We love you, Tacy

IMG_0660One of my dearest friends in the whole big wide world is Tacy Ashby. She was the inspiration who introduced me to the DELTA program at ASU to obtain my doctorate. At the time, she was the Superintendent of Cave Creek schools, and I had the honor of meeting with her. She helped me with my admission, sat on my committee, and has been so helpful in my educational career. Now she is a VP at GCU, and gives me so much wisdom.

Today, we had the honor to have dinner with her, and Tatum gave her an earful about how she can now go potty! Also, that she can back float for ten seconds. Tacy enjoyed every word (she has four grandchildren under the age of six so she is used to this!)

It was a pure blessing being with her tonight, and I do hope to do for others what she has done for me.



Another resurrected dress

My mom told me I put it on backwards!
How could I have known since I wore this dress when I was 2. That was a wee bit long ago.
IMG_0638 IMG_0644

She looks much better than I ever did…the little Tot.

Giving Tatum drums is a good idea

Giving Tatum drums is a good idea

Giving Tatum drums is a good idea

Giving Tatum drums is a good idea.

I am repeating this to myself over and over. Perhaps if I say it, I’ll start believing it.

IMG_0653 IMG_0650 IMG_0649 IMG_0646Yes, it’s a great idea. She sang “A tisket a tasket; a green and yellow basket; a little boy picked it up and put it in his pocket!” Ella would be proud.


Big Girl Panties!

We have arrived, folks!

I have not put a pair of diapers on Tatum for three days now (except for when she goes to bed).

IMG_0627 IMG_0629Basically, it went down like this:
Mommy: Tatum, tomorrow, you are going to go on this potty before we leave, then you can wear these DORA Pull-ups. (note: the Tot had to be excited about the pull-up character)

There was not argument, but there were moments in the day when she wanted her diapers back on. This is what we called “an accident.” It caused her some embarrassment and she wanted to give up; but we fought through and I told her that she could do it! I promised her ANY kind of panties!

Minnie, Dora, polka-dot, striped, colors…. She said, “I want Grover panties.” OK, so my kid wants a monster on her bum. Hmmmm.

So today, we went to Target and searched for some that she would like. Zip. Nothing really cute. IMG_0655 Minnie was the only kind that were decent, so we picked those and she tried on every pair when we got home.

IMG_0656Now that is a big girl.


Soap and Dots

Can soap be this much fun! Grab an egg beater, some measuring cups, and you have yourself a party. IMG_0619


To top it off, get some DOT PAINTS and make letters. This stuff is genius! No mess no fuss. Just unscrew the top and dab away. She made her own “D” today with dots.IMG_0623

Has paint ever been so much fun? And neat for that matter!

Going to the doctor requires….

A creative bag of tricks. You never know how long you will have to wait. This was no exception today.

I took Tatum with me because she actually enjoys watching and learning. Maybe it will inspire her to want to heal the sick one day!?



She wanted to fetch some water and the cone cups made it fun for her. Plus they double as hats for the babies!IMG_0608

I did not want to pull out the usual electronic devices which most parents rely upon to keep their LO busy. Instead, after she reached the bottom of the toy bag I brought, I had to allow her to have some imagination. And that is what we did. 

At first, we were fine. She read some books, played with her journal and just sat on my lap. But after the Dr. left the room and was gone for eons (like thirty minutes) I had to figure something out.

We decided to put dot stickers in her journal book and make pictures out of the dots. She got really into this!
IMG_0611 IMG_0614Then, I pulled out her magnetic paper doll which lasted another thirty or so. 

It was a long time, but it ended up being a positive two and a half hours of time that could have been pretty nightmarish. I was not to fret, because we can turn any downtime into fun with the right frame of mind. It’s too easy to just rely on the cell phone and an app or an iPad. Her imagination makes those neurons grow and grow!



If I could keep you little?

Part of me is a bit sad.

Tatum is growing up. Just today, as she was getting her haircut, I saw her as a little girl; not the toddler that she is. This of course is a reason to celebrate, but there is a teeny part of me that likes to keep her little.
If I could keep you little, Tot, I’d continue to pick your clothes and do your bow. But, then I’d miss someday you experimenting on ways to do your hair your way!IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601

If I could keep you little, I’d cuddle with you and hold you, but then I’d miss out on you loving on Bella so tenderly as you do.IMG_6799If I could keep you little, I would probably never want to change another diaper! This is one bonus of you getting bigger. Today, you wore your Dora pull-ups and used the potty through the day. You even ran to the throne in the rush to “make it” just in time!

IMG_0602 IMG_0605
I love you little, Tot, and I won’t trade the daily joy I get from being with you.