was successful ALL DAY.

Tonight? We shall see. Quitting this habit is going to be good lesson for her.

She can do it a little at a time everyday.

Stay tuned….


When I am at a stoplight, I often reach back to hold Tatum’s hand. Just having her in my presence gives me joy.

Well, right after this, she said, “Mommy, I don’t want you to go.” I was curious because I wasn’t going anywhere! We were together all day; she then waxed eloquent about how she did not want me to go anywhere away from her ever again. I then threw it back at her and then said, “Well, I don’t want you to go away from me anytime ever.”  She smiled and we had a moment.

Later we headed to the park for our usual. We had not ridden the carousel or the train for eons, so we revisited this memory.  First, we had to swing since she is such a pro now.

Then she announced that she wanted to ride the carousel by herself, but I had to be right next to her. DEAL!

Well, I think she changed her mind based on her face and pronouncing, “Mommy, get on!”

And I caved…

You see, I am finding that this little light of mine has changed me. She has made me appreciate the finest moments in life…the mundane. THIS is where the “fun” of life really exists because you are just


New hope, life, opportunities!

Doug and I are jumping all in. Yes, we are going to a new church, Scottsdale Bible, and I for one am pumped. For Tatum, there are a plethora of opportunities to creatively thrive and grow in Jesus as well. For Doug and me, there are groups, Bible Studies, and friendships to be had. Also opportunities to serve. For me, this is my thing…I want to find some places to serve and help others.

We decided to have a Starbucks before we got there to have conversation,

compare shoes, 

and build a farm of course

Grandma and Tatum share a moment.

We dropped off Tatum at Discovery Kids and off we went.

We, as a unit, are all excited about hope and growth.

My little tree and peaceful transition

We are attempting to make a peaceful transition into the 4’s. You see, it has not been as easy as I thought it would be. For example, dropping off Tatum at school the past few weeks has been difficult for her. And it shows. LOUDLY.

Actually, there has been an increase in the dramatic show of emotions as of late. Sometimes she expects me to read her mind and when I don’t get it right, she’ll start to cry. It’s a little more pronounced since she’s turned 4 for some reason. I’m learning how to help her navigate through her bevy of emotions as I figure out how to handle them myself!

Tatum (and I know I) have been holding on to pieces of her that are still 1, 2 and 3. I love picking her up and holding her. I love her little cries when she needs mommy. I love her needing me to help her! I’m sure there will always be her 1, 2, and 3’s present as she gets older; it will just look a bit different.

Then there is the 4-year old who wants to be 7. She can do it herself. She can be bossy and demanding. She’s discovering her personhood little by little, and sometimes it can be overly emotional.

This brings me to a timely book: The Little Tree. It is a wonderful reminder to Tatum and especially for me.


The book starts out with all of the little trees being so beautiful and green. Then as fall arrives, they all start to drop their leaves, but not the little tree.

It holds onto its leaves tight and won’t let go. Many come by and ask the little tree why, but it stays still, unwavering. Then spring arrives and the other trees are blossoming new beautiful green leaves and growing, but the little tree’s leaves stay brown. 

The cycle continues and the other trees are growing as the little tree remains the same. No change. No growth.


Finally finally finally, it decides to let one go. Then another and another. It steps out on faith and it is bitterly cold and hard!

What happens next?

A beautiful tree is not so little anymore. (and look at the love all around it now!)

A great lesson for me as we allow for her growth and independence to occur. Sure, I want her to remain in my lap and cradled in my arms forever, but that is not going to help her at all. Ultimately, what I do want for her is to grow into the woman God made her to be, and that is the beautiful tree I know she will be. I love you Tatum Knight.

Gifted all around: Thank you MLK for inspiring us

Monday celebrated one of my heroes: Martin Luther King Jr. He stood for peace and love in the midst of extreme difficulty.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

And one more:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. 

Pure wisdom.

Well, since Tatum did not have school, we all went out to lunch. Little did I know that my mom would give me my Christmas present! It was back ordered and so I was to get it sometime in January. Surprise!

Now Minnie tells me the time on my new Apple Watch. Thank you mom so much! It really was above and beyond. ( I can swim in this puppy!)

Then when we got home, my mom had a new puzzle for Tot.

She did both of them in no time. Well, maybe with a teeny bit of help from

A wonderful Grandmama.

I had already planned to give Tot a mini-Coti to take along with us in the car. His name is Pippie. Seriously, he looks just like Coti!

Coti was a bit jealous, so mom gave him a new mouse toy that talks.

Not for long!

Mom really spoiled us today on this special day of love. Dr. King, you inspire us all to remember love drives out all the evil in the world. Without having Jesus, this would not be possible. I pray for a revolution in this country. We need a lot more love and a lot more Jesus!