There’s a new love going on

And it’s between Tatum and a special guy.

You see, Tatum misses him when he is away. And when he’s with her, she’s laughing endlessly.

He even sits in the sandbox and fills Winnie socks with her. Fun? It doesn’t matter if it’s fun or not; he does it because he wants to spend time with her. That’s worth more than a million.


He pushes the swing much harder than mommy too!20160331_163808_004_01-1_resizedTatum loves Doug.

He Has Risen

“He has risen; on the third day, he has risen!” And she kept singing it from her heart. If you would have told me I wouldn’t have believed it, but my girl has the Holy Spirit inside of her.
I even caught her this morning, with her baby’s stroller parked next to her, reading the devotion.


She wows me more everyday, and she convicts me of God’s FRESH spirit in each and everyone of us. We just have to tap into it.

Today at church, I was reminded of the importance of the resurrection. This is the crux of our beliefs! Death no longer has power over us except the DEATH to all of the wrongs we have done and the old selves that we know need to depart. Thank you Jesus for reminding us of this today, and THANK YOU for sending me TATUM to keep me reminded of how much you love each and every one of us.

Your fragrance is inviting and may we always….always…20160327_121626_resizedinvite you in…IMG_2927Happy Easter 2016. Thank you, Mama and Doug for making it even more special. 



A Special Day for a Special MAMA

He came in his NEW CAR! Wow, and what a new car it was. Doug bought a barely used Mercedes SUV and surprised us all.
2016-03-26 22.55.38_resized

We were ready to party now! Mom looked lovely in her outfit, and Doug was dapper in his. I tried to live up to this!


Tatum wanted so badly to be in the picture but us biggers took over.

So, off we went to Flemings, Doug’s treat. He treated us to a lovely steak dinner, and mama got to enjoy being pampered. I soaked it all up. She deserves every bit of it.


We love you Mom!!! XOXO Thank you Doug for making it all possible. The chocolate was a perfect touch.

Easter Prep with hearts on fire!

Preparing for Easter this year with a 3-year old took on a whole new meaning. I knew she would be bombarded with Easter bunny paraphenalia, baskets, and loads of chocolate bunnies and peeps. But what does it all mean!!!??

First, I bought her many books about the meaning of Easter. God Gave us Easter, The Bernstein Bear’s Easter, and Veggie Tales Easter. IMG_2876And she read them and GOT IT. “Jesus died for me and He came back; God loves you!” Pretty much she gets the concept of Him dying and coming back to life to forgive us for good. So it was with this message that we stuffed eggs with three jelly beans, band-aid, a verse. Three jelly beans= on the third day he came back to life; the band-aid=he heals our wounds and forgives us. Pretty cool!
IMG_2906IMG_2907Off we went to deliver baskets to our friends: Susan and Jason, John and Marsha, Denise and Petro, Amy and Jack, and Robert and Jennie….just to name a few.

It was time to color some eggs with mama, and this was truly a hit because Tatum got to dunk. Something about the whole immersion thing that just is exhilarating!IMG_2898 IMG_2901Time to decorate. So, unfortunately, I bought jumbo eggs, so nothing fit around their large circumferences. Lesson learned.

Tatum spent time just praising the Lord and singing her heart out. She never tires of this, this little animated bunny of mine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 1.08.06 PM

We enjoyed spending time with Morgan and Nyla and Kelly later on. My goodness these three lovelies make my heart sing. IMG_2905 Or maybe bounce!IMG_2902Happy Easter!!!

Counting bears

50 colorful bears. 5 matching cups. This is all it takes to have a big bear party while learning math.

First, she instantly sorted the bears into the correct colored cups.
IMG_2869 IMG_2872

Then we counted them. 5 times. IMG_2873

Definitely a party now!  She wanted to offer me any color bear I wanted and then some. Leave it to Tatum to make it into a festive event!


On the way home from school today, Tatum asked me if we could go swimming. I mentioned we had music class and she burst into tears. Now, I know she loves music, and seeing her get this torn up over missing swimming was over the top. Yes, she is quite animated, but something was amiss. Within two seconds, I looked back and she was snoozing. Ahhhh…that was it. Tired and acting a bit like she was wearing cranky pants.

I  took her inside to make her lunch, and she decided to just finish her nap in from of the front door on that lovely door mat which I’m sure was the dirtiest flooring in the house. Her baba did not even get touched.

By the way, this is her usual position to sleep: Fingers inserted in the mouth, baby in arm, booty up in the air.
IMG_2867Lucky girl; I want to be in her shoes some days and just fall asleep anywhere!