Did you say four shots!?

Today was Tatum’s 4-year old check up. On the phone, I was told there would be no shots.

But first, the day started out quite fun. We started with a bike ride around the block. At one point, Tatum knew I was lagging behind (since she’s speed racer now!), and she stopped, got off her bike and said to me, “Mommy, I want to give you a hug.” Huh? Wow. I was so touched. We hugged, she got back on and rode off with me in tow.

Next stop: the library.

Tatum decided to entertain the crowd with the puppets. Seriously, she had a crowd.

Upon much laughing and reading of many books, we headed to the doctor. I was excited because I knew she’d have no shots.

Tatum got weighed and measured. I think she’s gained three pounds since her last visit.  And….

She’s now 36.5 inches. (so about 2.5 inches taller!)

Then the hearing and vision…all good!

Feeling great now, we waited for the doctor. When she came in, she tested her colors.

What color are you wearing? What color am I wearing? What color is my pen? etc. Then she drew numbers and letters on her table.

Tot got them all. Then the shapes….oh the shapes. Circles? Sure! Triangles? No problem. But a square? Silence. She said, “oval?” Drawing one then…. Nope. It was an ovally thing. She knows this!!! Oh well.

She wrote her name just fine, and this impressed the doctor immensely!

Then. The news. The BIG bloody news.

She needs FOUR shots!!!!!? 

The bedside manner of the guy nurse was below zero. Like nil. He got it over with fast, and put on the bandaids fast, but no joking around or anything. He fled the premises fast and she wailed away. She wanted nothing to do with a sticker or a lollipop. She just wanted mommy to carry her and hold her. DONE!

Of course I took her for frozen yogurt and cuddled with her the rest of the day.

Looks like four shots is a bummer for her but a winner for me since I got extra cuddle time.  I love you Tot. I would have taken those shots for you in a second if I could have.


Christmas and a Whole Lotta Love

One thing about Doug and me: We are discovering each other’s playful side. Tatum aside, we have a lot of fun.

These pics are a fun look inside of what we are learning about each other. The best part? We have so many sides to our relationship that we are like a decagon! What has one hundred sides? A centagon? OK, all kidding aside, our Christmas was a time just for us. To truly celebrate the year of 2016 and to put Jesus in the center.  We both did this for each other with our big gift. Wait and see!

First, I had to give him a hat. He tipped it off to me as a tribute to his very first visor. It’s true!! But, honestly, why would we cover his perfect hair!?  Well, it won’t always be that way, so hence, the hat. Plus, it’s the Cardinals. Maybe it will help them somehow!?? Geez.

He had fun with me teasing me into my big gift. I did receive a spiralizer which was on my list of wants and needs. Now I can make zoodles which promise to be good? He loved on me with pics and ….

Heating pads for my hands. The sweet guy researched all over and found these cool heating gel packs.

How sweet that he got these inventive packs for me!

Ok, so his gifts? A turtleneck because every man should have one! A Nike Golf shirt, and I got him his name engraved on a leather ESV Bible. I also got him some books for us to read together along with a devotional.

For me? Well, he was pretty sneaky. First, he surprised me with some nice clothes. Then a metal rod. He wrapped it so well, I could not get it open.


Finally, after HE did, (note heating pad is on me since I was cold), it said that my real gift was in the stocking on the mantle. Sneaky guy.


I actually wanted this, but he got it!

It’s a Roberto Coin baby cross in white gold. I had seen it in Sedona months earlier, and he found it.

SO blessed and grateful!

Now the key….It is a reminder that the HOLY SPIRIT is working in our relationship at all times. This cross is close to my heart to remind both of us!

I shall wear it forever. I shall love Doug forever. I shall have Jesus in my heart and the Lord in my life forever.

Amidst the Christmas presents lies a surprise!

All the way from Utah.

This was to be the piece de’resistance! But first..

We had to unwrap each piece. Man, they know how to wrap with beauty!!


and all her friends!

There’s another one!!

The wrapping is enough to wow us all.

No way…no way!!! It’s a Minnie purse straight from Disney.

Only question I have is….

Where do I get one in my size?

So awed and wowed! Thank you, Johnathan, Dolly, and Thomas. SO grateful for you. We wish would could have been with you on Christmas. Maybe in 2017!

Merry Christmas family!



Christmas Part 4: Yes, there’s more.

Doug’s house!

This was our chance to see Austin and exchange gifts. Also, Tot was going to get her big present from Doug!! What could it be!!!????

Well first, Austin had to get his new shoes. He was in total need of some new footwear and Van’s were the answer:

Austin got us both some lovely smelling bath essentials.

Now, it was Tot’s turn!

Batman shirt!

And….wait for it

It’s… coming…..

Pumping it up….

We need you, Doug. 
And we are there!

The little roadster couldn’t get enough of this Paw Patrol machine.

Again, we are in awe of this guy, Doug. He is such gem and he loves us so much. Thank you for making Tot’s Christmas so special.

Christmas Part 2: Family

We, all dressed in our snowflakes, were ready to go to Kelly’s. The morning was chalked full of joy!

Kasey surprised Tot with a little moose, and this made the night begin.

Introducing Baby to Moosey:
Morgan, Nyla, James, and Levi all opened their gifts as we sat in our circle. We each got just one small fun gift to share.

And of course have some yummy treats.


What can we say about Deno???? He is so good with Tot for only seeing her once a year! Tatum even named one of her “kids” after him. Also, he was the only one who was not on his cell phone staring at it. He participated in conversation and dancing!

When the sun was setting, Doug and I stole away to the roof for gorgeous pictures.  This lasted about a minute since it was quite frosty up top!

The fun did not stop once we got inside

Having a chance to catch up with Kasey, Deno, Connie, Doug (Connie’s Doug), and of course Kelly, Morgan, Nyla, Levi, and James, was such a treat. It was short but so sweet.

Thank you again, Jesus for this day. Was there more to come? YES!

Christmas has arrived! Part 1: Making it meaningful

Christmas can be overwhelming with the commercialism of it all. There is the pressure to go to parties, concerts, decorate everything, and of course carry a gift with you at all times so you can give your hairdresser, cleaner etc a little something for appreciation. It’s all so good! BUT, it’s easy to forget the beauty of that little baby born in a manger for US. Because HE loved us so much to send a savior for US! Geez, it’s so easy to forget.

My mom and I made sure that Jesus was celebrated in the midst of all the gifts. When Tatum came downstairs, we prayed for a joyous morning putting Jesus in the center. Sounds good, right?

Well…….. The tree exploded,

and it did get a little fuzzy what this was all about. Here we go!

Peppa Pig was sure to please. Santa did not forget.

She also asked for Paw Patrol watch, and it had an extra surprise. Lighting up anything makes all the difference. 

My dear mother made sure her Christmas was complete. Mr. Robot and all. He shoots disks out of his month. This made the morning quite hilarious as he would say, “I’m Mike! Let me dance for you. Wait, I’m not ready.” Seriously? 

Tatum enjoyed giving Mama her a microphone charm to symbolize the fun performing Tot does. 

More? Vintage Snoopy clock. Maybe this will help her know 7am better.

The dollhouse rooms made her play for hours. This house is so fun now!

She also got a Shel Silverstein book from Mama with new poems. 

A throwing opportunity.

Clothes. With ears and all…

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a gift for Coti.

We played and played until Doug would come over and take us to Kelly’s for Part 2!

The best part of the morning? Laughing and being with my family. Thank you Jesus.