Eating and Exercise

AAAH>>the 2 E’s! I cannot believe how hungry I have been since this injury. Ironically, I was exercising THREE times as much pre-ATI. To move just across the room takes so much more effort that I must be exerting so much energy, hence hunger! But, on the other hand, I’m sitting on my ‘arse’ THREE times more so it does not compute.

What am I doing to at least try to stay in some sort of shape? Upper body weights are helping. I’ll work on back, chest and biceps one day, and then the next day, I will do shoulders and triceps. I have to keep my core strong also because my back is getting so much more stress put upon it with all the awkward motions I must make with these darn sticks attached to my body! My lower body is not getting the workout it is used to, but I guess hopping around is helping. My left leg will be the only part of my body which will look ridiculous vs the rest of my body.

Swimming used to be my “drug of choice” for getting my heart rate up and my muscles worked. Now, it’s not an option, but I have discovered that once my incision is healed, I can begin. I won’t know how it is doing until they remove my splint. I receive my cast on Monday, the 25th of Feb for which I cannot wait.

I seem to be craving peanut butter lately. Man, I could easily down a jar of this creamy delight in one sitting. I just bought a jar of creamy vs crunchy and it is so much better. Also, the sugar and additives make it taste so much better! Forget nutrition when it comes to this stuff. Heck, if you are eating peanut butter, you might as well have the full monty.

MEAT. I also have been craving MEAT! Last night, I created the perfect burger. Take some ground beef and chopped onion and mold it into balls. Then add some A-1 Steak Sauce, salt and pepper, and fry it up! Dang..these were so delectable. I did use super lean beef so they fell apart quite easily, but they still melted in my mouth. Add some ketchup (low sugar), lettuce , tomato and more onion for a wrap, and you have yourself a tasty treat. Definitely healthy too, I might add.

What does this all have to do with ATR? Well,  you have to learn to enjoy the little things in life when you are laid up. Making these burgers for my family made them happy as well as me.

Exercise became WAY too important, and so also I am trying to find the balance in this as well….. So, I am learning to appreciate the small things, balance the big things, and find the center in all of this.
None of this is possible without TONS of prayer and my relationship with God. He truly gives me the strength I need because seriously some days, I just want to throw up my hands and crawl in a hole. Then I look up and say HELP ME JESUS! Poof.. .”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil 4:13)

Blogs to blog about

In my laid-up/leg-up position, I’ve been made me keenly aware of the world of blogging. Not only that, but I’m just hungry for  information, ideas, inspirations, ideals and interconnectedness:

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Butternut Squash Protein Bread


One of the frustrations of being gluten-free is the loss of bread! I used to eat bagels like they were being eliminated from the earth the following day. I miss them. Gluten free bagels don’t cut it for me either.

I have decided to start experimenting with different ways to use SQUASH! I love this sweet treat. It’s the easiest thing to make, and it tastes like candy. When pureed, it can be used as a substitute for the butter in many muffin recipes.

Here is my stab at protein + squash…baked!
1. Cut the squash and bake for about 30-45 minutesSlice up and eat a few pieces!
2. Add about 2 cups + 2 egg whites to the blender…blend until pureed.

3.  Add the puree to a bowl with a scoop of protein powder, a T of Chia seeds, a tsp of baking soda and a tsp of baking powder.

Now stir and put into a baking pan. Bake at 350 for about 30-40 minutes.

Remove from oven, slice up and enjoy! I like to put almond butter on mine. 🙂