I think she likes him

Tatum sure does. It was Doug’s birthday, and although we were planning on going to celebrate, Tatum had to get in on the fun. She had a few things to tell him like….IMG_1678 IMG_1674When are we going to play T-ball??

Well, Tot, you’ll have to get in line. I’m spending time with him tonight!IMG_1672 IMG_1669And so we did celebrate this guy’s special day.


There is a theater in downtown Phoenix called the Great Puppet Theater. Tatum and I decided for Black Friday to head there since it was a far cry from any mall, shopping center, or store!

Before heading out, we reviewed the story of the Little Red Hen (since this was the show today) so we’d be all prepared. They had a display of Frog and Toad! We had just bought all of these books! 

IMG_1638Tatum sat motionless for the whole show! Supposedly the story is over 500 years old! There was only one lady managing all of the puppets, and she made it so funny! Especially the dog (who was too busy chasing his tail to help Little Hen). IMG_1640

Afterwards, we got to meet the puppets close up.

Tatum got to hug the dog, and this was the highlight of the day!IMG_1648

A Thankful Day!

It started with a blank white card; well, actually a stack of them. Tatum and I both sat with a blank card and talked about what we were thankful for. As she spoke, I wrote. She scribbled the same thing on her card. I then hung them up on her wall.

IMG_1619 2
IMG_1618 2 IMG_1617 IMG_1616 IMG_1615

It shall remain there for a while. We could have strung it across her whole room had we more cards or time! (and threading it was kind of a bear!)

It was time for Doug and his mom to come over and visit before they headed to his brother’s house. Tatum was stuck on Doug like glue, and so he fed her some raspberries. 


He brought us a huge (and I mean HUUUUGE poinsettia plant and some chocolate for me of  course), so we posed! Good lookin’ pair, eh?
Then mom and Tot joined the fun. She just fits right in front. IMG_1628Finally, after a few more pictures, of adoring Tatum…IMG_1634it was time for us to just enjoy each other. This is really what this day is all about. The people who we love in our lives, the CREATOR who made us and LOVES US..what more could you want?


A giraffe (or two) is born on the wall

It was a request.

“Mommy, I would like a giraffe right there,” as she pointed to the space above her oven.

The next few days I perused giraffes from books to sites to magazines…Nothing.

Finally, I found one that reminded me of a mommy modeling to never give up on reaching beyond one’s self. The little one tried so hard (and is encouraged), to reach for her dreams!

IMG_1571 IMG_1570 IMG_1569

25 and 34

At 3 years old, these are her stats.

The doctor showed me the comparison chart and she is definitely in the teeniest percentile of kids her age in terms of height. 34 inches means that her weight has gone up by a factor of 8 since she was born at 5.11. Now at 25 lbs, she is perfectly proportioned in the middle of not too over and not too under.

Perfect in her cuteness overload.

And then there was more….Happy Birthday!

We woke up to a sea of deflated helium-less balloons. They provided much distraction while I made a birthday breakfast however. Today, we celebrate Tatum’s real birthday, November 22nd.

The day really began AFTER nap, when she knew she was getting more cake (well a cupcake!) and a bit of chocolate ice cream.

Make a wish!

IMG_1573 IMG_1574

Success. Wish granted hopefully. IMG_1576

Perhaps it was, because Doug showed up with a few gifts. So she waited.


And waited. Coti joined her.IMG_1587Top gift…Minion slippers! Doug’s so good at this!


IMG_1585Ukelele from Mama. She’ll be a pro soon. 
IMG_1583 IMG_1584
Then the piece de resistance.. A TRAIN SET from Doug! She helped him put it together.IMG_1577 IMG_1579 IMG_1578And 400 batteries later, VOILA!
IMG_1595Remote-controlled which fits Tot’s personality to a T! (that in the ability to turn on and off the lights)

Thanks Doug! Thanks Mama!

Tomorrow, we go to her three year old Dr. appointment; I got her a doctor’s kit, so we will bring it and learn all about how to give a shot, look in her ears, take a heartbeat and check reflexes. I feel sorry for Coti after this.

It’s going too fast, God. Slow down this age clock, will ya!!

Groovin into her Three’s!

Three years is a drop in the bucket in one’s lifespan. However, in the case of Tatum Knight’s existence on this earth, it rocked and continues to rock the world (and I’m sure a few star formations)

Being her mother is nothing like any other adventure I’ve ever experienced. It’s an honor. Knowing her is one thing, but being her mommy? That is something else altogether. I am on my knees day and night PRAISING God for the opportunity to love this child as her MOMMY. Wow.

20151121_111516Tatum’s zest for life is apparent in everything she does. Eating (which is her favorite thing to do), reading, singing, playing make-believe (which shows her incredible creative self), everything, she does, she does with her full 24lb will and might.

She loves her family (as she says, “My mommy is in my heart, my Coti is in my heart, my mama is in my heart, my family is in my heart!!”)

She loves her friends; She loves any doggies; she loves to be out talking to people and asking their names….She just LOVES to LOVE!


Picking a theme for Tatum’s birthday bash was not difficult. Her love of music is very apparent in how much she enjoys grooving and moving! She loves to jam on her little guitar and so this was a perfect idea for a cake. My mom made the most beautifully decorated (and fully homemade!) guitar cake, and it was delicious!IMG_1516 IMG_1521Then Doug made a bountiful fruit platter and it was overflowing! WOW! Can I get an Amen to this?20151121_102220Tot and I arrived at the park to reserve the table and classic Tot stood in the cold clutching her babies as I scrambled around looking for something to hold the tablecloths down. IMG_1508

Then we went home to get ready and practice our, “Thank you for coming to my party!” We are still working on manners. She just was focused on having some cake! We also practiced our “SMILE!” Rick was helping in the background withe Addison. 20151121_102842Finally, the table was ready  and her buddies (and mine) began to arrive.

Nyla and Morgan helped with the balloons. Except for the ones that flew up into the trees.  Oops!IMG_1522

Hi Ni and Maxie!


Mary Jo, Max, and newly adopted Libby!

Jeff (Timoree’s hubs) and ForestIMG_1546

My gal pals, Amy and Denise!


Her many boyfriends. Aye! Jack, Avery, Levi and of course Robert.

Marcie and Isabella!

Addison and Alexa

Evelyn, Antony, and Alexander.

Oh Robert!


Hi Kelly!IMG_1557And then there were more friends coming and chatting!20151121_110001

It was time for CAKE! After much shaking of the maracas, we ate, yes…THE CAKE, but gosh, I did not want to cut it!
20151121_103413So, cupcakes, were more kid-friendly.

Tot, can you get a bit bigger of a bite? It isn’t the size of your whole face!



Mom, a teeny bit more?20151121_110736

Happy children.
20151121_111038So, then…time to play!20151121_104504Doug!???? Help! He chases her around then catches her for a quick pic.

20151121_111650What would I do without him?

Finally, time to wrap up and enjoy some of the presents. Definitely a phenomenal day.

Perhaps she’ll be a chef with her love of food?

20151121_124639 20151121_130706

Whatever she does with her life, she’ll do it with HEART. All I ask is that she lives up to the incredible potential that God has blessed her with. I love you so very much, Tatum.