Love so strong

I never thought it was possible to truly LOVE someone so much. I mean REALLY love; a love so deep you would sacrifice anything, even your own life, for someone else. Tatum, this is how I feel about you. Agape love.

Today, she went to the doctor to get a flu shot. It affected me this time more than usual for some reason. As I lay her down to receive the stick in her leg, she screams, “Mommy! Mommy!” I just held her hand tight and comforted her with my stroking hand. All I could do was wish I could take on the prick for myself.

After we left, we headed home and all she wanted was her babies, Thomas shirt, Minnie pants and her other baby we now call Bella. She caressed Bella and loved on her just how I did her. It warmed my heart to watch her love on her own little one.



Then, she just chilled at the table with her pseudo OJ, Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Two Mice) and a laugh.IMG_6076All she wanted today was to be held and carried. Did I complain? Not with a love this strong.





He has the magic touch on those ivories with Tatum

Deno, Kasey’s husband, calms the world down. His ability to lighten a room and enliven a mood is evident every time I see him.┬áIMG_6074

We sure needed him to lighten the air afterward. Tatum needed a diaper change, and I needed to retrieve a diaper from my car. I did not want her to come out with me, and as I closed the door, her finger was right there in the doorway. EEEEK! Oh, boy, did that hurt. She screamed and cried for about 30 minutes (oh, and so did Tatum! (haha). Wow, that was the worst feeling in the world. Helpless. However, she said, “happy fingers” after about an hour and was back to playing.

Tatum is definitely testing her boundaries in every way possible. She’s feeling her way around the world with what she can and cannot do. Most of the time she asks me, but she sure does love to try it on her own. “Help!?” is what I usually hear after multiple tries, but then she pushes me away and says, “Tata do it.” When she does not get what she wants at that moment, she cries, and oh, I can see how moms can give in! It would be so much easier. But, if I do, then she has me wrapped around her finger. I get it. Instead, I try to turn it around and say “Yes you can in…. or, “No, that would hurt you!” It is one new decision with less than one second to figure out the wise way to handle things.

Deno, thank you for teaching us to be fun in the midst of an estrogen overload in a two year old! ­čÖé

His Presence and his presents!


The night before Christmas, we made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake and celebrated HIM. Santa still came to the house because he loves Jesus too!.

And….it arrived. Christmas morning, there it was under the tree. The one and only, ┬áthe red racer rocket… of a trike…THE RADIO FLYER!!! (With pole attachment of course)IMG_6053

Tatum screamed BIKE BIKE and jumped on. She cannot yet reach the pedals, but she sure looks cute on top. Thanks to my mom, Tatum has her first little bike. The cool thing is that Robert and Nicholas are both getting the same bike! The three amigos will be flying down the park in no time. Well, I’ll be “pole”ing Tatum down the park with the boys way ahead.

The rest of the day was opening stocking gifts which was our choice as a family this year. No big gifts to everyone..just $15 max. Tatum of course stocked up on books and Thomas paraphernalia. Thomas plate, Thomas baba, Thomas water cup, Thomas fork, Thomas spoon, Thomas bowl


Thomas larger than life puzzle


IMG_6069Reading Corduroy 

IMG_6063 IMG_6060 IMG_6057 IMG_6055Smiling and just being.




Legs on your head?

Leading up to Christmas, it has been one antic after another! Tatum and I have tried to spend every minute with family that we could squeeze out of them. Kasey, Kel’s sister, has been in town, so this has become the quest of seeing Kasey when we can in the day!
When arrived at the Kramers, Tatum could not help notice Kasey’s turkey hat. What did she do?
IMG_6045 IMG_6046

Walked around donning the legs singing, Gobble Gobble. IMG_6048

Nyla actually owned a pair herself (did I miss the memo about this trend?), so they had to get a picture.

The great thing about my family is we are down to earth. Our favorite times are just hanging around talking and being ourselves. No worries about how our hair looks or if our shoes match.


A truly special set of twins these two. I love you Kelly and Kasey! ­čÖé

Mommy doesn’t get to sit

“Let’s all meet for coffee at Starbucks before we shop.” My cousin Kelly thought the family could enjoy some family time as we all had not been together in about 5 months. Connie, Doug and Kasey are in town,


and this was going to be a nice little reunion. We had to sit outside because Connie brought her new puppy, Alfie.


It sure sounded great on the phone.

Everyone enjoyed the conversation, sunshine, mochas and treats. Mommy?

Chasing Tatum. (Isn’t this a movie or something?) Well it should be the title of my next book. (Actually, my first book!)


So, for us? Shopping was out of the question since I really wanted to enjoy the conversation and family time. My focus would have been a bit skewed for the morning. Next time? We will have everyone come over for coffee, conversation, and treats. ­čÖé So glad they are here!!!!┬á





Working through the emotions

It’s difficult to not take things personally; to remain objective and unaffected by ranging emotions that come at you as a mom. Of course, I analyze the why instead of just accepting what is at the moment and going with it. I try to figure out what have I done? Well, honestly, we moms do the best we can at the moment and then we analyze it later. There is no “BEST” and there is no “PERFECT.” All we have is the wisdom granted to us by God and through experience. Problem is I have NONE…so I analyze. and. analyze. and. analyze. Tired.


Tatum and I started the week at the park in North Scottsdale with the other moms. Cold as it was, Tatum and I nestled on the blanket while Jennie sneaked a picture of us. I ate up this moment with Tot because for three days, she did not want me to hold her or touch her. The minute I’d want her her she’d run the other way. What is that!? She was truly exerting herself and the word “nice” was not resonating. I found myself picking her up countless times during the day to have a lil’ chat.
IMG_6033She even wanted to read by herself on the rocking chair.

IMG_6032 A phase. A phase of “Mom, I got this. I don’t need you right now.” OK, so I give her the space. Then, three days later, I get a clingy Tatum. She wants me to hold her, hug her, kiss her, sit by her…BE WITH HER.

It was then that it hit me. Tatum is becoming her own person, and she does not know how to express this quite yet except to exert herself.


I accept that, but teaching her to be kind in the process is what is vital. When I pick her up from running off, I whisper that she is such a big girl to get to run and play, but it’s mommy’s turn to choose what we are doing or where we are going. I love how confident and independent she is, but I also love that she always peeks to see if I’m watching or present. I am. I truly am.┬á┬á

This two year old phase may seem “terrible” to some, but to me, it’s an opportunity to teach her to be confident in herself, but to do it with grace and not emotional breakdowns. Sadness, madness, frustration, anger……all completely OK and important to feel. But HOW it is acted out is what needs to be tempered. Whining and..well, whining more, is NOT acceptable. In fact, my ears go deaf and she know she can re-“tune” her words to me!

Just the other day, she laid down and had a wee-tantrum at the library class. When she appeared to be done, I went up to her and said, “Are you finished?” She looked at me with confidence and said, “Yes.” We then thanked Ms. Allison, gave hugs, and she was fine the rest of the morning.

One day at a time…working through the emotions.

Deep Thoughts

imagesTonight I was reading The Christmas Star to Tatum with passion! The coming of Jesus and his birth on Christmas was being celebrated in the book as the shepherds, wise men and all followed the start to the stable. She was getting so into it with me, but not as I expected. When we got to the last page of the book and Jesus was in the manger, she pointed to the figure on the right of Him. My heart become all a flutter as I figured she was pointing to Baby Jesus. ┬áShe said, “Hat!” Huh??? Yes, next to Jesus on the tippy right side of the page, some stable guy was wearing a hat. “Yes, Tatum, that man does have a hat on.” It must have been some hat! So much for my deep thoughts.