Faith: I’m out of the boat

What made Judah decline an eventually fall in 597–586 B.C? What made Israel lose herself before the capture and burning of Jerusalem? Selfishness. Idolatry. Pride. Eyes off God.


The storm rages around us. The storm continues, and yet, how can one have peace when chaos and confusion circumvent? Faith. Such an overused word; this word gets thrown around like other words such as ‘love’, ‘tolerance’, ‘happiness’. Faith has to be grounded in something; it’s only as strong as the “being” in whom it is grounded. If God is truly fighting for us, if He is really on our side, then what’ the danger in putting ourselves completely in His arms? Living by FAITH, means we may not have all the answers, but we accept the MYSTERIES of life, relying on Him.


This is from a chapter I just read in BECOMING REAL:


God is into us taking risks; not playing it safe. We have to let go of the boat and step off the dock. So we ask ourselves:
1. Am I playing it spiritually safe, or am I going to the place where I have to rely on God?

  1. Am I stuck in a rut, or am I focused on the frontier?
  2. Am I doing only the stuff I’m good at, or am I attempting more than I think I can accomplish?
  3. Am I indulging in myself, or am I walking in obedience?


(Becoming Real by Steven James p. 78)


AAH…the true test. Help me Jesus. Help me get out of the boat and let YOU have the lead.