There’s a REAL girl and and an sticky artist in there

First, Tatum loves Spiderman, Robots, Ironman, and whatever can fight the bad guy; Poom poom! But, she is really ALL girl. Tough and adorable at the same time. This girl has it all.

I decided to buy some clips for her hair! I got her to wear them for her dance class, and there was much rejoicing.


On top of that, today, I needed to work in my closet (time to clean it out!), so I gave her stickers, paper, markers, and a glue stick. Yes, a glue stick. (an unsupervised glue stick). She was mesmerized since she was in control of this sticky thing. Well…’ll have to guess what my desk looked like. IMG_4245

BUT, the good news is I got my closet cleaned!!! (and there was much rejoicing). !

I’ll tell you one thing: I LOVE THIS UNIQUE, TALENTED, HILARIOUS, CHARISMATIC little Tot. She inspires me to be the best me!

Run Tatum Run!

And she does RUN! Tatum has two gaits: the molasses walk (when I say, “Cmon Tot, the train is leaving..let’s go a bit faster!) and the take off running walk. One thing is for sure, her little legs G.O!!!!!

Sportball is a great place for this, especially when she’s running bases. Those Tot legs take a few more steps to reach the next base, but that doesn’t stop her!

Now, when I leave her at school, after the LAST hug and kiss, she’s OFF running!!! (usually a classmate yells, “Tatum!!!” and she runs up for a hug). I melt.

Happy Birthday Robert

There are two things Tatum loves in this world almost as much as life itself.




These two combined to make a great day today. 

IMG_4226The best part was she got to hang with Levi and Vivi as well. (Vivian is behind with mommy Shannon)

Later? A little sand action with the birthday boy. Sand is fun no matter where you are. I say CA is much more fun, but what do I know!?


Extreme Make-overdue

And so it goes. The toddler becomes ALMOST four which means the toddler bed can no longer exist in the un-toddler territory.

Pottery Barn Kids here I come…(Thanks to Megan and PBK and her keen eye and help!)

Toddler bed here you go….. (to a needy family, hooray!)

I surprised Tot with her new bed and bedding. The chairs, walls, and new “feel” of the room have her feeling like an almost four-year old.

It was time to take the alphabet off the wall. We made an extra “T” so now we can put “TATUM” on the wall. My artwork surrounds the new bedding which now matches quite well. It took me a while to find the right colors for her bedding to match the art I had made. I really liked the green/pink/yellow and (I wanted gray in there too) combos.


I found a great gray inboard where I can post all her little work she does.



Then I wanted to have some good reading chairs for her (one for her and one for ______ (a friend or me) Here is the gray I like. IMG_4217 IMG_4218

Pottery Barn covers once again. I had LOVE left from the lettering, and hey…it matches perfectly.

Made a collage with a great little bulletin board for pics. IMG_4216

Cozy, spacious, and darn right homey.

For my Tater (almost four year old) Tot. XO

Better the 2nd time around

We went to the Children’s Museum last year in November, and this time, we really relished the time. Why? Because we were with friends! Cana and Ethan to be exact. Tatum still can’t reach the pedals of the little bike, but Cana had no problem pushing.

IIMG_4188We had to go play in the play room of course, and here the shoes are to go. How did you guess?

Then is was off to measure some rice. This was like a 30-minute joyride for her and Ethan. IMG_4206 IMG_4204

Then, she just had to make pizza and serve anyone who would partake. IMG_4203 IMG_4202

She is a girl on a mission, man. Tatum is so focused in the kitchen; it’s hilarious!IMG_4201 IMG_4200

Hot dog time with Ethan. She was in charge of the ketchup; Ethan, the mustard. IMG_4196 IMG_4195

Art room threading some puffy things with pipe cleanersIMG_4192 IMG_4191

Homemade play dough. SO squoooooshy and fun. IMG_4190 IMG_4189So much fun; hard to say goodbye. She and I had no problem leaving since this was what we saw outside. IMG_4212

Ninja Spiderman the Queen

Should I add Paw Patrol? Lightning “the” Queen trumps all the other characters for one day. Often it’s the great Spider dude, Today, it was the Turtles. Now, mind you, she has NEVER seen the Ninja Turtle shows, but apparently they are a big deal at school. So, when confronted with “which jammies do you want to pick?” at Kid to Kid, she opted for the Ninja onesie. A: it has long sleeves; B: it has footies; and C: it’s full body armored. Can’t beat them turtles!

Well, it was Spidey for a bit. The slippers even glow in the dark, seriously. I mean c’mon!!!

We went through the Lightning “the Queen” (as she says) phase of jammies for a day or so, and then…it happened. Ninja Turtle onesie.

This is the classic Tatum look after a nap or when she wants to just give you that darn look. EFFECTIVE if you ask me!? And man…is it ever. (Be strong, mom!)

Doug took this pic after coming over to put her to bed the other night. She had just awakened and was a bit disoriented!


But then, Tatum arose!


Sportin the Doug specs.


Can you just beat my little Ninja Queen of Spiderman or whatever she would call it!?


What has happened?

Something has clicked in my three-year old (almost four-year old).

You see, every time I bring Tatum to her Pre-K, she has a bit of a fit as I leave screaming, “Mommy!” Ms. Chris approached me and brought Tatum into the conversation after I picked her up last week and told Tatum that she needs to change; it hurts feelings and is hard on all involved when she screams for mommy. The next day, she said, “Bye mommy,” and ran off to play!
This was only the beginning. She is not only growing in her ability to monitor her own feelings, but she is quick to listen and obey without any controversy. I’m so used to her making things more difficult, and all of sudden, it’s all so much easier.

Case in point, in church on Sunday, she went right into her class. She asked if she could be in the four-year old class. One of the boys was crying, and she put her hand on his shoulder comforting him saying, “It’s ok; you’ll be ok.” She then rallied all the older children to comfort him too. Wow;  Mature and kind.

We’ve been playing more mature games:

Note these sticks!
IMG_4132Alphabet mazes:IMG_4137

Puppet shows: (where she was so kind to wait her turn to pet the puppet)

IMG_4146(band-aid is a decoration!)

Making play-doh treats.

IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4154

It’s just been so fun! I am enjoying her like crazy; and I cannot imagine a more joyful time with my girl. So proud of her and proud to be her mommy.